13 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Brita Water Pitcher

There are many reasons you should buy a brita water pitcher. While drinking water is important, there is no motivation to drinking it if it doesn’t taste good nor is it safe to consume. I have had a Brita water pitcher for a long time and today I will be covering 13 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Brita Water Pitcher.

Many people focus extremely hard on training but forget to drink water. If you haven’t read my post 5 Reasons Why Water is Crucial to Gaining Muscle, take a quick look and come back to this article.

Brita Water Pitcher
Brita Water Pitcher by https://vekhayn.com

#13 – Why You Should Buy a Brita Water Pitcher – Your Water Will Be Purified

The main reason most come around to purchasing a Brita water pitcher is so they can have clean drinking water from their tap water. This is common for many college students who move into their dorm and need clean water, or those that don’t have automatic filtration systems built into their refrigerator.

Brita filters will eliminate many harmful chemicals and give you a better taste in your water. Here’s a list of what is filtered out, according to Brita’s website.

  • Chlorine: Chlorine can add a weird taste to your water. Chlorine is added to your water supply in an attempt to kill bacteria, but there’s no need for you to consume it. Your brita filter will minimize the taste and odor of chlorine in your water!
  • Zinc: While I personally supplement with Zinc often and think it is a critical supplement for bodybuilding, most people do not like the taste of the supplement, and especially not if it is in their water. While I think brita should leave the zinc in, it’s not a big deal either way, and can simply improve the taste for you. If you really want a good amount of zinc, consider supplementing it with a multivitamin or dedicated zinc vitamin.
  • Copper: This is a HUGE one! Especially in houses in parts of the United States where they build the water supply with copper pipes, copper being in the water supply is a huge problem. Copper exposure to young adults can lead to liver, kidney, and GI problems.
  • Mercury: This has to be the biggest one out of them all. Mercury has recently been found to be a VERY troubling mineral to exposure young adults to. Infact, many children grew up being able to play with mercury in their science class rooms, while nowadays students are not even allowed to touch the mineral if it is contained within a vial. Mercury can cause long term brain damage, changes in vision, memory problems, and in some cases even small exposure can lead to death.
  • In General Herbicides, Pesticides, Chemicals: Brita’s filters will help eliminate any bad chemicals in your water. Things like pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, etc could all end up as fragments in your tap water and the brita filter will help remove that from you.

#12 – Why You Should Buy A Brita Water Pitcher – Better Tasting Water

While I touched on this a little bit in #21, better tasting water is awesome for not only your tastebuds, but your health! If your water tastes bad you won’t want to drink it. In my personal life, the water from my refrigerator tastes metal and gross, while the brita makes it taste lovely! My water consumption drastically increased because I enjoyed the taste of water with my brita pitcher!

#11 – Better on Your Wallet

Some may say buying a pitcher or replacement filters can get expensive, but let us do the math!

Assuming you buy normal bottled water instead of a brita, you are spending roughly $10 for 24 bottles of water at 16.9 Fl oz each. That brings us to 405 fluid ounces total, or 3.14 gallons. (Price taken from walmart.com)


For a pack of 3 brita filters, you must pay roughly $15 (price taken from walmart.com) and for the brita pitcher you must pay around $30 (price taken from walmart.com). Three of those brita filters will give you about 120 gallons before you need to buy new filters for $15.

So to match that 120 gallons with the bottles of water, you must spend ($10 x 12.738535 ) = $127! You are spending $127 for the bottles of water, meanwhile you can spend $45 on a brita pitcher and pack of filters, then $15 every 120 gallons. That brings you a net saving of $112 per 40 gallons of water. Think of what you could do with $112 extra dollars! (Might be time to put that towards some Milk! See: Is Drinking Milk Really That Good For You? )

#10 – Why You Should Buy A Brita Water Pitcher – Better on The Environment

While many do not care about their carbon footprint or how they affect the environment, think of all those bottles of water you are saving from ending up in the ocean or in the ground.

One day we may have to leave this earth due to the pollution we caused, one single brita filter will eliminate 300 bottles of water from pollution!

You may be thinking: “Well, what about the brita filters themselves?”. You can actually give money back to charities via TerraCycle for recycling your brita filters, so in a sense you’re saving even more money by using the brita filter and doing the world a common good.

Personally, I have my TerraCycle setup for the Cancer Research Institute in New York City. I recommend checking ConsumerReports for a good charity to pick!

Ten reasons you should use a reusable water bottle instead of wasting money and harming the environment with disposable water bottles and other drink containers. https://hydrationanywhere.com

#9 – Impacts Your Food and Other Drinks

Ever use your standard tap water or old refrigerator filter to make your coffee in the morning or tea? (See: 3 Reasons Why Coffee Is The Best Pre-Workout)

The taste of that product can be easily improved by utilizing your brita filter! Coffee, Tea, drink mix-ins such as Kool Aid all enhance the flavor water, but if you’re using crummy tap water it likely won’t benefit you as much as if you used your filter for it! Give it a try, I noticed a massive difference myself!

#8 – Why You Should Buy A Brita Water Pitcher – Easy to Setup!

Brita Filters are very simple to setup. You buy the pitcher, rinse the filter under water for 15 seconds, then put the filter in the pitcher and you’re all set! Just swap out the filter and repeat the process every 40 gallons.

How To Install a Brita Water Pitcher Filter by “The Shack” on YouTube

#7 – You’re not limited to just a pitcher!

If a big jug of water in your refrigerator isn’t your style, Brita offers many different solutions to that! Checkout Brita’s water faucet for instance, where it connects directly to your tap water and filters it as your use the sink. Additionally, they have portable water bottles for on-the-go use!

#6 – Brita is FAR superior than other brands such as ZeroWater or Pur.

While there are some arguments stating that ZeroWater has zero impurities at all in their water and therefore they are better, this simply isn’t true! I have been trying to study what the best water is for the human body for the past 7 years, and I infact went so far to almost buy a distilled water brewer that would make my beverage 100% H2O and literally nothing else, not a SINGLE impurity.

However, the problem with that is, distilled water lacks the vitamins and minerals you get from water. This is where ZeroWater falls short! Many vitamins and minerals are obtained just by drinking water, especially considering many vitamins are water-soluable so they can ONLY be activated in your body with water.

Additionally, the other brands are far more costly and take much longer to actually filter the water. When you need the most reliable and best product, the other competitors barely have their foot in the door compared to Brita.


#5 – Easy to Obtain

Other brands you may have a very difficult time purchasing, infact some may require you to only purchase it online. Thankfully, Brita is such a reputable company and since every store knows that Brita is the best, you can usually find a Brita pitcher or filter at just about any grocery you go to.

Try saying that about ZeroWater, a brand I searched hard and far to even try to purchase! Save some money and time, and just drive to the local Cub and pickup your Brita from there!

#4 – EXCELLENT Customer Service

A long time ago when Brita was still working hard in developing their product I decided to give them a try. Unfortunately at that time, their filters had a defect that was harmless.

The defect had small black specks go into your water that were harmless to swallow. However, for many, seeing particles in your water is not appetizing.

I contacted Brita’s customer service and they sent me 7 replacement filters within a small time-frame of 24 hours and were very apologetic to me. I appreciated their customer service, because in this day and age, it is hard to find.


#3 – Brita Teams Up With Environmentalist Companies To Help Save The Planet

Brita is committed to making sure the planet is a great place, while I touched on this in #19, Brita actively dedicates part of their time and money into saving the waters. Checkout this interview with Rob Machado from National Geographic about waters and surfing!.

Rob Machado and National Geographic Brita Partnership

#2 – Why You Should Buy A Brita Water Pitcher – Actively Improving

Brita is not a company that stays complacement. I can personally attest to the increased quality of their pitchers and filters over the past few years. Infact, an article from YourBestDigs.com by Daniel Jackson highlights this by doing an updated study in 2019. While Jackson personally recommends the ZeroWater pitcher, he does state, “We asked our testers to rank the the taste of the top-scoring filtered water before we told them anything about tallied scores or brands, and they all picked the Brita – Longlast over the ZeroWater filter’s taste”. While he does mention that the family did not like the standard brita filter compared to the longlast filter, these are easily interchangeable filters that you can buy for roughly the same price if required in your lifestyle. The point is, Brita is always working on their filters and making them better everyday. This isn’t a company that just gives up!

#1 – MyBrita Rewards

You can earn points back towards getting free filters, water bottles, etc. all using MyBrita rewards! You will also get reminders when to change your filter so you don’t have to track it yourself! Additionally you will get coupons to save even more money. At this point it seems more of a steal to buy a brita filter than an actual purchase!



Purchasing a brita is one of the best choices I ever made! It improved my health, saved me tons of money, and I have been indirectly helping the environment! I personally purchased a Brita Metro 5-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher which you can checkout here! Thank you so much, and I wish you the best of luck in changing your life, and our world!

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