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3 Reasons Why Coffee is the Best Pre-Workout

We’ve all seen our buddies throw their C4 in their water bottles, slam it down, and say how energized they feel.

You may even be tempted yourself to pickup a bottle, thinking it will lead to increased performance in the gym.

However, here are 3 reasons why coffee is a better pre-workout than C4 or any weird mix-in.

Black cup of coffee, which is way better than normal pre-workout by Julius Schorzman from https://assembleme.com
Black cup of coffee, which is way better than normal pre-workout by Julius Schorzman from https://assembleme.com

#1 – It’s Natural

Coffee is natural. The sketchy powders you see your friends gobbling down can have tons of chemicals that you don’t even know about. For instance, this article from Matt Colby at RemedyRising states, “You raise your dopamine levels beyond normal levels. You disrupt the balance. Taking this much dopamine causes levels of your other important neurotransmitter, serotonin, to drop. Not only should you be concerned about your serotonin, but what do you think is going to happen once you stop taking this product that jacks up your dopamine levels? Do you think you will feel normal? Probably not”. What Colby states is completely true! Mixing all of these chemicals to try and force you to feel better and happier can damage or even destroy your neurotransmitters, and those are just the chemicals we know about. Many of the chemicals in C4 or any pre-workout there are very little published studies on the effects of mixing these chemicals and barely any studies on the long-term effects of such pre-workouts in general on the body!

Meanwhile, coffee is completely natural, just straight up from a plant and you mix it in with water. You can trust that what you’re drinking isn’t a factory made substance with the goal of destroying your body.

#2 – It’s Cheaper

People have a huge misconception that you need to spend thousands on supplements to get big in bodybuilding. While the truth to all of these myths can be found on my “How to Start Lifting” page here, the truth for this myth is that you don’t really need to spend money on anything other than a gym membership and food.

A pack of C4 pre-workout giving you 30 servings can be found at Walmart or Target for roughly $20. Meanwhile, a standard 1lb bag of coffee beans can according to DeathWishCofee.com give 72 servings at half the cost!

So make your choice, would you rather spend $20 on a dangerous chemical mix that gives you few servings? Or would you rather spend $10 on a bag of natural coffee that gives you double the servings at half the price? I think the choice is clear.

#3 – It Helps Boost Fat Loss, Keep Muscle, and Sustain Energy

Coffee has incredible health benefits, and that is no secret. Many people rely on this drink to wake up in the morning for work and some (including me) rely on it for its amazing fat loss benefits. According to an article by coffeeinmyveins.com, “when you drink coffee before you start your workout, your fat cells start being used as an energy source instead of your muscle’s glycogen”. This means that you will not only be able to just run longer, but your muscles will have more energy to work them out later when lifting to help your body grow muscle (if bulking) or retain it (if cutting). You will also have more strength throughout the day, and with that, more energy.


After all of this it doesn’t make sense to not use coffee as your pre-workout. You learned its safer, natural, cheaper, and can even improve your health and benefit your gains at the gym with benefits such as fat loss and increased energy! So go buy some.

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