Best Ahri Skin (All Skins Ranked!)

I’ve been maining Ahri since day one (2 years ago). Overall of my accounts, I’ve accumulated 1,000,000 mastery points this charming fox. So without having to say it, I definitely know the best ahri skin.

There is no other champ I enjoy playing more than Ahri.

The great thing is most of her skins are awesome, even some of the cheap ones! And here I going to rate the skins from worst to greatest, so you can get a better understanding of each skin before buying them. Let’s get started!

#12- Midnight Ahri (Worst Ahri Skin)

In my opinion, by far, the worst skin for Ahri has to be midnight Ahri.

It’s nothing more then Ahri in a winter coat, and the shade of blue is also just ugly to me!

All the skins animations were updated which makes all of Ahri’s skins better, and this skin still the worst of them all.

But you know what they say, “you get what you pay for”, and this skin is cheap anyway.

Even though it’s 750 RP, I would not waste my hard-earned cash on this. This skin is worse than a chroma- even her original skin is worth more. That means even Riot knew the skin was a disaster from the get-go.

Save your money, let’s move onto the next skin.

#11 Dynasty Ahri

The next worst skin would have to be: Dynasty Ahri.

To be honest, it’s mostly just outdated. It’s a cute skin, but it needs maybe a revamp or something to help it out. It looks the same as it did 8 years ago before I even started playing! Even the rift herald got a rework after this time!

I also just don’t like how the splash art lies to you and makes her hair look white when it’s black in-game. I’m surprised people rarely talk about this, and how did Riot even screw this up? The colors don’t even look remotely the same.

It’s not a bad skin, just old and it lied to me. However, it’s still cheap so if you want to get this one, it’s fine. But if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, we gotta keep moving on in this list.

I know people joke Ahri has too many skins, but they never say they’re all that good.

This skin was released with the Korea servers. While that’s awesome and all, that was a long, long time ago. And maybe it’s time Riot revisits this skin and gives it a little time, love, and care.

#10 Academy Ahri

Academy Ahri is another cute, but outdated skin.

I like the traditional red fox style tails but, the clothes and backpack are a bit clunky for me. What I mean by this is the skin just looks old and isn’t modern. The backpack is just horrifically designed.

I think the skin could be good with less going on in it. Maybe if the skirt wasn’t plaid? It just seems like they’re trying to add everything to this skin.

It’s like adding 50 ingredients to a smoothie, sometimes: less is more.

From the bow, to tie, to whatever else- has Riot even gone to a private school? This seems like they wanted everything in this skin, I mean, where do they even stop? And it seems they don’t know what a private school nor academy dress actually is.

It’s not the worst skin I’ve ever seen. And sure, many think Academy Ahri is ‘cute’ or something. If you like the whole ‘school-girl’ idea, go right ahead and purchase it.

But if you’re interested in getting the best skin for your hard-earned money, keep reading.

None of these skins that I’ve mentioned so far have special animations, which gives it a lower grade from the rest. When it comes to skins, the edited animations can really make or break them.

#9 Ahri’s Base Skin

Ahri’s base skin it’s still pretty clean for it not being updated.

Riot updated all the animations for each of Ahri’s skins this year.

Riot’s base skin is quite good- at least compared to some of the other nonupdated champions like Riven. I would much prefer to use the base skin over the skins mentioned above.

Plus that red dress she wears in it is quite a nice style. Oh, and there is no way that is a kimono-like people keep calling it.

Overall, the base skin is really good for most people. And if you’re on a budget- don’t worry, you don’t need a skin to play this champion as she’s pretty clean right away.

Again, you won’t have any complaints- but if you’re wanting to toss a little RP at Riot, keep reading.

#8 Foxfire Ahri [Best Budget Skin]

This skin was the first skin to do something cool with the tails, THEY ADDED FLAMES TO THEM!

Not only that- the battle-ready wardrobe looks awesome too. It looks like some kind of fantasy leather armor. It’s comparable to Dragonblade Riven- which we talked about in Best Riven Skins.

If you’ve ever played Skyrim (which be honest, we all have)- it kind of looks like leather armor from there. Needless to say, Ahri’s battle armor takes the stage well!

No wonder it’s one of the most popular out of her cheap skins. This skin will only run you 975 RP and its fiery effect is so worth it.

For a skin that has splash art this old, it looks like it’s brand new. I mean just look at these animations, you might even buy the skin off of watching this video!

It basically turns Ahri into this massive fire creature that looks INCREDIBLE! So get on the rift and start setting ablaze to everything.

Well, that is without Brand. (as I assume you banned him, he is always broken)

If you’re looking for the best budget skin for ahri, Foxfire is right next to Popstar Ahri for the best budget skin.

#7 Challenger Ahri

The color contrast of red and white really made this skin stick out to me!

This skin has a feature that’s similar to the Invictus Gaming or iG skins released last year- where Ahri will have a trophy. This means when you use your W as Ahri, she will have a trophy at her feet.

It kind of makes sense, in the whole ‘challenger’ idea. The ‘trophy’ is the League of Legends World Championship icon, and it’s a super cool addition.

While you’re outplaying your enemy in the lane, you can flex on them with your challenger skills as you pretend you’re faker. So what if you’re 0-7 and have 13 CS at 20 minutes? Doesn’t matter- you’re a challenger now.

The skin is dark and cool -like what every teen wants to be: edgy. The new animations on her W will put this skin above Foxfire for me. Although they are close.

This skin is only 975 RP- and has a lot of features that make it worth it to buy!

#6 Popstar Ahri

Love K-Pop? If you’ve played any League of Legends you’re sure to know that this game is incredibly popular in South Korea.

Furthermore, they produce some of the best players in this game- like SKT T1 Faker. And I’m sure by now you’ve heard some of BTS or any K-Pop ever. Honestly, as a big rap fan- I still think it kind of goes hard.

This skin is super cool because Ahri can actually dance with the blue buff! Are you sitting there waiting to leash the blue buff with your first time Lee Sin that’s about to go 0-11 and have no objective pressure? Oh well, at least you can dance!

I’m serious though, if you dance next to the blue buff- the buff will start grooving with you!

This skin also got a new update to some animations, and the dance has a stage!

Really this skin is packed and has a lot of animations. Riot really likes Ahri- if you couldn’t tell.

This skin suits Ahri because of the Korean inspired champion and K-Pop. It was well made and actually was the first skin to give Ahri new animations.

This skin is 975 RP which is fairly cheap. I definitely recommend it!

#5 Arcade Ahri (Ahricade)

I love this skin for the nostalgia it gives me, back from the Pac Man and Galaga days! I’m sure many of us can agree here.

The colors are so bright and awesome too. Not to mention the pixelated rainbow tail and orb are so, so cool.

The sound effects are too good and that recall is wayyyy too cute!

The only problem I have with this skin is her elbows (lol whatever you do don’t zoom in on the elbows). Honestly, her elbows look dislocated from her shoulders. I don’t know who at Riot needs to study up on their anatomy, but seriously guys?

But they seriously went above and beyond with the skin. If you love the arcade feel, Arcade ahri is no exception. In fact, many consider this to be the best ahri skin out there.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this skin. It will run you about 1350 RP for this skin- so it definitely won’t break the bank here.

#4 K/DA Ahri

Straight off the bat- everybody loves this skin except me. I think it’s very overhyped, but I’ll try to be unbiased here.

K/DA Ahri was featured in a music video for League of Legends, here it is!

The music video actually kinda goes hard. But to be honest- I think that’s why the skin sold so well. Not much else.

This skin definitely has cool sound effects. Her tails are pretty cool- they’re all crystal, which is something we’ve never seen in league before. (Skarner mains, all one of you, don’t count).

The color is nice but the skin itself is mediocre, but admittedly the sound effects and dance animations more than make up for it. Everyone loved the music video- even people that don’t play league!

This is one of the most modern skins in League and has super clean visuals. For 1350RP, this is a really fair price for the skin’s features.

#3 Prestige K/DA Ahri

All this skin does for me is simple: It turns her her gold and fixes her hunchback problem in the original K.D.A. skin.

I don’t think it’s worth grinding for. First of all, I’m not sure if you even can grind for it anymore. Sure, it’s definitely better than the original K.D.A. Ahri, but not enough to have to buy like 50 randomized loot boxes just to get prestige points to get this skin!

The best thing its use for is to brag, “Hey look I have money”! If you’re really spending all your time trying to get this skin every day, please seek help.

If you think prestige KDA Ahri is the best ahri skin and you spend 20 years trying to get it, stop and get some help.
If you think prestige KDA Ahri is the best ahri skin and you spend 20 years trying to get it, stop and get some help.

Honestly, there are other skins that are just much better. Sure, it looks nice- but let’s be honest here.

#2 Elderwood Ahri

This skin is just really pretty! It’s one of my favorite budget range skins.

The animations are pretty original. Ahri’s W ability turn in to little flowers that look really nice! They’re kinda like lotuses. And her Q is also a cool looking lotus-like flower.

Take a look in this video:

I love what they did with Ahri’s hair and tail. Her hair gets an awesome braid that is separate from the rest of her skins. Plus, her tail has really good animations- Riot took their time on this one for sure.

This is a skin that’s easier to love when you see it for yourself. The price of this skin is only 1350 RP.

The pricing of the skin isn’t going to empty your wallet. And I don’t want to be wasting money on this game any more than you do.

The skin has a ton of chromas, like A LOT. So- if you end up not liking the base skin, you can always get it recolored. You can’t go wrong here!

#1 (TIE) Star Guardian Ahri and Spirit Blossom Ahri

The next two skins go above and beyond for Ahri skins. Simply put- they are way too good.

Because of this, I had to end up with a tie here. Both of these skins cost 1820 RP, but it was definitely worth it. Let’s cover each.

Star Guardian Ahri

This skin has one of the best taunts in the game. I mean seriously, I tilted off the face of the earth when I went against this skin.

Imagine Lux’s laugh, but 1000x times more tilting. It would make Tyler1 break his headset. (again)

Something cool to note about Star Guardian Ahri is ‘kiko’. Kiko is the cute little floating companion that will be by your side. It’s like having Yummi on your team.

No, Kiko doesn’t heal you or anything. But the Yummi on your team probably isn’t doing much better. (They’re all so bad, it’s not even a hard champion!!!)

Take a look at this champion, it’s SO cool!

There’s a good reason most Ahri players run this skin. It is jam-packed with everything you ever wanted!

Obnoxious laugh, incredible voice lines, and more just make this skin fun!

I definitely think it is the best ahri skin.

Did I mention how clean and smooth the animations in this skin are? This is a must-buy.

Spirit Blossom Ahri

Spirit Blossom is VERY cool. Like, incredibly cool. I’m not really sure how to even say this in words, so check out this video first:

Ahri LITERALLY changes forms during her ultimate. From human to both to fox? It’s REALLY crazy.

Furhtermore, when she leaves spawn with Homeguard/ghost she turns into a fox sprinting.

And every transition is incredibly smooth. It’s the literal definition of the fox girl, like this is really COOL.

This champion’s animations are super cool, clean, and smooth. It feels like butter on bread.

This is by far one of the coolest skins. If you really like the fox part of her, this is your go to skin. With everything considered, this skin is definitely worth your purchase.

So What Is The Best Ahri Skin?

The best ahri skin is spirit blossom ahri or star guardian ahri. Those are the best skins for your buck and you won’t be disappointed by them.

Good luck on the rift summoner, and if it’s a first time Yone, just dodge.

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