Clash of Clans Day 1 – We Rushed to TH11!

     Hey! This is my first post in my Clash of Clans journals, this one will be really short but the rest I will go way more in-depth on!

      This morning we rushed to TH11. We are sitting at roughly TH8 defenses, with Level 3 infernos and level 8/9 walls. Currently I am dropping trophies a bit to test the defense of my new farming base and find more loot.

      Here is a picture of our base!

         We had quite a few gems lying around, so we upgraded our Eagle Artillery to level 2 immediately using a Book of Building. I did this because I hate it when those big powerhouse defenses like Inferno Towers are upgrading, because it leaves you at such a disadvantage. I like getting those out of the way right away at the beginning of a new town hall, even if many don’t recommend it. I just don’t like having them upgrading and seeing my defense fail horribly because of it. The impact of an upgrading inferno in my mind affects you far worse than say a mortar. So now that the Eagle Artillery is maxed, we will have it 24/7 and don’t have to worry about it being down.

         I am not sure how powerful the Eagle Artillery really is, but I know it will help us if  we get barched or something like Goblin Knifed, which I have no problem with making sure my loot is adequately protected against an attack like that.

        Currently we are dropping trophies down to 1400 to try and find better loot as I wasn’t finding much. Currently we have a barracks upgrading, a tesla upgrading,  our lab, and another hidden tesla. I was trying to max TH10, but I decided to make the jump because I thought it would give me more of a challenge.

Eagle Artillery at Level 2 courtesy of

We have a really strong core, and I’m not sure what my upgrade pattern should be. I am trying to follow Clash Guides with Dusk’s early TH11 upgrade guide and make sure my core is very strong. I think we will be upgrading our army camps, clan castle, and then our x-bows.

That’s it for this journal, I will be trying to post everytime something significant happens, I appreciate you reading this! Leave a comment below about your clash base, or if you had any questions or suggestions!

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