Clash of Clans Day 2 – AQ, and we rush to TH12!

      Hey! We are back with Day 2 of our journal. Firstly, after publishing last nights Journal I updated the Archer Queen to level 16.

          I was thinking about potentially making the jump to TH12. We just rushed to TH11 but I was thinking rushing to TH12 might be better. Personally for me it is more enjoyable to have all the buildings so I don’t feel behind, but the addition of another inferno tower and the workshop is incredible.
            My clan only has one TH12 which is the leader’s second account, it is incredibly rushed (TH6/7 defenses) and it is the only one that can give siege machines. I would like to give back to the clan that way, but I also don’t want to screw the clan war algorithm too much. Also I am not in the best position to be rushing my Town Hall, while my defenses are strong my offense is essentially non-existent. The laboratory is upgrading currently and I have really low resources. This means if I rushed to TH11 I wouldn’t have any resources available to even purchase the new workshop or new upgrades right away, which would just put me more behind.
       I get 25mil gold and elixir in two days from the season pass, and at that point the weekly bundles will reset which may give a good combination of book of everythings/building to get some of those TH11 buildings started. I may consider rushing in a few days, but not now. Thinking about it, it wouldn’t be bad to be able to dump the gold from the season pass into the new walls and help me get new defenses.
          I don’t even have all the troops nor dark elixir spells unlocked and my offense is horrendous. However I will start farming hard tonight and trying to max loot in the treasury so we can get the upgrade to Town Hall 11 going soon, gem it/book it complete, and pour all that gold into walls so it doesn’t get stolen.
          It’s a hard decision that I am still contemplating on making, on one hand I don’t want to be stuck maxing TH11 because I don’t want to go to TH12 and have to upgrade the inferno to max level and build new defenses when I am already maxed because I’d rather have it all from the get go and level it all up evenly. At the end of the day, I am pretty sure I will upgrade to TH11, gem it complete when the April Season Pass gives me the money, and start building defenses up.

We Rushed To Hit TH12

         I wrote those posts earlier in the day and spent the rest of the day farming up and got to TH12. I was very surprised to learn that the Town Hall actually has a tesla built into it that fires back, I thought you had to upgrade it even further to unlock that. I immediately gemmed the workshop too, which was earlier stated as my primary goal to help my clan succeed in clan wars. I also like knowing I have all the buildings available so I do not have to worry about catch-up later. Additionally, I think rushing is the superior way to play the game.
Upgrading to Town Hall 11 in Clash of Clans by
       I quickly got the hidden tesla aswell, gemmed it to completion aswell. I don’t like gemming resources as I think that defeats the purpose of the game, however I do like gemming wait times as it gets me to play more. Tonight as I finish this entry I am going to start farming to purchase the inferno tower and get a new TH11 Hybrid farming base setup. We will be sitting at 0/5 builders, but tomorrow night another builder should open up once my Barracks finishes upgrading. At that point we will discuss in tomorrow’s journal entry how we will continue with our upgrades. We will likely be upgrading the Giga Tesla first, but we will have to see.
Vigilant’s Town Hall 11 Clash of Clans Base at
Thanks for reading this journal entry! I appreciate your support in reading it and wanting to enjoy my experience and thought process through my journey of TH12. Leave a comment below how your Clash of Clans is going or what you would like to see, in the meantime, clash on!

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