Clash of Clans Day #3 – The Core Will Be Strong, Season Pass, CWL

   Past Journal:

   Welcome back to my Clash of Clans journal! Today is day 3, and we have got a lot to talk about.

    For starters, the April season is ending very soon, which means we will collect 25,000,000 gold and elixir into our storages from the season pass, but we have a problem, we’re going to have two builders.

    We started a lot of upgrades way beforehand, and currently the inferno tower that we just built yesterday after upgrading to TH12 is taking the longest out of all of them. Within a few days we will have all builders avaliable again, but when you have 25 million gold sitting in your storages, there are a lot of people who love to raid your base endlessly.

    While we can fear about losing lots of our loot, we must focus on what we will actually upgrade with it.

     As I mentioned in the last journal, it will probably be worth it to upgrade our Town Hall’s Giga Tesla, but on second thought, I think I may want to upgrade the Eagle Artillery first. For starters, the eagle artillery is 9.6 million gold to upgrade to level 3, so our storages cannot even hold that in the first place, but when the season pass gold hits it ignores your storage value, allowing us to actually upgrade it. This would essentially be our only shot at upgrading it unless we upgraded the rest of our storages, but it would also mean our Eagle Artillery would be completely maxed, and since the Eagle Artillery is a core defense I have no problem upgrading it.

     If you have followed my twitter and journals for a while you’ll know I love upgrading the core defenses first, it gets the big upgrades out of the way and you don’t have to worry about them building way down the road. It’s like the avalanche method in finances, you pay off the massive debt first so yo don’t have to worry about that pressure later. If I upgrade all my infernos, x-bow, eagle artillery at once, I don’t have to worry about losing loot in the future when I may be upgrading multiple defenses at once. Additionally, the core defenses are incredibly powerful and sometimes singlehandedly win you the defense.

     Right now we are about 3 hours away from the season pass coming out, but I need to get to sleep bad (very poor sleep as of late), and I am not going to publish this journal and leave you all on a cliffhanger. So once I wake up and get these upgrades going it will be right below me. See you in the morning!

The Season Pass Rewards

      I just woke up from my sleep, and got right to work with upgrades. For starters, we upgraded our Eagle Artillery to level 3, completely maxing it out. We finished the upgrade time on it instantly with a Book of Everything. I am happy that our Eagle Artillery is completely maxed out, it is a powerhouse of a defense, and being completely maxed out lets us focus on other defenses while our defense gets a significant boost from it.
    According to the Clash of Clans Eagle Artillery Wikia, we gained 15 damage per second, 50 damage per hit, and 400 hitpoints making it harder to fall. The only downside is that the troop housing activation requirement went up to 200 from 180, but that’s not a big deal.

    We got some more Books of Everything, Book of Building, to make it simple for you I will compile our upgrades in a list here.

  • Army Camp Level 7->8
  • Archer Queen Level 16 -> 18
  • Eagle Artillery Level 2->3
  • Laboratory -> Max Level (yay!)
  • Witch -> Level 2
  • Clan Castle -> Level 7
  • Upgraded various new defenses to high levels from TH12 upgrade.

      Here is a picture of our base as of 5/2/2019, I miscalculated and did not realize we have two open builders ( one is working on that 2 hour level archer tower ) and because of that I need to barch and farm hard to upgrade some more defenses. I am not really sure what core defenses we will be upgrading, but you’ll have to find out in the next journal. In the meantime, the clan war league is going well and we will be getting big upgrades going soon! Thanks for reading, and leave a comment what you think I should upgrade next.

(and thank god I maxed the EA and laboratory, it is relieving to know I have less to upgrade)

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