Clash of Clans Day 4 – Becoming Unrushed

   Past journal:

   We started off with the idea we need to get our defenses to all the same common level, I have quite a few of under leveled defenses from town hall upgrades.

        We have around TH8 defenses. I ended last night by upgrading my x-bow from level 1 -> level 2 and we are working on getting our level 1 inferno to level 2 right now. However, if possible I am trying to use builder’s potions to try and maximize the efficiency of the defenses becoming a common level. I got these builders potions from the Clan War League and the season pass. I won’t give a list of every upgrade since it would be redundant to let you know our level 4 archer tower finally got to 7, but I will give a short summary.
      I had to spend all week studying for my exam and lifting hard, so I didn’t have time to really take many screenshots and keep you all updated, but I wanted to keep the builders busy. So I’ll put a small list of upgrades and some things we did.

The Core Grows

           As you all know, there’s nothing Vigilant loves more than upgrading the core of his base. For starters, we got really strong! We had quite a few books of building from the new season pass, and with the clan war league constantly filling our treasury we got our inferno towers to a high level.
          Additionally, since I’ve been praising how strong our core needs to be, it never occurred to me that we should upgrade what is now the new core defense at TH12, the actual town hall. I upgraded the Town Hall to level 2 and gained a fair amount of DPS, but I did some research and figured out that the giga tesla once upgraded is actually a fairly scary defense and one I had personally severely underestimated. 
We also in our free time upgraded some walls and lower level defenses, though not anything too drastic. The big upgrades was getting our inferno towers to level 5, level 4, and level 2 respectively and upgrading one of our x-bows to level 3. We are almost at a point where all of our core defenses will be maxed and we do not have to worry about them being down while we upgrade other defenses such as wizard towers, this will enable us to retain more loot in the long run.

The Army

Not really going to lie, my army is severely under leveled. However, I managed to research the golems to level 1 -> 3 over the past week, use a book I got from the season pass to max our archers, and got our grand warden up to level 4.  Additionally, we upgraded two army camps adding +10 troop space, so we are slowly getting there. I am currently trying to unlock all of the troops in the game right now, as when I quit originally I had all the troops, but now I need to catch up so I can start researching and upgrading them.


We are slowly becoming “unrushed” and showing that if you rush your town hall you may have a lot more fun with the game and even become stronger faster. Once we get all of our core defenses upgraded these journals will highlight how rushing can actually be really strategic in clash of clans. 

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