COVID-19 is Causing Gyms to Shut Down Again, Stay Ripped Instead!

Yep. COVID-19 is causing another massive gym shutdown. A huge second wave has hit the United States and the gyms are shutting down again.

I know many of you including me were SUPER excited to get back in the gym and lift some heavy weights. And I did enjoy the few weeks it was open.

Well, since we’re at home again- I reached out to and saw if they had anything in store for us. Here’s what I got:

A Plan For Those Gaining Muscle has made a program for those trying to gain muscle called, “Jacked at Home”.

It’s a simple 4-week program that requires MINIMUM equipment. You don’t need a fricken squat rack or anything to do this.

This is a simple 3-day program that will keep you in shape and add some more tone without the option of the gym available!

A Plan for Those Losing Fat

They also designed a program for losing fat called, ‘Lean at Home’.

This program does some basic cardio and resistance training, keeping your muscle and helping your body dump those fat reserves.

Check these out!

I seriously recommend you guys check these programs out! If your gym hasn’t shutdown yet, it’s only a matter of time.

COVID-19 is unfortunately here to stay. So let’s do our part, stay home, and get shredded in the process!

And if you don’t like those options, has way more at-home bodyweight programs I highly recommend you check out.

Stay shredded, and stay safe!