CRKT CEO Review – Demand Respect And Look Stunning

I’m going to be honest. I’m not no “knife-snob”- but my friend Carsten is. He purchases a lot of knives, and many of them are not good. But this one was so good we were forced to write a CRKT CEO Review.

I mean what is there NOT to like about this? It looks cunning and clean- with an incredibly slick design.

CRKT CEO Review - Angled Picture of Blade
CRKT CEO Review – Angled Picture of Blade

Paired with that- an incredibly sharp knife and release mechanism.

It’s called the CRKT CEO for a reason- it’s a gentleman’s knife. It fits perfectly with any style but it represents that bold “executive” look that makes you look bold and strong.

A sharp, fast deploying, and stunningly beautiful knife all for less than $40? So, I did some more research to tell you everything you need to know about this knife. Here’s my CRKT CEO Review!

The Specifications Of This Knife

Before I kick off explaining every reason this is your dream knife- let’s talk about the actual nitty-gritty details of this thing.

You’re starting off with a fine blade- that’s for sure.

Category CRKT CEO Specification
Blade Finish Satin finish
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Length 3.11 inches
Blade Thickness .09inches
Opened Length 7.63 inches
Closed Length 4.45 inches
Weight of Knife 2.10oz
Type of Steel 8Cr13MoV
CRKT CEO Specifications

These specifications are pretty great for such a budget knife. I will be discussing a lot of these specifications more in-depth later on in this CRKT CEO Review.

What We Like

Carsten has been using this knife daily for a while- here’s what he has to say for this CRKT CEO Review.

There are many reasons why this particular knife should be considered to be one of the top EDC’s. It’s a very comfortable grab with a design that almost looks like a pen.

It has a nice sturdy clip to go in your pocket. The contrast from silver to black is a very well thought out contrast for the look that CRKT was looking for.

I love knives and I have many of them. The CRKT CEO is the one I take with me all the time.

The smoothness and quickness of how the knife folds out are almost addicting. As soon as you open it once, good luck stopping.

It has a satin-finished blade and a glass-reinforced nylon handle.

CRKT CEO Review- Closed Blade
CRKT CEO Review- Closed Blade

It’s very sleek to the point where people ask what kind of pen it is.

The steel is very common steel that some of the best knife makers use for their crafts.

The CRKT CEO is strong, sharp, easy to work with, and it’s very light.

It’s a maximum of 62HRC which is on Rockwell’s c hardness test.

If you want a knife just for fun, a knife to defend yourself, or even a knife to cut open boxes or zip ties, this should be at the top of your list of options.

Overall the CRKT CEO is one of my personal favorites, it’s light, strong, durable, and very sleek. All of these things motivated me to make this CRKT CEO review!

What We DON’T Like

I never try to be biased in any review- especially this CRKT CEO Review- but truthfully, there aren’t really any downsides with this knife.

The only thing I don’t like is that it seems the clip falling off is a common thing. Many people have reported it online- and Carsten’s clip broke off too.

Truthfully, this is natural. Many clips like this break off because it’s the nature of physics. It’s holding up this thing all day that’s being thrown around, bent, etc.

I just think maybe there was a small defect and the clip-on this wasn’t as strong as they should’ve made it.

Other than that- the knife passes with flying colors for this CRKT CEO Review.

Should You Buy It? – CRKT CEO Review

I hate whenever you open a review and it just says, “yes you should buy it!”. Well- thanks, that didn’t help.

For this CRKT CEO Review, I’m going to tell you who this knife fits.

  • You need a slick knife that fits in with your outfit.
  • Wear executive suits/nice clothes that this could fit with.
  • Want a very small but powerful blade to carry.
  • You like switchblades.
  • Like the “executive” or “CEO” feel.
  • Like classy ‘danger’ (Think: Kingsman/”Gentlemen’s Carry”)

If that fits you- I recommend buying this.

CRKT CEO Review - Side of Blade
CRKT CEO Review – Side of Blade

Personally what I do is flip a few knifes in rotation. So I wear the CRKT CEO when I am dressing classy and want to have that ‘gentlemen/CEO’ feel. And for the times I’m dressing casual or whatever I use my primary Huntsman knife.

This way I can have that ‘gentlemen’ feel on and off. So whenever I’m dressing up, I can always have the CRKT CEO to complement my outfit perfectly.

What is “Gentlemen Carry”/”Gentlemen’s Knife?”

If you look any of these terms up- there’s not really a great definition. In fact, the only other definition you’ll find is another blogger saying, “there’s not a definition”.

Think of the movie Kingsman. This truly great movie that was breaking the box office when it was released.

The idea of a ‘gentlemen carry’ is the look of a gentlemen. You aren’t dressing to look scary or threatening, but look actually quite the opposite.

You are classy, respected, and ideally nobody knows or even thinks you are carrying this.

These knives are designed to be small and easily concealable, ready for activation at the last moment.

The idea of a gentlemen carry is to be that ‘sweet gentlemen’ that nobody knows can really get them out of a hurry.

Here’s a scene from my favorite movie ever, Kingsman, illustrating this beautifully.

Kingsman demonstrating Gentlemen’s Carry – Manners, Maketh, Man.

Basically what’s happening in this movie is simple.

This old guy is picked on, he’s dressed stunningly like a gentlemen. Then they try to kill him, and he shows them what a ‘gentlemen’s carry’ really is. They didn’t expect it at all!

Common Questions

I’ve taken some time while researching this knife and found a lot of the frequently asked questions about the CRKT CEO! Hopefully this helps!

CRKT CEO Replacement Clip

So something awesome about CRKT is that they offer replacement parts for your knife completely free. Another reason I wrote this CRKT CEO Review!

If you’re looking for a CRKT CEO Replacement clip, you will have to contact their customer support team at But, they do have a few rules about getting a new blade.

Firstly, they will decline the CRKT CEO replacement clip if you’ve used the knife for things that aren’t “cutting” it is defined as out of warranty. This means if you dropped the knife, threw it, or ‘prying’.

This does make sense, as if you’re prying with a blade, you should expect it to break as it can only take so much weight. It’s physics, but it’s always worth a shot to reach out and see what they say.

This warranty is designed to protect you against you stabbing something and the blade snapping for no reason.

I will say that the actual clip itself breaking is a more common problem, but you will have to bring it up with CRKT’s support team and see what they say.

So- if you do fit under the warranty. You will have to contact their customer support, and return it so they can inspect it. You also have to submit this warranty form here.

Good luck! The company, CRKT has a really good customer service team- which is a blessing in this day and age.

CRKT Customer Service

CRKT is a company that is very reputable and is known for selling high-quality products.

But- as with any company- accidents happen. So I’ve listed a few different ways you can contact CRKT Customer Service!

CRKT CEO Review - Side view of closed blade
CRKT CEO Review – Side view of closed blade
  • Contact CRKT Customer Service by phone number at 1 (800) 891-3100.
    • Their business hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-4PM Pacific Time.
  • They do have another phone number you can reach out to: 503-685-5015.
  • While they do not have a specific e-mail to send things to, they do have contact-form which you can use to reach out! Here’s a link to it!

Are CRKT Knives Made In USA?

I really like products that are made in the USA. I like to keep things super local if possible. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that many families are just trying to make ends meet, so I love supporting local businesses.

Honestly, I was writing this segment to slam CRKT for not making their knives in the United States. But turns out, they manufacture all of their knives right in the home state of Oregon!

So, yes! CRKT Knives are made in the USA! Right in “lovely” Oregon. (Washington state will always be better!)

CRKT Crossbones vs CEO

Some people have asked, when looking at the CRKT Crossbones vs CEO- which one should you buy?

Well, let’s take a quick graph comparison, and go a little more in-depth.

Category CRKT Crossbones CRKT CEO
Blade Length 3.54″ 3.11″
Weight 2.4oz 2.1oz
Opening Mechanism Flipper Ball Pivot
Handle Aluminum Glass/Nylon
Price $115 $40
CRKT Crossbones vs CEO

So- what does this mean?

Well, it depends on your budget. Personally, I think the CRKT Crossbones comes in a little short compared to the CRKT CEO at their price range.

I mean really, you gain .4 inches of the blade for nearly 80 more dollars. Sure, it is an aluminum handle- but what difference does it really make?

Both of these blades are super lightweight and concealable. However, I think if you’re looking for the best budget option in terms of CEO Crossbones vs CEO, get the CEO.

It just makes sense, it’s 1/3rd of the price and it similar but slightly cheaper materials. I’d save the $80 and put it somewhere else.


If you’re looking for CRKT CEO Mods, you’ve come to the right place. While admittedly, there aren’t many, I found a few resources that may help you.

Firstly, here’s a YouTube video teaching you how to disassemble the CRKT CEO.

Video showing how to disassemble CRKT CEO incase you want to do CRKT CEO Mods.

One redditor, /u/Enter-My-Shikari asked the subreddit /r/Knifeclub about modding his CEO. He stated he wanted to make it easier to open one-handed.

Here’s user /u/Drevlin67’s response. He said you would want to polish it down essentially.

As far as I know- that’s where most of the CRKT CEO mods end.

However, user /u/brightblack666 did change the handle on his CRKT CEO. This is one of the cooler CRKT CEO mods!

While he did it in his own shop and didn’t really say how he did it- you can get pretty creative with this knife.

If you’re a seasoned knife modder, you might just have fun learning how to change the beauty the CRKT CEO is!

CRKT CEO Review - Side view of blade open
CRKT CEO Review – Side view of blade open


This CRKT CEO Review was aimed to be as short and to the point as possible.

Truth is, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at ALL in your decision to buy this awesome knife. I think you’ll just be impressed by it and all your friends will be too.

It looks clean, cuts sharp, and is incredibly inexpensive.

I recommend buying one today! The price recently dropped down, so check it out here!

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