Dyson HP02 Review – From a HUGE Allergy Sufferer!

I suffer from horrible allergies. If you”ve been reading my blog you’ll know that it’s like incredibly bad, and I always complain about them. I had to write this Dyson HP02 review after it relieved my allergies so much.

If you’ve ever seen an allergist, they always recommend you buy a HEPA filter and for good reason.

Dyson HP02 Review Left View
Dyson HP02 Review Left View

HEPA filters reduce allergens in the air and help you feel better. The Dyson HP02 has a HEPA filter. But we will discuss this more later.

Many of us know that there is a ‘tipping point’ where you’re just stuck at a hay fever attack all day.

But the Dyson HP02 helps clean that air to make you feel better- and it does a FANTASTIC job at it.

But why make it worse? Let’s talk about everything in this Dyson HP02 review, and what you should expect.

The Dyson HP02 Comes With a HEPA Filter, Helps Allergies

The most important thing in this Dyson HP02 Review is the fact it comes with a huge HEPA Filter.

Allergies are generally triggered by pollen. This can be pollen from grass, trees, or other things.

Many allergies can also be triggered by other things like cat dander or food.

HEPA filters according to Cowaymega.com, “is a designation used to describe filters that are able to trap 99.97 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns.”.

Now as you can imagine, the reason you’re sneezing so much is because your body is reacting to all of those particles in the air such as pollen!

According to Molekule Science, “HEPA is good at removing larger particulate matter like pet dander, pollen and dust mites.” – This means that cat dander you’re sneezing to, or grass pollen will get brought out of the air.

The HEPA filter isn’t an “end-all” though as, “Unfortunately, mold, VOCs, viruses, bacteria, and small particulates under 0.3 micrometers can not be removed safely from the air with an HEPA-based air purifier.”

So- How Does The HP02 Help My Allergies?

When you’re having hay fever symptoms, most of the time it’s because your body is ‘overreacting’ to the pollen entering you.

By reducing the pollen entering you, you can help your allergies subside.

This is naturally because, with less pollen, there is less immune response.

The HEPA filter removes the pollen from the air, and other things that can trigger your immune response. These things are awesome!

Dyson Has Upgraded Their HEPA Filter – Capturing More Pollutants!

This isn’t just the ‘base’ HEPA filter developed back in World War II. They’ve added more, to pick up more pollutants and microbes.

Active Graphite Filter

Under the HEPA filter, there is a dense layer of carbon crystals. It is treated with oxygen, making the carbon more porous.

This ends up trapping more gases, fumes, and odors. This is another layer of protection on top of the HEPA filter.

This is similar to how a brita filter uses the carbon to help filter.

Tris-Coated Filter

The graphite crystals are further tris-coated. It helps remove harmful gases like formaldehyde that many people have been super scared of recently.

Filters 53 Gal/s of Air

The Dyson HP02 is a BEAST.

It filters 53 Gal/s of air at its’ max setting. This thing has a huge design, sucking in a ton of air and blasting it through the HEPA filter to clean it, then sending it back out.

With its’ incredible design, that is more air that can be filtered out and that will reduce your allergies.

This definitely ain’t no small filter that is going to do nothing.

Give this thing a ton of particles and it will CLEAN SHOP. Put it next to your desk and witness as it just saves your nose from constant sneezing.

All The Awesome Features of The Dyson HP02 Review

The HEPA filter is the ‘core’ thing of the dyson HP02 that you want. But this thing has incredible other features that make it stand out from the rest of the competition.

Heating/Cooling Mode

My FAVORITE part of the Dyson HP02 Review is the heating function.

I know this sounds dumb- obviously we want an efficient air filter. But dude, I live in cold Minnesota and during the winter having the heater is amazing.

You don’t have to have cold air blasting to enjoy the sweet release of not having allergies.

Dyson HP02 Review Top
Dyson HP02 Review Top

You can set this up next to your bed, window, etc. Plus it has a feature to diffuse the heat across the entire room!

Furthermore, if you don’t like the heat- it cools your room. Perfect for summer!

App Functionality

A super cool part of the Dyson HP02 review is that you can control this thing all via your smartphone, anywhere in the world.

And I mean that you can control it anywhere in the world!

I went on a trip to Wisconsin yesterday (at the time of writing this) and I was able to open the app and see it tell me the differences in air quality in my room.

A whole state away and I was able to adjust the heat settings on it and adjust the fan on it.

The App Tells You The Air Quality (Indoor AQI)

The app tells you the air quality index. It shows the number of microscopic particles and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

This is actually giving you a lot of information. Let’s take a look at this.

  • This can tell someone with allergies that something is contaminating their room.
    • If you’re having bad allergies, and your Dyson HP02 is telling you ‘hey, there is a TON of contaminants in the air’, you’ll know something is flooding it. Is it a window that’s open? A blanket you just brought in? Clothes you’re wearing?
  • What speed of the fan should you have it at?
    • If your room doesn’t have a ton of contaminants in the air- you can probably save the energy and noise and reduce the fan speed. If it has a ton of contaminants, you can ramp up the speed. This can help you if you’re out in public and can get the room clean before you come home.

Indoor Temperature

The app also tells you the temperature of your room.

While this isn’t as important- if you have pets or anything this can be an important tool to monitor if they’re doing okay.

Relative Humidity (RH)

The app also shows you the relative humidity in the room. Which is the amount of water vapor in the air.

Coming from the midwest, humidity is a huge thing in telling things like storms, the strength of said storms, how hot it will be outside, how dry, etc.

Knowing the humidity of the room is actually important to some people. For instance, my mother (who I love dearly) gets really sick and overheats when it’s super humid out.

Knowing that information, she can know maybe it’s not the best time to be going outside for the day, or avoid certain rooms/levels of the house.

Automatic Mode – Let It Purify The Room For You Using AI

You don’t need to constantly be micromanaging this thing.

It will analyze the information mentioned above in the App Functionality section and respond accordingly.

Low contaminants in the air? It will turn down the fan speed. High contaminants in the air? It will ramp it up.

It will also turn the fan’s direction, and change the diffusion settings of it as well depending on the situation.

So you can leave it in auto and basically set and forget it!


Do you want the thing to turn off after a set amount of time? You can easily set that up here.

This is perfect if you want it to shut off right before you get home from work so you can sleep better. (Although some would say having the fan on helps you sleep)

Or- if you’re inviting a date over and don’t want the loud fan on, it can be off by the time you’re home.

Either way, this is an awesome feature that gives you a ton of control. One of the most underrated parts of the Dyson HP02 review.


Oscillation is actually a really cool feature that sets the Dyson HP02 apart from most other ‘air purifiers’ out there.

The thing literally turns and tilts to get airflow around the room better. Imagine that.

Again, this is one of the most critical parts of the Dyson HP02 review.

While this doesn’t seem like a huge feature to many, it helps equalize the clean air around the room instead of just a small focused stream.

You can always turn this off if you want a more focused stream too.

For instance, in my lounge, I just leave the fan on towards me- that way nobody else can be annoyed with it if they don’t like it.


This is something that really made me write the Dyson HP02 review. Dyson really did some crazy science in making this thing.

Their fan has this incredible circular design, but they’ve modified the design to allow it to actually diffuse the air across the entire room.

This stops it from focusing on one spot, or moving around and focusing a jet stream. It instead fills up the entire room with clean air.

Some people prefer a more focused stream of air because its’ more powerful, but some prefer overall diffusion.

Pick your poison, it’s all up to you!

Night Mode

Personally for me, any lights or noise really make it hard for me to sleep.

Night mode turns off the lights on the fan and reduces the fan speed.

I actually have two HEPA filters in my room and the other one I have is super annoying at night. It’s really bright and lights up a significant portion of my room.

Thankfully, Dyson fixed this problem for me.

And Dyson now allows me to keep filtering air while sleeping peacefully.

Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly

Some people are super worried that they’re going to waste their money on a ‘useless’ product. And I can’t blame them! I’ve bought basically useless air purifiers as well, and they don’t do a darned thing.

This machine is certified Allergy and Asthma friendly. By well, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

They do incredibly rigorous testing to ensure and verify that these air purifiers are doing what they say they do.

You can read all about the intense process they do to certify the air purifiers here: https://www.asthmaandallergyfriendly.com/USA/about-the-program/

Incredibly Kid Safe

This is the best part for any families (especially parents) reading this Dyson HP02 review.

This thing is INCREDIBLY kid safe. I can’t be the only one worried about my kids screwing with a new air purifier in the house.

The truth is- kids are stupid. And I was one too, in fact, I glued my mouth shut at one point. My brother climbed into the refrigerator when he was 2, got to the top shelf and fell, breaking his leg and ribs.

And if you have kids, you know they are just prone to hurting themselves.

The last thing you want is for your son or daughter to end up getting hurt by a new air purifier. Thankfully, this thing is INCREDIBLY kid safe.

No Blade

There’s no way your kid can get cut on the blade of this fan because there isn’t one!

Also, there’s no sharp grill ‘protecting’ the blade that’s going to hurt your kid either.

There is a way for air to come in, but it’s the same thing they had at my elementary school.

So I would assume if the elementary school thinks it is safe and has never had a problem with the incredibly safe design, you should trust them too.

The design looks like this, is there really any way your kid could get severely injured from this?

Parent Tested Parent Approved – Seal of Approval

If you don’t trust me, trust the Parent Tested Parent Approved – Seal of Approval the Dyson HP02 has received.

The PTPA did a Dyson HP02 review by sending it out to many different parents and they said they felt it was safe around their kids.

You can read more about the PTPA, or even get involved to this organization at: https://ptpa.com/about-the-ptpa-community/

A Magnet Remote Control!

I HATE losing remote controls. I wrote a Nexlux LED Lights Review a long time ago, and unfortunately I lost the remote control to those.

While they have a spectacular app and make my room look great, I didn’t want to lose any more remote controls I didn’t need to.

This is definitely one of the most talked about points in any Dyson HP02 review.

You can literally stick the remote control ON TOP of the Dyson. It magnetizes and sticks there.

So whenever you want to not lose this thing, just place it on top of the air purifier!

Now I don’t have to lose another remote or find somewhere to put it. Dyson really are geniuses.

Specifications of The Dyson HP02 Review

Here are some specifications of the thing. Compared to other models, it falls around the middle of the spectrum in terms of size, airflow, etc.

Weight 8.6lbs
Airflow: 56 Gals/s
Top part diameter: 6 inches
Base Diameter: 8.7 inches
Height: 24.9 inches

How Big Is It? Can It Fit On My Desk?

The Dyson HP02 is relatively medium size. It’s not HUGE, but not tiny either.

I would compare it to the size of a computer desktop. Nowadays in 2020, they can get pretty smaller, but it’s still similar.

Sure, it’s smaller in overall length, but the height and width is kinda similar.

This thing can definitely go on a desk or really to be honest- anywhere. While it’s decently sized, it’s not oversized or super heavy or anything like that.

I’m very impressed with the sizing on this model, as the other models are not usually too big.

What Filter Does the Dyson HP02 Use?

The Dyson HP02 uses a 360 degree HEPA glass filter. You can officially buy this on Dyson’s website here.

Dyson HP02 Review – Pricing

Let’s talk about pricing.

The Dyson HP02 will run you roughly $400-600. Right now during the COVID-19 crisis, many people have been stocking up on these things.

But I personally bought it for around $400 at Costco, and when the economy starts to recover you may also see a trend in the price going down.

Also, in the winter months, there is less demand for these things as allergies aren’t as strong.

This is much cheaper than some of their other models that focus on more airflow per second. And for how powerful this thing is, $400 isn’t a bad price tag.

The Dyson HP02 isn’t overpriced or underpriced, in fact, I would say it’s very fairly priced especially if you look at other model’s pricing.

My Personal Experience With The Dyson HP02 During Hay Fever/Allergy Problems

As allergy sufferers, we seem stupid to the outside world.

People think ‘oh it’s just some sneezing it can’t be that bad’. They’re 100% right, aren’t they? Our symptoms are just sneezing and nothing else?

They do not know the pain of sneezing 6-7 times in a row, hundreds of times per hour.

Itchy eyes, sinuses under attack, sore throat, etc. And there’s basically nothing you can do to stop it.

Now, the general recommendation from many allergists or people is to shower, change clothes, etc. But a huge part of this is removing yourself from whatever is causing the allergy.

Is it pollen coming in from an open window? Is there pet dander on your shoes?

You need to find the source of the problem.

Filtering Pollen in The Air Helps Me Incredibly

So, unfortunately, my desk where I do most of my work is by a window and the front door my house.

This means when I’m at peak allergy suffering- there isn’t much I can do other than just suffer.

Brother and sister coming and going, people knocking on the door, etc- pollen gets in.

Luckily the Dyson HP02 is like my ‘allergy-defender’. Filtering the air by me.

And this also helps me against my ignorant brother and sister- who don’t change their clothes and go to their friend’s house with cats and dogs.

It’s like a shield against them. All that pollen and dander they are bringing home, gets sucked up by the Dyson and it launches out the clean air back towards me to breathe.

It’s a Life-Saver to Say The Least

While my allergy symptoms don’t completely disappear, it helps so so so much.

I really noticed a difference when I was having a really bad hay fever attack and my mom brought it over to me.

She said it would help- but I was skeptical.

As time went on, I was sneezing less and less. While it was still a bad hay fever attack, it was substantially lowered.

Nowadays, whenever I have one of those going on, the first thing I do is get that thing going full blast.

Removing a ton of pollen in the air is not only helpful scientifically for your allergies but helps everybody in your house breathe better.

While I won’t guarantee you’ll always feel better, you can try this thing for just a little bit to know it’s already working hard.

Who’s This Dyson HP02 For?

You might be wondering who the Dyson HP02 is for?

  • People with bad allergies. Especially pollen allergies or pet allergies.
    • This is because ultimately the Dyson HP02 can remove those things from the air and help relieve your allergies.
  • People with bad air quality.
    • This thing is a BEAST when it comes to purifying the air. It isn’t any small air purifier that acts slow and doesn’t do well. When I say this thing is a BEAST, it is. It just sucks in air and pumps out clean air. Absolutely cleaning the air.
  • People with pets, windows usually open, or unsealed housing.
    • Even if you don’t have allergies, having this thing clean up that pet dander for you can save you from having to dust everything or from having your house dirty.

Really, when it comes to your air being dirty, few things match the Dyson HP02.

That is a huge reason I wrote this Dyson HP02 review and not one of those small Honeywell air purifiers.

The truth is, this thing is virtually unmatched. It just cleans air like nobodies business.


If you’re looking for a super solid air purifier. You need to buy the Dyson HP02.

The fact is, it’s just really good at its’ job and it has incredible app functionality and other features.

Like seriously, that heating thing I mentioned earlier in the Dyson HP02 review is one of my favorite things about it. I suggest you pick one of these up TODAY!

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