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Favorite Video Games

Yeah, I might be some super jacked bodybuilder that loves partying and going out every night.

But I’m also like a huge nerd lowkey. Here’s a list of my favorite video games! I’m super picky, so if you see one on here, you know you won’t really be wasting your money buying it.

My PC Setup

I’m not rich and don’t have anything crazy. I slowly upgrade it as time goes on. But, I made a pledge that whenever GTA VI (6) or The Witcher 4 comes out, I will get rid of my old PC and upgrade it anew.

My computer is actually getting kind of old. It started off with a 750 Ti and 8GB of RAM, but we have slowly replaced some parts. Here’s my full build and an image:

  • CPU: i5-6600 3.3 GHz
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR4 Ram
  • GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
  • Storage: 1 TB Western Digital Blue 7200 RPM
  • Power Supply: 500W EVGA PSU

My recommendations for those buying a new PC.

i’ve been in the PC industry for over a decade now. I’ve seen technology come and go. I sound old saying this, but back in my day 8GB of DDR3 ram was MORE than enough.

Here’s some of my recommendations for you if you’re looking for some PC build advice:

  • Get an SSD/M.2 Drive
    • These things used to be $500 for 128 GB, now it’s like 500GB for $50! I still run on a hard drive and it takes forever for games and Windows to load. I’ve heard of some people’s computers booting on an SSD before their monitor can turn on. That’s roughly 1 second boot times. They are soc heap nowadays, it’s worth it.

The Witcher 3 (BEST GAME EVER.)

I don’t think I have ever fell in love with a video game more in my life. In fact, there is no other game I have ever gotten so obsessed over. This game made me get hyped for the Netflix series and read all the books.

At first glance, the Witcher doesn’t look like a fun game. It just looks like another dumb monster-killing medieval game that all the other games on Steam are like.

But, wow- there’s a reason this game got so many awards and was Game of The Year. If you like Skyrim, you’ll really like Witcher. The game is so far from just another brainless monster killing game.

What sets this game apart for me is this: You are a hero. You kill monsters that creep on people. You were abducted as a kid, given a mutation, forced to train for years, study for years on how to kill these monsters, fight with incredibly detailed swords fighting and alchemical knowledge- BUT: NOBODY LIKES YOU. YOU ARE HATED. After you save a village from a monster that has killed 14 people, they spit on you and try to cheat you.

Every game out there is the same, you’re some super hero that everybody loves. Or there are some people that don’t like you- whatever. But this game is so twisted. You literally save entire villages, cities, and more- and people literally go and raid your fortress in the mountains and kill your fellow witchers. You sit here and people resent you or try to fight you. Take a look at this scene.

Geralt LITERALLY tries to step in and defend a woman being physically attacked, and they all try to kill him for it. But check out the incredible fighting style Witchers use in this clip. ALSO, WHEN HE SAVES THE GIRL, SHE ISN’T EVEN THANKFUL AND HATES WITCHERS TOO. WHAT!!?

This game is just so different. You literally save people and nobody thanks you. It just puts this horrible taste in your mouth that makes you change everything you do. (Which in my opinion, makes it really interesting and in-depth)

Normally in games, you like helping people and seeing them happy, right? But that doesn’t matter here, no matter what you do, you’ll get punished for it.

Then don’t even get me geeking out about the incredible knowledge about fighting monsters that happens. Like how Geralt solves this incredible curse of a Striga. The problem is, if you kill the Striga, it just respawns essentially in the Witcher world.

To get rid of the Striga, you have to fight it all night, and sleep in its’ coffin. Take a look at this incredible action clip and notice how Geralt utilizes silver chains to temporarily disable the monster.

(By the way, this was on the netflix series, but it is from the Witcher 1- the games are really in-depth and allow you to do crazy things like this!)

There are so many different monsters and curses you have to lift utilizing Witcher knowledge that was drilled into you as a kid at Kaer Morhen. This really does make the story interesting.

It’s not just bland spam attack monsters. You have to brew specific potions, use specific moves, plan an ambush/attack, utilize a variety of different spells. All of these you will discover across the vast main story and side quests if you choose to do so.

Regardless, this game isn’t going to give you boring combat. You’ll find yourself switching swords for different enemies, parrying and attacking using witcher combat styles, trying different alchemy potions you’ve brewed, using different spells, and even in some cases doing things like sleeping in the monster’s coffin to disperse the beast.

And best of all? These aren’t ONLY main quests. This is like the bare minimum of the game- the main quests and story go so much more in-depth with different characters, witchers, and kings/queens of the many different civilizations across the world.

Look at this incredible Witcher vs Vampire clip from the Witcher 3!

I’ve recommended Witcher 3 to so many people. And without getting too weird about it, everybody I’ve recommended it to and has played it has literally said it changed their life. (Yousif, David, etc)

I just don’t think there is a game out there (still to writing this in 2020) that even comes close with a story as good as Witcher. The story will leave you feeling heartbroken and lost at the end of the game, and I don’t think you’ll ever forget how deep or important the story is.

And the game has been out for a while, so it’s pretty cheap to buy and is so worth the money. The DLCs alone give like 200 hours of gameplay each, and they’re like $5.

As TDKPyrostasis said once, “Witcher is a game I just need a full week to myself to play. No distractions, no leaving my room, just a week dedicated to that game only. It’s that important”

The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim