George Floyd’s Death and The Minneapolis Protests

On May 25th, 2020- a video of a Minneapolis police officer with his knee on George Floyd’s neck was released.

George Floyd was killed. Here is one of the graphic videos: Viewer, please be advised these are not easy to watch.

This Sparked The “Minneapolis Protests”

Shortly after, the ‘Minneapolis protests’ (I don’t really know if there’s an official name) happened.

I Visited

I visited, and uploaded this YouTube video down below.

I posted this with it:

What The Media Won’t Tell You

Look, I’m not affiliated with any group like BLM or The Democratic League or whatever. This is purely the view of someone with no bias or affiliations purely looking at this situation.

Many People Were Cleaning Up.

There were a ton of people cleaning up the streets.

With dustpans and brooms, many people came together in this time of unrest and chaos to clean up.

But- that would go against the media’s narrative. In fact, in my video you can see A LOT of people in the background cleaning up the glass on the ground and even cleaning up the police station.

But that isn’t a ‘clickbaity’ title that would get the media views. So- they won’t show that.

It Was Calm.

The media portrayed everybody as these ruthless savages tearing up everything in their path.

Truthfully from an outside point of view 99.99% of the protestors were incredibly peaceful and calm.

There was never a time I felt threatened, even in the groups of thousands of people.

These weren’t the ‘rioters’ and ‘mobs’ that the media had said these people were.

There were many people that took advantage of the peaceful protestors and came up just to riot and loot. They don’t care about George Floyd, they want chaos.

Many people tried to stop these rioters- but there’s not a lot they could’ve done.

Yes, some innocent businesses burned down.

I saw a horrible video of some protestors that had killed a man after they burned down his business.

It was incredibly gruesome and sickening. I’d like to say that while a majority of the group was peaceful, there’s always somebody that’s going to screw it up.

The people that killed him were not really with the rest of the calm protestors. And many protestors tried to stop it as it was going on.

It was a horrible video, but I think for the history books we need to acknowledge that innocent businesses burned down.

But, this happens in any war or protest. And it wasn’t anything new here.

I would just recommend in the future (god forbid we have to do anything like this again) that if possible some of those innocent businesses are not targeted/ignored.

There Was A LOT of People

The media didn’t make it seem like there was as much people as there were. There was A LOT of people, like a lot.

The State Patrol Arrested CNN. On Camera. On Live TV. Yep.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Look at this:

That’s a blunder.

A Strong Majority Wore Masks (Before COVID was a ‘big threat’)

A strong majority of these people wore masks.

While many can argue that COVID19 was a big problem before these protests, in Minnesota- not so much.

Minnesota is a strong rural farm state that really didn’t have a massive outbreak of cases.


If you look at this graph- there was barely 7,000 active cases in the state.

That isn’t that much, because at the same time comparatively New York was at nearly 300,000 active cases. Compared to Minnesota’s 50,000 that were already recovered.

Strangely enough, many people wore masks.

There wasn’t a COVID outbreak after the protests.

If you examine the graphs nearly 2-3 weeks later, you don’t see a spike attributed to the protests.

I personally think there was a ‘tiny’ spike, but that was only roughly 20-30 cases or so.

And for what its’ worth, there was even a post that we were on a ‘downward trend!’ Read it here:

It Brought Serious Change

No matter what political party you’re apart of, these protests brought change.

This wasn’t a small protest by any means. Even just last week (end of July 2020) the current Governor Walz of Minnesota kept pushing for reform in the Minneapolis Police Department.

And the city is still actively passing laws, and I mean they really passed laws. There are TONS of new statutes dictating what police force can be used now.

Here’s an image summary, and a full link to it:

The Police Didn’t Do The Best Job

The police had a massive failure. I personally think every single law enforcement agency in the state of Minnesota does well except the Minneapolis Police Department.

I mean even the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office (which is also protecting minneapolis) barely mae the news during this whole ideal. I think there is a serious lack of training in the Minneapolis Police Department that needs to be fixed.

It Isn’t New – The Last Chief was Fired

It isn’t new. In fact, the last governor fired the last chief of the police department after Justine Damond was shot dead.

Here’s a news article about her ‘resignation’ (Forced).

Protests in 1960s and 1970s about Minneapolis Police

Yep. The media won’t tell you that either- this isn’t a new issue.

I’m not saying that we need to ignore it. But the truth is, people are ignoring it- and we can’t anymore.

Every other agency in this state does an excellent job and rarely has bad incidents. Minneapolis is the outlier, and it’s not some crazy coincidence.

Fix their training, it’s been going on since the 60s.


These protests made a lot of change- and definitely will go down in the history books.

The Minneapolis Police Department seriously needs some look into their training- as nearly every other POST agency in the state rarely has incidents like this occur. It almost always happens in the Minneapolis PD.

I’m not in the Minneapolis PD, so I can’t really tell you what’s going on. But looking at the statistics- it’s clear there is a problem natively to that department.

We can’t ignore it anymore. For the better of LEO, citizens across the country, and more- Minneapolis needs serious reform.

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