How To Make Baja Blast With Coke Products

Baja blast is like one of the best tasting drinks to ever be created. The problem is: obtaining it. Truthfully, it just literally is not in stock anywhere near me except Taco Bell, and that’s expensive.

So here is my guide on How To Make Baja Blast With Coke Products the simple way- and enjoy what most think is actually the secret recipe behind baja blast!

The Secret Recipe To Make Baja Blast With Coke Products

So, I mean- I’ll give a quick how-to for all of this. But, I’ll keep it simple so you can get on your way to the grocery store.

Here are the ‘secret ingredients’.

  • 80% Mountain Dew (Mellow Yellow)
  • 20% Powerade (Gatorade)

Mix it in and stir it, then voilia- you’re done. While it doesn’t exactly taste like baja blast, it tastes very very close. Some of my friends add a tiny bit of lemonade to it (about 1-5% of the drink will be lemonade) and they say it helps a little bit.

Does It Taste Like Baja Blast?

Yes, actually. It does taste like baja blast. I mean- I guess me making a guide on how to make baja blast with coke products would be kind of useless if it didn’t taste anything like baja blast.

The truth is, it really does taste like baja blast. Yes, it isn’t the exact same thing, but it really is similar. I mean, it’s kind of like the ‘off-brand’ baja blast if you will haha.

But ultimately, sometimes you have to settle for the off-brand baja blast to get your fix.

Baja Blast In Itself Does Taste Like Powerade

If you really think about it- baja blast in itself does taste like powerade a little bit. So I guess it does make sense.

Other Cool Drink Combinations to Try:

  • 90% Dr.Pepper, 10% Sprite “Fruity Pebbles”
  • Dr.Pepper and Pepsi (Cherry Pepsi)
  • Mountain Dew and Sprite/Orange Juice (Sundrop)

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