As an entrepreneur, I need to be finding new contacts and making new connections ALL the time. Unfortunately, finding someone’s email is way harder than it really should be these days.

Now, I can’t blame them- there’s a lot of e-mail spambots these days. But still, you’re going to run into someone who is SUPER important in your industry, and their e-mail is just going to take eons to find.

So, I heard of a tool called, and I signed up for it a while ago, but never really used it.

But, when I launched a new campaign for my website this year in an attempt to build backlinks and my SEO profile, became my best friend. From me scanning a site endlessly for 15-20 minutes for an e-mail, could retrieve it in mere seconds.

Truthfully, it made my campaign a BILLION times easier, and simply put, if you’re not using in 2021, you’re just wasting time and losing money. review, main image of the site. review, main image of the site.

And now, has launched an incredible e-mail feature that lets you track all the leads you’ve collected, send follow-up emails, manage campaigns, and more- all for free.

So, yeah- I had to write this awesome review. This website really needs a LOT more attention for the service it provides.

So, What is is actually a somewhat fairly known program across the SEO community.

While it’s certainly not as popular as Google, it has its’ place cemented with over 2,000,000 users. Plus, it’s endorsed by popular sites like Forbes and Huffingtonpost.

But, what exactly IS is a program that is designed to find an e-mail of someone from a website. So, for instance, you could type in and find my e-mail instantly, without you having to look through my Contact Us page or anything.

This is super awesome if you’re running a massive campaign like I just did. I had a list of nearly 100 websites and I needed to find an e-mail for each writer of the website.

Problem is- these days, getting e-mails is very difficult. You have to sift through endless navigation pages, and sometimes you find a “Contact Us” form (Which in my experience, a contact us form is nothing more than a black hole or empty void).

So instead of spending 5-10 minutes on every site sifting through an e-mail that might not be on the site, you can just pop in the website URL and will give you an e-mail in seconds.

Pretty neat, huh? Actually Is Free For Most Campaigns

If you’re like me and trying to get your website rolling, you might not have a ton of $$ to be throwing around.

Thankfully, has a free feature too that is actually fairly reasonable.

If you’re a brand new site trying to launch a campaign every month to get the ball rolling, you’ll have more than enough room to work with.

As your site grows and you start launching even more campaigns every month, you’ll likely need to upgrade. But, your website will cover the cost of that easily through ads.

Or, if you’re just using it for a standard company, the return of growth is immense. can save your team hours of labor finding e-mails and get those connections built so you can start increasing your revenue every month.

The free plan allows you to get 50 leads every month (you won’t always need to find an e-mail- keep in mind) and 50 verifications every month.

The Pricing is Very Fair For Bigger Websites

Once the ball starts really rolling and your website is making more money through ads or your small business has secured a few deals, you’ll likely want to launch a few more campaigns every month right?

Well, the pricing is actually very fair.

First of all, you can add unlimited members under your plan. So if you’re a business owner you can add everybody in your team to the plan and everybody shares the same quota. This way you don’t have to spend money on each person, it’s all a team effort.

The Pricing Options Are Fairly Wide

You get a ton of options, here’s an image. review pricing. review pricing.

Basically, it goes up in a way that incentivizes you to pick the more expensive option as you get more bang for your buck. But, it really all depends on the size of your team and how much you can get done every month.

My Advice

Right away, 500 searches a month will run you about $50 a month. 2500 searches a month will run you $100 a month.

If I were you, pick the second option for $100 a month. Then order your outreach team to just put in overdrive work and put all of their focus into leads and marketing that month. Then, I would cancel the subscription and focus on those leads if you haven’t had the time to manage all of them.

If your team is good enough to get all of those quotas met, and make all those connections in that one month, give them a raise as you’re going to be making a BIG return on that investment.

There’s also yearly options which dramatically cut the price month-to-month. Helped Immensely in My Latest Campaign

I recently launched a campaign to try and build some backlinks for this website.

A critical part in the process is reaching out to other website owners in the industry. It’s not easy to reach these website owners at anything other than e-mail, as contact forms are generally useless and their social media handles give a grim chance of response.

And even when it comes to a small business, trying to make a business deal with other companies that might be across the country or even the world can lead to futile results when you try and find their e-mail.

So, I had all the websites I wanted to contact in a simple Google Sheets form.

Then, if I went to the website and I couldn’t find an e-mail quickly, I just slammed it into and clicked submit.

But, there’s an even bigger reason you need to use…

It Can Even Find E-Mails Hidden in The Website.

More often than not, the owner’s email for the website is hidden somewhere in the website. For instance, it may be hidden inside of a css file, a now broken HTML contact form, or maybe it’s just in some broken code on the front page.

Most of the time, the owner intends for their e-mail to be public, but the script for it breaks.

Recently, Google has been pushing webmasters to try and push for web speeds under 2 seconds. So, many people have been testing ways to lower their page speed by minifying JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etcetera.

While this can help speed up the website load time, many of the old contact forms that used JavaScript or CSS to show the e-mail are now broken. is able to see the entire code of the page, and even outdated code to find an e-mail address for you.

There were countless times I endlessly scanned a page (and I’m good at getting e-mails), went through multiple tabs, read through tons of useless content on the person’s site over 30 minutes- just to find nothing…and just for to give me the e-mail in 2 seconds.’s AWESOME E-mail/Campaign Feature

I’ve been one to hate most e-mail/campaign managers (think of MailChimp or similar). Most of them are grossly expensive, give bad features, and often have terrible support.

Not to mention how much time it takes to import those e-mail addresses, try and format things like FIRST NAME and LAST NAME because usually, these e-mail/campaign managers can’t even recognize a Microsoft Excel file half of the time.

So, had a genius idea (which is still new at the time of writing this).

“Why not just let them send e-mails and launch campaigns from after they’ve found their e-mail addresses from our site?”.

A million-dollar idea really. Whenever you find an e-mail on, you can quickly add it to your leads list with one click, now you can send an e-mail campaign in one click as well.

They’ve Actually Designed It Really Well, Better Than Most E-Mail Managers

Gosh, I hate how complicated it is for most e-mail managers to just send an e-mail.

And has absolutely nailed it. There’s no random fluff or stupid features, they are straight forward.

You get to send an e-mail, get tracking features to see if they’ve opened it, you have trackling links, you can send an automatic follow-up e-mail, and it will automatically send it to the lead lists you’ve developed.

Plus, they don’t have a whole bunch of weird rules or systems. It’s very simple, you type a message, and it goes out to all of those leads.

The whole phrase “Keep it simple stupid” is a perfect representation of what has done. I was able to send a very brief and informative e-mail to everybody on my leads list and it worked well.

I got quick and informative responses, and was able to send out e-mails in mass.

A phrase you’ll learn quickly in any sales/marketing job is, “it’s not about the people you ask, it’s about how MANY people you ask”.

And does a FANTASTIC job of that.

Bottom Line? You NEED Hunter.Io

From anything your website or business may do, just makes it a billion times easier.

And no, this review isn’t sponsored or anything.

Overall, is a great website that can cut down hours on finding leads, setting up campaigns, and getting those e-mails out that can save tons of money on labor but also generate tons of revenue.

Personally for Vekhayn it saved me 4-6 hours on my first small campaign of just 50 people. Imagine if you are looking to target 500-1000 people on a single campaign, you can easily shave off 30-45 hours just by using, and those leads can generate thousands of dollars.

So, I recommend trying it out. You have nothing to lose, and it helped Vekhayn grow a lot.

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