Is Credit Karma Instant Karma Legit? (YES!)

Credit Karma has been doing a lot recently to expand their website from more than just a ‘free credit score checker’.

With this, they’ve released a new debit card and banking system, promoting this feature called: “Instant Karma”. Everytime you swipe your debit card, you have a chance of getting your purchase reimbursed completely. The goal is to replace the ‘cashback’ on Credit Cards and help people avoid debt- it’s a cool idea and I love it.

But, is Credit Karma’s Instant Karma Legit?

Yes, Credit Karma’s Instant Karma is legit! In fact, I have been reimbursed on purchases myself. My fiance and I went shopping at the mall the other day and got reimbursed for $7.49 after we bought some shorts that were on sale. Here’s a picture of it:

Credit Karma Instant Karma is legit!'s author Tommy shows a purchase he got reimbursed on.
Credit Karma Instant Karma is legit!’s author Tommy shows a purchase he got reimbursed on.

Honestly that was on the second day of using the card, we only had it for the past 4 days. That’s a pretty good ‘Instant Karma’ chance if you ask me. And in my opinion, beats out a lot of Credit Card cashback offers. That $8 right there is the equivalent of spending $800 on a 1% cashback Credit Card, so it’s definitely better than a Credit Card.

Let’s talk about this a little more in depth.

What is Credit Karma Instant Karma?

Credit Karma Instant Karma is a program that randomly refunds your whole purchase when you use Credit Karma’s new debit card.

I really like the new Credit Karma spend account, they are revolutionizing bank accounts with no fees, more FDIC insurance, and things like Instant Karma.

Now, again, when you use your Credit Karma debit card, you just have a chance to get the whole thing refunded. But get this- there’s no limit- nothing.

There’s No Limit

You may be thinking ‘ah, there has to be some limit of $5 or something, right?’.

No, I’ve even seen some people get refunded $130- they list the Instant Karma’s publicly. It shows the first name and the state they are from, here’s a picture for example:

A $300 Instant Karma Winner that saw listed publicly.
A $300 Instant Karma Winner that saw listed publicly.

Plus, there’s not a set amount of times you can get it per day or anything. It’s honestly just a random chance.

I Personally Got Reimbursed from Credit Karma Instant Karma

Look, I’m not just writing this article because I thought it was a cool concept- I MYSELF, Tommy- CEO of Vekhayn- personally got reimbursed from Credit Karma Instant Karma!

My fiance and I went out shopping at the mall, and she spends all the money (obviously my other half wanted to buy every outfit she saw lol)- but we actually got reimbursed for a purchase we made that was roughly $8.

Sure, it wasn’t much- but we were surprised that we got it so early. It was our second day with the card, and really the first day we ever made any purchases on it.

It was crazy that we already got $8 back, because it really is better than most Credit Card cashback offers.

Sure, the cashback can be more reliable, but Credit Karma has already given me basically $400 worth of Cashback on a 2% card- and high cashback Credit Cards are hard to get for a lot of people.

And like I said, there isn’t really a limit on when or how you get reimbursed. So- it’s possible that you could buy a new PS5, and get the whole thing for free.

The Bottom Line? It’s Legit!

It’s a pretty good program, and it is legit. This isn’t any scam or anything- and definitely pays off more than most Cashback Credit Cards.

I wonder how credit card companies will react to this program, as it is unusual for most debit cards to have a ‘cashback’ program. I am glad Credit Karma did this, it was about time that they gave the Credit Card companies a good shake up.

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