Is Kinguin Legit? (Yes! From a trusted source)

Let me keep it 100% honest with you- I’m not rich. In fact, I don’t have a ton of money at all. This is why I got into PC gaming, because it is actually cheaper, especially with sites like G2A/Kinguin!

So, I’ve always resorted to sites like G2A or Kinguin to get my games. So here is the truthful, unbiased answer, from a trusted source.

Is Kinguin Legit? Yes! In fact, I have redeemed multiple triple-A games like Just Cause 3, the Borderlands series, the Witcher series, and most of my steam library comes from discounted Kinguin keys. And yes, I do live in the United States! Truth is, I just don’t have a lot of money to be throwing at games, and Kinguin has seriously helped me out.

Is Kinguin Legit meme by Vekhayn? (Yes, I'm sick of pretending Kinguin isn't great. That website has saved me and my friends so much money, it gets hated for NO reason)
Is Kinguin Legit meme by Vekhayn? (Yes, I’m sick of pretending Kinguin isn’t great. That website has saved me and my friends so much money, it gets hated for NO reason)

Let’s discuss why kinguin is legit, how to make sure you get a working key, and what to do if your key isn’t working. (Kinguin support is actually phenomenal if you’re nice!)

Is Kinguin Legit? Yes! It is, and I'm tired of people saying it isn't.
Is Kinguin Legit? Yes! It is, and I’m tired of people saying it isn’t.

Yes, Kinguin is Legit, I Buy Most of My Games From There

Backstory, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while- you’ll know I’m not the richest kid out there.

But, I love playing video games. And I mean, who doesn’t. If you’ve seen my favorite video games page, you’ll know that I tend to play the standard Triple-A titles, I’m not a big ‘indie game’ guy. But, those games are mad expensive!

Most of my games have come from Kinguin, here’s a list:

  • Fallout 4
  • Just Cause III
  • Witcher 3
  • Witcher 2
  • Witcher 1
  • Borderlands 3
  • Borderlands 2
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
  • Civilization V
  • Civilization VI
  • Bioshock Infinite, Bioshock 2,
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • XCOM 2

Most of those games are going to usually be 1/6th of the price. Which even then, I’m not sure how some of those game developers even charge that much for some things.

Trying to sell me Bioshock 1 for $60 on the Steam Store? WHAT? The game barely even works on PC, and it’s been out for over 13 years. When I played Bioshock 1, the game crashed over 200 times while I attempted to get through the story. And they wanted me to pay $60 for a 15-year-old game that they don’t even try to fix???

I don’t know, I’m just a simple guy that likes playing games. But I don’t get a lot of time too since I’m usually at work.

And let’s keep it 100 here- there’s no reason Bioshock 1 should be $60 on Steam considering its age and how it runs.

Thankfully, on Kinguin I got it for literally $1.75.

So, Will I Be Able To Play The Game?

Yes. These websites aren’t scams, and they’ve been around for nearly a decade now. And many of them sponsor top YouTubers and gaming websites around the world.

The truth is, these websites make millions of sales- and if they weren’t reputable, they wouldn’t exist nor be as big as they are.

And if Kinguin was really a scam, you would’ve seen billions of articles talking about how they scam, rather than the tons of articles talking about how great they are.

So, yes you will be able to play the game. And no, you won’t be getting your Steam account banned or the game revoked after one day.

It’s a game key, the developer made it. You can’t just generate game keys out of thin air or guess them, the developer makes them.

So, yes, these keys are legitimate and are made by the person who made the game.

But Tommy, I Heard ALL The Keys Are Fraud/Stolen?

Yeah, I don’t know why the hivemind of PC gaming says this. It’s not true.

First of all, the same people saying this are the same people getting $50,000 deals and free NVIDIA cards. They have never used Kinguin/G2A nor really care to do any research.

(And just so you’re aware: I’m not rich, I run a GTX 1060 and an i5-6600, a processor nearly 6 years old!)

The Far Cry 4 Incident Explained

There was an incident that happened a few years ago with the release of Far Cry 4. Basically, someone had stolen a credit card, purchased all the keys, then resold them on a site called G2A. G2A is very similar to Kinguin.

Because of this, those keys were revoked after the credit card holder filed a chargeback. (That’s the nice thing about credit cards, you won’t ever have to pay for unauthorized charges)

So, yes, those keys were revoked. But, G2A immediately offered refunds to all people that had lost their Far Cry 4 Game because of it. So those people that lost their Far Cry 4 keys lost no money, they were refunded instantly by G2A.

And Kinguin extends the same protection.

A Lot Of The Keys Are Sold By Game Developers

But overall, a majority of those keys DO NOT come from stolen credit cards or whatever. Many of them are people just reselling keys from humble bundles, a birthday gift, or they just had an extra key lying around.

But something that may surprise you is that many of those keys are actually sold by game developers.

It does make sense for developers to sell keys at a discounted rate. If people aren’t going to spend $60 for their game, they may be more inclined to spend $20 instead.

At the end of the day, the developer decides if they want to make a $0 profit or a $20 profit. It costs them nothing to sell the game that is already created, so it’s better to take the $20 profit- as they do not sell at a loss.

It’s one of those things about developing games, once it’s complete, you can sell it for literally $1 and still be turning a profit, interesting stuff.

Is Kinguin Legit For Windows Keys?

A ton of people recommend Kinguin for windows keys. And yes, Kinguin is legit in that regard. Kinguin will give you windows keys that work and activate your windows fully.

Although, I’m not sure how important this is. Recently, Windows has made changes to the operating system that allow you to have basically full functionality without paying for Windows. So, I don’t think you really need to pay for Windows anymore in 2020, considering it is completely usable without it.

(This is different than in the past where Windows would lock you out, Windows no longer does this. You can still use your computer for everything with no downsides)

My Kinguin Key Didn’t Work, What Should I Do?

In the event your Kinguin key doesn’t work, just contact support and they will get a new one for your right away!

Simply just contact their support over live chat or e-mail, tell them what happened, and they will get you a refund or working key right away.

You don’t “need” the Kinguin shield either. If the key doesn’t work Kinguin will happily provide you a refund. They have great customer service!

How To Avoid Getting a Bad Key on Kinguin

On Kinguin before checkout you’re able to review who you’re buying the key from.

It’s simple as just scrolling down, they will have a list of different sellers, their prices, and ratings.

I NEVER buy from a seller with less than 1-10 ratings/sale. That’s just kind of asking to be scammed. Or if they have less than 4 stars, it’s a no-go.

I know it’s tough on new sellers, but new sellers will be able to quickly get their reputation up regardless since barely anybody uses this strategy.

This will reduce the chance you get a bad key, as the seller is more reputable. You’re more likely to be scammed by someone with no order history that’s selling a key.

Although, the contradiction to that statement is that someone might just be trying to sell a key they’ve had lying around. In that case, you might be getting a phenomenal deal.

Either way, I recommend looking at the seller’s profile, ratings, price, and making a good decision there.

Personally, I’ve spent $5 more on a key that a reputable seller was selling rather than a new one. But, regardless- if the key doesn’t work, Kinguin will offer a refund.

Conclusion of Is Kinguin Legit

Yes, kinguin is legit! I have used them for years, and truthfully, they’re a great website to buy games for cheap from. Definitely check them out here, and start saving money!

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