League of Legends Intentional Feeder List – Vekhayn

League of Legends Intentional Feeder List

I hate intentional feeders in my game. I’m sure you do too.

Here is a list of INTENTIONAL FEEDERS. This isn’t a list of people who had a bad game, these are people that intentionally troll.

If you see anyone on this list, just dodge the game. I know Riot doesn’t do a good job at actually banning these guys, so I made my own list.

Again, these are people that have literally intentionally fed, not just a ‘bad game’.

If you find someone that intentionally feeds, I’d love to add them to this list. Just submit a comment with some form of proof (ie: a screenshot of them inting).

I’m hoping someone can find a way to automate this into a bot that checks if someone on your team is a confirmed intentional feeder. Or I’m hoping that Riot sees this list and does something and bans these people.

I know some summoners have a thing that tells them automatically if they’re on this list. If you’re on this list and you keep getting people dodging every game, this is why.

Thank you, and good luck on the rift.

The List

  • fxuk1
  • HeisenI3erg
  • GersonV78
  • IFearPuggly
  • Døn Quixøte
  • rushbcyka
  • Hegemonyyahoo
  • PPOny
  • FriedZucchini
  • timmywoo69
  • ºDmtTrashTeam
  • Dnivrah
  • FillingTrain
  • NewbieGod
  • Deonysuss
  • AnkleKershmankle
  • ProCrafter92
  • ThisTeamIsTrash
  • carmangos
  • Soulessblur
  • wolfleader623
  • TåĘ
  • steFRANKin
  • Denotatum
  • Eadareet
  • givemealIfarm
  • Noxiosus
  • getoffurbad
  • TimdM
  • DeadGG
  • KiriNyaa
  • 1dlee
  • wkowko
  • Pale Face
  • Brahman
  • Scottyzzz
  • Fidlesticks otp
  • calianchoi
  • radek371
  • DoodlerBalls
  • crime criminal
  • flodA reltiH
  • Łúst
  • Gryff1nd0r14
  • Whiskey Cola
  • Kittyrufies
  • EDBrplayer
  • PlusRespec
  • Max X xaM
  • butsten
  • mbhogue
  • PorkCutletJin
  • Yipsi
  • Eliiiiiiii04
  • Paintbeast45
  • 6Foot5ServiceDom