Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review

You may have seen these crazy cookies displayed in stores everywhere. As a bodybuilder, it is time for me to give my Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review. I have been eating these for a long time, and have very strong opinions on just about everything in these cookies.

Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookies Review
Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookies Review

Today we will be answering your question if you should buy these protein cookies, and give a full review of the product.

About Lenny and Larrys

Lenny and Larrys is a fairly old company, existing since September 18th, 1993. The story goes that the two owners of the company named Benny and Barry were total gymrats. They state that the owners were sick of eating the same old to get protein (which I can agree with), so they envisioned adding protein to unhealthy food and making it healthy!

In 1994 the company started to grain some traction, and started selling at Whole Foods (which is a fairly big leap). Their first products were protein muffins.

In 2001 Benny left the company, then Barry sold the company because Benny left.

Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review Pile of Cookies
Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review Pile of Cookies

The Owner Comes Back?

2007 comes around (around the same time Vigilant started his first blog about Club Penguin) and Barry regrets leaving, so he starts a partnership with the company and launches a muscle brownie, which unsurprisingly, took off.

After many years, 2013 rolls around and they start redesigning their cookie, which is what we will be reviewing today.

2016 comes around and the company is fairly famous and sells to many retailers you can find anywhere, this is also when Vigilant starts taking an interest in health and fitness and would soon discover this protein cookie in stores shortly under a year later.

Now that we know a bit more about this company, how do their cookies compare to their interesting story?

Nutrition – Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review

As I say in every single food review, I am a bodybuilder, and if this food had horrible macros, I would have NO business eating it.

Earlier, we learned in the beginning of this lenny and larrys the complete cookie review that the two bodybuilders Benny and Barry wanted to eat junk food with protein in it. Hopefully these have good macros then right? Lets take a look at the nutrition label.

Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review Nutrition
Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review Nutrition
  • Total Calories: 420 calories
  • Total Fat: 12g of fat
  • Total Carbohydrates: 59g of cabrohydrates
  • Total Protein: 16g of protein
  • Grams of Sugar: 12g of sugar
  • Sodium Content: 230mg of sodium
  • Cholesterol: 0mg of cholesterol.

Looking at the nutrition values on this cookie, it seems alright. It’s nothing too crazy, but it still holds its own. 16g of protein is nothing to be scoffed at, nor marveled over.

However, what I think is important to note in this lenny and larrys the complete cookie review is that these cookies are actually fairly massive. They are not small cookies by any means.

I find this very surprising, because if you look at the obesity epidemic of the United States, oreos are very small and pack 160 calories for 3 of those bite sized cookies. The Lenny and Larrys complete cookie is by no means small at all.

Consider How Full The Cookies Will Make You

I think that is very important to note because, while this cookie may have 400 calories and decent macros, it will make you more full than if you ate the equivalent of this in chips ahoy or even McDonald’s cookies.

Here is a comparison of the nutrition in a Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie versus three McDonald’s Cookies. Three McDonald’s cookies is roughly the same size as one Lenny and Larrys cookie, so take a look at the health benefits you get from eating the Lenny and Larry’s cookie.

Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie (1) McDonald’s Cookies (3)
Calories: 420 Calories: 480
Carbohydrates: 59g Carbohydrates: 66g
Fat: 12g Fat: 21g
Protein: 16g Protein: 6g

There is a huge difference there! Although the Lenny and Larrys cookie isn’t too far off from the McDonald’s option, you get so much more protein and will feel so much fuller from eating the protein cookie as compared to McDonald’s unhealthy cookies.


What Are In The Cookies? – Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review

While the nutrition may look stellar, what if all that was in the cookies were poisonous chemicals?

According to Lenny and Larrys website, their cookies are super healthy and comply to many diets including being vegan friendly. There are “no animal products here!” according to Lenny & Larrys.

Lenny and Larrys boasts a whopping 10g of fiber per cookie, to aid digestion.

Additionally, 16g of plant protein found in every cookie lets those that do not like their protein coming from animal sources for political or moral reasons can feel safe consuming the snack.

Also, no genetically modified organisms are used in producing the cookie, and while GMOs are still a controversial topic, regardless of your view point you can consume the cookie without worry.

Finally, Lenny and Larrys claim that their cookies are all baked. If you like baked chewy cookies like me, you should enjoy this cookie very much!

Taste – Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review

The taste of Lenny and Larrys cookies is awesome!

Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review Cookies
Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review Cookies

There are many different flavors, but overall they are very good. The cookies are very moist and soft, something I love. Personally, I cannot STAND crunchy cookies, but if you do, they just released a product line of it on their website https://www.lennylarry.com.

Each cookie is not overly sweet, but it’s still there. This is perfect, because it reminds you that you’re not eating a “protein” cookie, but it feels more like a normal cookie.

Freshness Plays a BIG Factor!

What I have found is that if you’re able to get a “fresh batch” of these cookies from the store, you’re going to have the most success. Usually if you bite into these and they taste bad, the store has had them there for a while. This is actually fairly common because Lenny and Larrys is still a new company, and not many people are overwhelmingly buying their products, especially if you live in the middle of nowhere like me.

I recommend drinking some milk with these cookies, as it definitely adds to the taste of them. (If you think milk isn’t good for you, it’s time for you to learn why that’s a myth: https://vekhayn.com/is-drinking-milk-really-that-good-for-you/ ). Plus, it ups the protein you get with these cookies!

I think sometimes the cookies can taste bad if they’re really stale. Sometimes you can just really taste the protein in them and it almost ruins the product, but if you get them really fresh then these cookies are like heaven on earth.


These cookies are SUPER convenient to carry ANYWHERE. They are all individually packaged, allowing you to toss these in your lunch box or gym bag. Look at this wrapping!

Lenny and Larrys TPeanut Butter
Lenny and Larrys Review Peanut Butter

The packaging is super easy to tear open without damaging the cookie, says what flavor you have (something I hate about poptarts, they don’t say what flavor which poptart is), tell you the nutrition for each cookie so you can help track your macros, and have a beautiful design on the front.

Many protein bars I eat usually have bad packaging that doesn’t make it look that appetizing, but Lenny and Larrys must’ve had one of the best graphic design teams in the world, because the packaging jumps out at you and MAKES you want to eat it.

These cookies are big enough that they fill you up, but small enough to easily be carried around for a perfect after gym snack, pre-workout snack, or mid-day snack in general.

Best Flavors

Lenny and Larrys has many, many, many different flavors for their cookies. No really, look at their website: https://www.lennylarry.com/shop/complete-cookie. I would list them all here, but it would probably be over half of this post.

The problem is for me, I do live in the middle of nowhere Minnesota, so the flavors I am able to purchase are limited. However, they just started selling the Peanut Butter flavor, so I can review that for you. While I encourage you to browse their website a bit and find what flavors may be appetizing to you, I can definitely review the only four flavors they sell within a 25 mile radius of my house and tell you which one is best.

#1 – Snickerdoodle

Lenny and Larrys Snickerdoodle
Lenny and Larrys Snickerdoodle

I have not had snickerdoodle in a while because they actually stopped selling it in my area a few months ago. However, I used to HATE snickerdoodle cookies, but I was running late to work one day after wrestling practice and stopped in at a local gas station and picked up the only flavor they had. There is definitely a reason these guys are known for their snickerdoodle flavor. This cookie tasted like heaven, just covered in cinnamon it made me fall in love with this company as it was the first flavor I ever tried and got me so hooked I kept buying.

#2 – Double Chocolate

Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review Double Chocolate
Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review Double Chocolate

This was tough, between Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate I had to really think. I think double chocolate does take the #2 spot though. It is chocolately heaven with this cookie, it fills your sweet tooth and your muscles after your workout while tasting heavenly. All of these cookies taste really good for no reason. I really like it when I am able to find a protein cookie or food item that helps me have a cheat meal without tossing my macros completely out the window.

#3 – Chocolate Chip

Lenny and Larrys Chocolate Chip
Lenny and Larrys Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip is my favorite flavor of cookies in general, so I was a tiny bit disappointed when I tried it from Lenny & Larrys. This seems to be a general consensus across the web from what I’ve read. While chocolate chip isn’t horrible, they should definitely in my opinion revisit the recipe a bit. It’s again by no means bad, but it could be way better. At this point in time it’s not my #1 pick anymore, especially if Double Chocolate is there.

#4 – Peanut Butter

Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review Peanut Butter
Lenny and Larrys The Complete Cookie Review Peanut Butter

Peanut butter was a new one I tried. For me, I had a weird love/hate relationship with it. I don’t like peanut butter cookies that much in general, but I love peanut butter. I don’t hate peanut butter cookies, but I just don’t think peanut butter was really meant for cookies, y’know? However, they did do a VERY stellar job creating this cookie. It was very smooth and tasting, however I did not like the tiny bits of peanuts they put within the cookie. I think if they removed that it would be much higher on my list, but some people may love that there are peanuts pieces in the cookie. It’s definitely a solid choice, and if you like peanut butter cookies, this one will definitely make you fall in love with the company!


Lenny and Larrys while a company that has been around a while. They are starting to take off and hit the market with crazy new products that all of us bodybuilders LOVE! They keep growing and working on their products! I have seen some of these changes in the past few years as I have been purchasing their product.

I recommend you head over to your store and buying them! They are pretty cheap, usually sold individually for around $1.50 at stores. And, they make for a great snack anywhere and anytime. Tell me in the comments if you’ve had these before and what your favorite flavor is! Also, it may be cheaper on Amazon, so I recommend you check some of the flavors out on there.

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  1. I tried the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie from CVS Pharmacy. It’s very good. I’ll try the chocolate chip cookie the next time.


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