Planet Fitness Hydromassage – What is it?

If you’ve been working out at planet fitness for a while, you may have seen the planet fitness hydromassage machine. It looks super cool and has a lot of health benefits with it!

According to Planet Fitness, it can help your sleep, boost your workouts, and reduce stress. But there is so much more to this awesome machine, so let’s cover it!

What IS The Planet Fitness Hydromassage?

The planet fitness hydromassage is kind of what it sounds like, a water massage bed.

You simply lay down on it, and you use the small touchscreen to activate it. Then it slowly glides water under you in the bed to massage you. Here’s a video of it in action!

It’s available in Planet Fitness gyms across the world. The massage usually takes around 10 minutes, but you can adjust the time and modes of the hydromassage while you’re on it.

Whenever you’re done, just hit the stop button and get off.

So if you’re wondering how does planet fitness hydromassage work. it’s simple. You just lay down, and it massages you with jets!

Planet Fitness Hydromassage Benefits

As much of a critic of Planet Fitness as I am. I can fully agree that there are tons of planet fitness hydromassage benefits.

I mean, it’s not some weird gimmick Planet FItness is trying to sell. Who hasn’t felt more relaxed after a good massage?

Here are some benefits everybody can get instantly:

  • It provides relief for pains and aches. This is super helpful if your muscles are sore after a workout.
  • Complete relaxation. You can just lay back and enjoy the massage.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Relieves muscle soreness & knots in your muscles. If you have a stiff muscle, this is the perfect thing.
  • Improved sleep. Some studies show participants slept better. This is likely due to improved blood circulation.

Also, who doesn’t like a massage? There are no downsides to just relaxing and getting a nice massage. Massages have been around since the dawn of time, and we know nothing bad happens to you if you get one.

Planet Fitness Hydromassage bed from a side angle.

Planet Fitness Hydromassage Review

Many people are unsure if they want to try the hydromassage! I personally recommend everybody tries it.

First of all, there’s literally no downside to using it other than a few minutes of your time lost. But the benefits exceed all of those negatives.

Regardless of the science to it, everybody loves a good massage. It’s relaxing and a great way to relax/unwind after your workout. I mean seriously, after stressing your muscles that hard, what’s better than just laying back and getting massaged?

Plus if you’re like me and don’t want to bug a worker about it, you don’t. It has a simple touchscreen to use, so you can leave your AirPods in and just relax.

What About Planet Fitness Hydromassage Bed Cellulite

Cellulite is herniation of fat that appears on the skin. It appears mainly in postpubescent females. Many people do not like cellulite on the skin, but some don’t mind it.

So what about the planet fitness hydromassage bed cellulite, and how can it reduce it?

Well according to, Secrets of Female Beauty, the planet fitness hydromassage bed can fix cellulite!

Secrets of Female Beauty says due to poor blood circulation, cellulite forms. Using the hydromassage bed can boost blood circulation to these areas.

Also, it can help the body remove toxins and old fat cells. Which is also a huge plus. I mean seriously, are there any downsides to the hydromassage bed? I’m surprised nobody really talks about it.

Hydromassage Bed Planet Fitness Cost

The Hydromassage Bed Planet Fitness Cost is free with black card membership. Black card membership is only $22 a month!

There is no limit to how often you can use the hydromassage bed per month.

If I were you, try to do it 1-2 times a day at most. And be courteous to other people in the gym. If you’re using it for hours on end, let other people use it in between sets.

To use the planet fitness hydromassage it’s easy! You just go up to the front desk, sign your name down, and the staff will let you in.

Hydromassage on Stomach?

Many people are wondering if it’s okay to use the hydromassage on stomach? What are some benefits to it?

As far as we know, there’s no disadvantage or advantage to using the hydromassage on stomach.

There are no real health problems with hydro massaging the stomach. Personally, if it feels better for you, do it. I like laying on my stomach on the hydromassage because personally I just sleep on my stomach. So, it works for me!

However, if you suffer from stomach ulcers or other problems like that, I would avoid it.

Plus, if you’re pregnant it may be worth it to avoid it, especially in later stages of the pregnancy.

So to recap, if you like how it feels, do it! But if you have some stomach conditions or pregnancy, it may be worth it to avoid it.

Does Hydromassage Help With Weight Loss

Does hydromassage help with weight loss? An excellent question asked by thousands daily. The truth is, yes, but indirectly.

A source online called Infrafit states every use of the hydromassage burns 300 calories, however, I am going to slam them for that right now. They have no scientific proof, no sources, no references, nothing proving the hydromassage burns 300 calories.

I mean seriously, 300 calories is like 30 minutes of running at 6-10mph for most people.

There is no way sitting on a bed for 10 minutes burns 300 calories. Not only do they not have proof, but it also doesn’t make sense.

However, the hydromassage can help you lose weight. First of all, the hydromassage can help reduce stress and calm you down.

Many people that suffer from weight problems have a ton of stress. It makes sense, people stress eat because when you eat your body releases calming hormones.

Evolutionarily speaking, this is because your body thinks if you’re eating, you are safe from predators.

If you’re calm or relaxed, you’re less likely to eat, reducing your caloric intake every day.

Plus, if you’re laying there massaging, it may stop you from going to binge after your workout. Personally, after a good workout, I am slumped!

The massage lets me unwind a little bit and calm down my insane hunger urges.

Finally, this time is just a great time for you to have some alone time. This is something many of us need, especially with how busy our lives can get dedicating 2-3 hours of a day to fitness.

How Often Should You Hydromassage?

Now that you’re as big of a fan as I am for the planet fitness hydromassage, let’s answer the most popular question.

How often should you hydromassage?

And is there any downside to hydromassaging often?

According to the Mayo Clinic, yes there are some downsides to using the planet fitness hydromassage too often. But, for 99% of people, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Usually, there are no health risks unless you have some other pre-existing health condition.

The big ones to look out for are:

  • Degenerative Disc Diseases, like a herniated disc.
  • Current injuries like a broken bone.
  • AIDS/Other extreme infections.
  • Open wounds on the body, it’d be really bad to bleed all over the thing.
  • Blood clotting disorders. The water can cause clots to get stronger or bust suddenly, both aren’t good.
  • Cardiac/nervous system conditions.

So, in general, you’re fine. But the manufacturer of the planet fitness hydromassage machine recommends only 15 minutes of use a day.

Plus, you don’t need to use it much longer, 15 minutes of it does incredible work already.

Planet Fitness Hydromassage Rules

Okay, yeah this thing is awesome, but what are the planet fitness hydromassage rules? Are the staff going to start screaming if you’re on it too long?

Well, the rules aren’t that complicated.

Planet Fitness asks that if you’re bringing a guest, that they don’t use the hydromassage.

This is because the hydromassage and total body enhancement are supposed to be for black cardmembers only. If your buddy has a black card membership, then they can use it.

Also, all guests must be 18 or over, or 13 if they have a parent/guardian with them.

Plus, you need to be 18 or older to use the hydromassage for liability reasons.

Other than that, just don’t goof around and use it maturely. You can use it as many times as you’d like every day. But please be respectful to others trying to use it.

Planet Fitness Hydromassage Coupon

Many people look for a planet fitness hydromassage coupon, or a way to discount their black card membership.

Truth is, there aren’t that many discounts. I mean Planet Fitness being $20 a month to get the black card membership is insanely low already. Most commercial gyms will cost $50-60/month.

However, they do have seasonal sales and discounts here and there. Just google active planet fitness coupons or search Reddit communities for them.

The tough thing is, they change all the time, so I can’t really link any coupons here.

But, I’m sure you’ll find some and get to that planet fitness hydromassage fast!

Which Planet Fitness Locations Have Hydromassage?

This is probably the most common question asked. Which planet fitness locations have hydromassage?

Well, the thing is, it varies by location. Not every planet fitness is required to have it.

Just call up your local planet fitness and ask if they have it. Your black card membership lets you go to any planet fitness, so just go to a different one if your home place doesn’t have it.

Planet Fitness Hydromassage vs Massage Chair

Many people wonder what to use and what’s better, the good old planet fitness hydromassage vs massage chair battle.

The truth is, it’s really up to personal preference. They both have the same benefits and are similar.

For me, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I just want to lay on my back and let the hydromassage take over, sometimes I’m in more of a sitting mood.

Regardless, there’s virtually no difference in them. They both provide great relaxing benefits and calm anxiety/stress down.


Overall, the planet fitness hydromassage is an awesome tool to use after your workout.

With no downsides and just a great way to relax and recover, why aren’t you using it?

So head on down to your Planet Fitness, and start hydromassaging!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve hydromassaged before, and if you like it!

7 thoughts on “Planet Fitness Hydromassage – What is it?”

  1. I use the bed about 4 times a week. I only go to Planet Fitness for that…. nothing else. I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy. ALL symptoms are gone. No more numb feet, legs, no tingling. I’m 67. My 84 yr old mother has it as well…. but won’t give it a try. Her QUALITY of life would be greatly affected.

    • Ms.Paradise,

      Thank you for commenting. I am glad to hear that this alleviated your symptoms! My mother actually suffers from peripheral nueropathy as well in her feet, and I wonder if this will actually help her. I am going to encourage her to give it a try. Thank you for your comment, it may have just helped my mom immensely too.

      I hope your mom eventually tries the hydromassage out, I think it would be good for her!


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