Should You Be Freeballing At The Gym? (Probably not- Here’s why)

Many people across the world ‘freeball’- or more commonly said as, “going commando”.

Freeballing is the act of not wearing underwear at the gym. So, should you be freeballing at the gym?

Probably not. Freeballing at the gym will often cause chafing or cause pain in your nether regions if you decide to go for a jog. Furthermore, many gyms have strict policies that their members need to have their private regions hidden- and you may lose your membership permanently if you are freeballing.

Ultimately, if you have to be freeballing at the gym, wear something like sweatpants (read: Should I workout in boots?) that will cover your legs so the other people in the gym can’t see it. But, be careful as you run the risk of injuring yourself if you go for a run or drop a dumbbell in the wrong place!

Should I Be Freeballing at The Gym?
Should I Be Freeballing at The Gym?

Freeballing May Result In Injuries To Your Gems

As guys, we all know- we never want our crown gems to be injured. It’s pain that none of us ever want to imagine.

But, the truth is, freeballing may result in injuries to your gems.

Now you may be saying, I freeball all the time and never get injured- trust me.

Well, the problem is, the gym is way different. Here’s why:

Free Weights WILL Hit Your Junk

If you’ve been in the gym long enough, you’ll inevitably stub your toe against a free weight or even drop a free weight on your thing here or there.

The thing is, when you are wearing underwear, your junk is more-or-less in the same place. And we naturally develop an instinct to make sure the weight doesn’t go there.

When you do barbell rows, deadlifts, curls- whatever may have anything coming in that zone- we instinctively make sure that weight doesn’t go in that center area of our body.

But, when you’re freeballing, you have the potential for your junk to move around randomly. You need to also consider the fact that you may be moving quickly when you are doing exercises in the gym.

For instance, a deadlift may result in you doing reps very rapidly- as if you do them slow you may fail the lift.

The last thing you want to have happen is you slamming a deadlift max and then pinching your family jewels (which have moved rapidly in the past second) with a 300 lb barbell. Remember, what comes up- must come down. So you get essentially double the pain.

And then you can end up causing a chain reaction- you quickly drop the deadlift and it lands on your foot, now you’re going to the ER.

Running is Tougher, Your Junk Will Smack Around

Not a ton of people have actually done some serious cardio while freeballing. When you do this- your junk has a tendency to move around forcefully.

Now, if you’re pretty used to it, it’s usually not an issue. (I mean, how else would our ancestors have chased down animals all day?)

But, if you aren’t used to it, it can HURT. Like, really bad. One time in PE class I forgot underwear and we had a mile run that day- it was pretty brutal for me and my manhood afterward.

This may be something you want to consider. If you’re having an intense cardio day, don’t be freeballing.

Also, It Can Smell Bad

One of the reasons people wear underwear (that people often forget about) is that it helps mask the scent and smell of whatever is going on down there.

From all the sweat- and other gross, disturbing liquids- underwear helps keep it all contained.

So, that’s another downside of freeballing. While in general activities it may not be an issue, when you’re actively exercising and working up a sweat, it’s a whole different story.

Gyms Usually Have Strict Policies Against This

Okay, if you open up your gym’s rules, it won’t specifically say, “Men cannot freeball”. But basically, all gyms will have policies requiring men and women to wear underwear/cover their private bits from other people in the gym.

So, let’s say you’re freeballing in the gym with shorts and you want to bench press. You think everything is fine until someone else looks at you and sees your junk.

Unfortunately, not to be rude- but many people at the gym are just there to work out and are not that interested in seeing your manhood.

(While I doubt you’d ever get charged or fined with it, depending on how strict your jurisdiction is- you could get into legal trouble too.)

Then, someone will report it to the gym manager that will raise hell with you and probably revoke your membership. (and we all know finding a good gym is difficult, so you don’t want to piss off your current gym)

With all of that in mind, let’s discuss ways you could potentially freeball and not get in trouble if you absolutely have to. (I get that some people are medically required to)

Ways to Freeball Without Affecting Other People At The Gym

So, let’s say you have a medical condition or something else where you have to be freeballing at the gym.

Here are some ways you can do it, without affecting other people at the gym.

#1 – Wear Sweatpants/Pants

This is the most obvious way to freeball without affecting other people at the gym.

If you’re freeballing in loose shorts where everybody can see your junk- just stop. This is opening you up to a ton of potential legal issues, and almost a surefire way to get kicked out of the gym.

Wear sweatpants or pants and nobody will notice that you’re freeballing. But, don’t wear super tight sweatpants or anything…

#2 – Go To The Gym At Night/When Nobody Else Is There

Honestly, going to the gym when nobody else is there is one of the best feelings in the world.

You don’t have to wait to use any machines, dumbbells, or power racks- and you can do kind of whatever you want. If you want to play music on a speaker, you can do so.

If you want to superset 5 machines in a massive circuit, go ahead.

But, if you ultimately have to freeball in the gym, go at night/when nobody else is there. That way you get the best of both worlds, and you aren’t affecting anybody else.

Conclusion of Should I Be Freeballing in The Gym

So, what’s the conclusion here?

Ideally, don’t be freeballing in the gym unless you HAVE to. And if you have to, try and do it at night or wear sweatpants or something that covers it. Otherwise, you may be kicked out of the gym.

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