The Zyzz Death – A Man Who Changed Bodybuilding Forever

The Zyzz death is one that shook the bodybuilding community like a hurricane. His death has been the subject of controversy across all fitness communities.

The Zyzz death has not only been the subject for ‘roid abuse but the health of bodybuilders in general. Zyzz was someone who took it too far, but at what cost? And was his death even related to ‘roids, or was it just a heart condition?

So Who is Zyzz? And Why Does Everybody Talk About the Zyzz Death?

Zyzz was an incredibly influential Australian bodybuilder. He quickly came on the rise on multiple social media platforms discussing bodybuilding.

Zyzz posing shortly before the sad zyzz death occurs. He mainly cared about aesthetics in bodybuilding.
Zyzz posing shortly before the sad zyzz death occurs. He mainly cared about aesthetics in bodybuilding.

Zyzz was only 22 years old when he was leading over 60,000 fans on facebook. Plus he had made other contributions, launching a clothing line and even publishing a book!

His body type was an ectomorph, kind of similar to an endomorph bodybuilder.

Zyzz’s full name was Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian. Zyzz is a little easier to say.

The reason Zyzz became incredibly popular was simple: He had a revolutionary and heart-warming story.

One that hit the soft-spot of most bodybuilders, even myself.

Zyzz was bullied a ton. He was incredibly skinny and didn’t have tons of muscle to defend himself.

He was picked on relentlessly. Many kids in today’s society get the same treatment.

He took that anger and started working out aggressively every day. Using that anger of the bullying and punishment to unleash havoc in the gym.

Also, Zyzz was a HUGE World of Warcraft player. He resonates deeply with a lot of bodybuilders that love gaming.

Here’s a video of Zyzz playing World of Warcraft!

Myself included, I’ve played more League of Legends than I would ever want to admit.

He quickly shared his story, and his incredible transformation. He was on multiple fitness boards and forums across the internet.

When other people would come to him asking for help, he would quickly guide them. He was more than just a celebrity, he was a friend.

Strangely enough, he was well educated and was a commerce student. This comes incredibly useful when he goes to spread his business across the internet.

He also had incredible bodybuilding videos. Telling fans to take their preworkout and destroy the gym on programs like Arnold’s Blueprint.

Zyzz Transformation Picture – Way Before The Zyzz Death

Zyzz went from a below-average physique to an incredible one. Here’s a picture for reference!

Zyzz Transformation Picture. On the left is his World of Warcraft days, on the right is his shredded days.
Zyzz Transformation Picture. On the left is his World of Warcraft days, on the right is his shredded days.

If You’re a Bodybuilder- You’ll Know Some of His Famous Sayings That Last After The Zyzz Death

If you’ve been a bodybuilder for a while, you may be familiar with some of his famous sayings.

Honestly, I was surprised too! A lot of things bodybuilders say in person or in real life discussion boards like /r/bodybuilding or come from him.

Ever hear any of these phrases?

  • “U mirin?” – A common phrase joking ‘you admire my body?’. Said all the time!
  • “We’re all gonna make it!”
  • Anything with “Brah” in it.
U mirin brah?


In his spare time, Zyzz would troll women on Facebook. I would envision that as a gamer who weighed nearly 90 lbs, he wasn’t exactly pulling every girl in the nightclub.

So, when he got shredded and everything, he would go out to clubs and troll women. He also trolled them on Facebook extensively.

In a way-it was revenge for him getting rejected all the time. He wanted women to know what rejection felt like.

Regardless if you agree with what he did or not, you have to admit, some of his messages are HILARIOUS.

This guy may have had a screw loose, but there is some comedy gold in these messages.

I will agree with many users – there is a big difference between being funny and being a dick to people.

And many would agree he went too far a lot of times. But to be fair, he lived a life full of getting rejected, he just wanted some revenge. (incel?)

Zyzz trolling on facebook. Something that made him infamous before the famous zyzz death.

Zyzz Heart Condition – A Look Into The Zyzz Death

In the storm of rumors you may hear surrounding the zyzz death, his heart is always without fail, mentioned.

The truth behind the Zyzz death, is the Zyzz heart condition. We are going to go super in-depth about this, so please hang in there with me.

In 2011, Zyzz was in Thailand when the famous zyzz death happens. Rumor has it that zyzz was in a sauna when the heart attack occurred.
(**It should be noted a sauna in Thailand often refers to an uh, “paid services women house”- for professional terms).

This is where all of the controversy begins.

When the news of the zyzz death started circulating around, it struck deep into the hearts of every bodybuilder.

The Sydney Morning Herald referencing the zyzz death.
The Sydney Morning Herald referencing the zyzz death.

From the ones who were inspired to start lifting because of him, to the ancients that had stepped foot on Mt.Olympia as champion. Everybody was hoping it was just a joke.

At first, the news was he had a heart attack due to his high anabolic ‘roid use.

But, is this necessarily the truth? Sources across the internet will argue day and night if ‘roids were the cause of his death.

But, you may be wondering – Tommy – isn’t ‘roids the reason of his death?

Well, actually- that’s incredibly debatable. An autopsy of Zyzz revealed he had congenital heart disease.

So Tommy- what REALLY happened?

So in general, when people have congenital heart disease, it means their heart is weaker than normal people’s.

This can be something like a hole in the heart, weaker heartbeat, or other things. I am diagnosed with a heart murmur myself and my family has a history of heart problems.

Now, fortunately, for a lot of people, some of these heart problems can be managed.

Avoiding things like smoking, hypertension(stress), and other poor lifestyle choices can help prolong their life.

So…here’s where we get into it…

Zyzz Lived a CRAZY Life

So Zyzz was living life at 140mph. Everyday was a party, and a blast.

We are talking about cocaine, ‘paid servicewomen’, drugs, alcohol, ‘roids, more drugs, constant stress, likely a poor sleep schedule, etc.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

His congenital heart problem was aggravated heavily by his crazy life. But…something was more at play.

Yes, The ‘roids Do Play a Role, But NOT ALL OF IT.

Look, I’m one to defend ‘roid use. I know it is incredibly shunned in the bodybuilding community, but the fact is, it’s a huge part of it.

Many people are on ‘roids or similar performance enhancing drugs. Yes, there are ones that we shouldn’t take and have been illegal because of those reasons.

But, I am not one to try and censor ‘roids. They are a real thing, and a lot of times people can take them and not have adverse effects.

An example of this is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), a lot of people can take this and see increased muscular gains with essentially no downside.

However, there are ‘roids that are very, very horrible for you.

Woah, Vigilant, You Know Those ‘roid Things Were Rumors Right?

Interestingly enough, across the internet, you will find a lot of people who say Zyzz never did ‘roids.

This would make the idea that the zyzz death was completely unrelated to ‘roid use at all.

While zyzz denied ‘roid use, he was caught multiple times using it. I will discuss some times online he is found admitting to ‘roid use on other alternative forum accounts, but there’s a bigger one.

In July 2011, Zyzz’s older brother was arrested for ‘roid possession. He pleaded guilty and was fined 479 dollars.

If his older brother was in possession of ‘roids, it’s not far off that our friend, Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian, did not fall far from the tree.

Then, later on, his brother would go on to talk about how he walked into Zyzz injecting ‘roids in his room on accident…

Was The Zyzz Death Caused by DNP the PED?

There’s a very horrible ‘roid on the market called DNP. DNP was recently in the news due to the horrible death poor Liam Willis suffered because of it.

What’s So Dangerous About DNP? (Dinitrophenol)

DNP is known to be a drug that causes incredible weight loss. It destroys the shell of fat cells like we’ve never seen before. But with it, it destroys the human body.

DNP or Dinitrophenol causes incredible cell poisoning. Shortly after, the human body will start to go into organ failure.

There have been many cases of young teenagers taking this dangerous ‘roid, and dying within hours. The doctors at the emergency department are helpless, as there is literally no antidote to it.

You may be thinking Zyzz had lightly experimented with DNP, but oh my gosh, it was so much worse than we could’ve ever known.

The Zyzz Death Due to DNP.

In a few threads found online, and some even censored by admins of forums such as a dark reality uncovers itself.

Zyzz had admitted in a few posts, he had a dark past with DNP. And frequently used it.

The zyzz death uncovered by an old forum post he published long ago about his DNP use.
The zyzz death uncovered by an old forum post he published long ago about his DNP use.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there.

Zyzz also had a big obsession with other drugs. Someone who frequently talked to him before his death in a Reddit AMA said this,

“but he’d also smoke weed and go on Xanax trips…but he did say he’d smoked meth before.”

The zyzz death was possibly amplified by his xanax and meth use.
The zyzz death was possibly amplified by his xanax and meth use.

But it was more than just recreational drugs and ‘roids that were his downfall. Zyzz had low regard for his own body health. Unfortunately, many bodybuilders do.

In the heat of competition and chasing the gains--many can leave their own health behind.

Even some of our favorite people, such as Rich Piana would say things like “WHATEVER IT TAKES”, shortly before he suffered an early death.

Zyzz was known for saying things similar like: “We’re all gonna make it” and “Don’t be a sad c***, you can change”.

Through his unfortuante life of growing up being bullied, he had a huge inspiration to get back at the people that took his childhood from him.

In this horrible and sickening tunnel vision, he chased what he desired too hard. And it led to disaster.

He worked out too hard, took too many drugs, didn’t sleep enough, didn’t relax enough, and he lived life at 200mph. No brakes, no stop.

Zyzz Cause of Death

Let’s talk about the Zyzz Cause of Death.

While I just went a little more in-depth about his ‘roid use, drug use, health problems, and more, his death is more complicated than that.

In fact, it’s impossible to just say his ‘roid use did it, or that his drug use did it.

I would say, it was a marathon he was running. And all of these contributed to it. But due to his heart condition, that marathon was shorter than any of his had anticipated.

Let me explain what I mean.

Zyzz’s Heart Condition and His Family

While it was never revealed specifically what heart condition Zyzz had.

But, this is where this story gets more complicated. Is it possible he developed two different heart conditions?

In bodybuilding, you can develop a big heart problem if you use a lot of ‘roids and get ‘too big’. Often, most people will never reach this phase without using years of ‘roids.

This is what we saw in Rich Piana and many other bodybuilders that have died recently. Oftentimes their heart is 2x-3x the size of a normal human being.

Officially, the autopsy states that Zyzz had a “congenital heart condition”. This can mean a whole bunch of things. But generally, this is something at birth that affects the heart.

What specifically happened? We may never know.

But we do know that ‘roid use in bodybuilding, recreational drug use, and other poor life decisions can lead to significant heart damage.

Now I’ve already said this, but now let me explain exactly what led to his heart attack.

Recreational Drug Use Damaging His Heart

As aforementioned, Zyzz was known to do drugs like cocaine and meth.

These drugs do a ton of damage to your heart. Firstly, they elevate your blood pressure incredibly fast, putting a lot of strain on your heart and blood vessels across your body.

And depending on other drugs he took, like possibly her000-in- it is very possible his heart could’ve been directly attacked by the drugs.

But How Did The Drugs Destroy His Heart?

So, your heart is an organ. The heart needs blood itself. This is something a lot of people don’t know, and I can’t blame you, I didn’t either for a long time.

When I was a young student starting to volunteer in emergency departments across the country, I learned the real hard effects of drug use.

I was told stories of patients that were successfully revived, but their heart could not continue on its’ own, it was too weak.

These people had done drugs like cocaine, meth. These drugs damaged coronary arteries. The coronary arteries in your heart supply blood back to your heart.

So, when these coronary arteries are damaged…it’s really bad. Your heart can’t get the blood it needs to function anymore! It can’t pump, feed cells, and eventually…continue to live.

This was something a lot of emergency medicine doctors warned me against.

They said it was heartbreaking because they could ‘revive’ the patient, but there’s a catch. As soon as they stopped doing CPR or took the Lucas machine off (automatic CPR machine) their heart was no longer strong enough on its’ own to pump blood.

Overtime of Zyzz’s meth, cocaine, and other substance abuse this slowly eroded his heart’s coronary arteries. This started to speed up his race towards death.

Okay, How Did The ‘roids Contribute?

The ‘roids contributed to his death slowly aswell.

However, this is where the controversy comes in. Many people use the zyzz death as a way to show why you should never use ‘roids.

But, things get sketchy here. Because most bodybuilders who use ‘roids, typically don’t face the effects of them until 10-20 years down the road.

We see this in many bodybuilders, even Rich Piana! He didn’t suffer heavy enough from his ‘roid use until he was nearly in his 30s-40s.

Zyzz was only 22 at the age of his death and had only been using ‘roids for a few years.

While this can cause problems, generally speaking this isn’t typical.

But, remember – Zyzz was taking DNP. DNP is a ‘roid that is incredibly illegal for its’ dangerous attributes.

Was It The Choice of ‘roids?

There is no argument to say that the zyzz death is a reason we should never use ‘roids. Many ‘roids can be used healthily.

But, he chose quite a few bad ‘roids. Ones he should have never taken, nor you, the one reading this.

The zyzz death instead of being a huge charge for ‘anti-roid use’ should be a charge for more research into performance-enhancing drugs.

While it was known DNP was unhealthy, it wasn’t and still isn’t exactly clear why it is so dangerous.

If we had the research into safer and more powerful ‘roids that didn’t hurt people as bad, there’s a chance he may still be alive today.

People avoid the talk about ‘roids--but why?

Use the zyzz death as a platform to shut down dangerous ‘roids like DNP or some would even say MDMA from ever coming into anybody’s hands. And raise awareness for ‘roids like TRT that have little-to-no side effects.

This way, people can enjoy their sport, and not have to suffer a painful young and agonizing death.


Zyzz had a crazy lifestyle that many of us would wish to have. He really lived life to the edge, every single day. And he lived life happy.

But his family recognized the warning signs shortly before his death.

His family said Zyzz was not feeling so well a few months before he died. In fact, there were obvious signs.

He was suffering from shortness of breath shortly before his death. Zyzz had elevated blood pressure as well. The zyzz death was considered more controversial because it turns out his family had a lot of heart problems as well.

I’m not a medical doctor, but it’s really common sense that if you have a heart problem, you really don’t want to aggravate it.

Living a lifestyle with lack of sleep, tons of alcohol, tons of recreational drugs, and ‘roids, all aggravated the heart.

This wasn’t good and corroded not only his heart away, but most of his cells.

Slowly but surely, the gatekeeper of death walked closer to him. Zyzz was soon engulfed by the next world.


Remember how Zyzz was in a sauna?

Look, I’m not one to say it was specifically the DNP that killed him here. In fact, we just discussed how everything else in his life all compounded here.

But there is one critical thing about taking DNP that anybody who likes taking gear will tell you. If you overheat, DNP WILL KILL YOU.

I’ve seen it too many times on ‘roid forums. In fact, here’s a public one you can read right now. (I figure soon enough it will be taken down, so I uploaded it to an archive link)

Let’s dissect this post. I’ve seen a lot in my life- but this one made me sick to my stomach.

Reading this girl desperately talk about her symptoms and problems, and reading the comments was sickening.

Okay, Where’s The Science For This?

The problem isn’t so much that when you get hotter you die on DNP, it’s because your body cannot cool itself down.

When you take DNP, you naturally go to higher body temperatures. DNP hijacks the ATP production in your body, making your body work harder to burn energy.

You can burn an extra 600 calories a day on DNP. But don’t take it, it’s not worth your life.

So when you ‘overheat’, your body can’t cool itself down. DNP also makes it harder to do things like sweat.

Homeostasis is the way your body regulates its’ temperature. This is a characteristic of all living things.

When your body cannot perform homeostasis, you will soon become a non-living thing.

See where this is coming into? When Zyzz was in the sauna, the zyzz death happened.

While Zyzz Was In The Sauna – His Body Could NOT Do Homeostasis

A sauna is very hot. Typically steamy, you know the drill.

Zyzz was unfortunately caught here on a dose of DNP. His body started overheating, and could not cool down.

Soon enough, the complications from his DNP started to strengthen. His heart problems intensified.

His already high blood pressure, his already asthmatic likes symptoms were providing themselves once more.

As his body temperature got higher, the DNP amplified and he cooked harder. His cells failed, overwhelming the organs in his body.

His blood pressure soared higher, and things got worse.

Now, his heart condition that already existed would finish the race. As by the time he arrived at the hospital, the doctors desperately tried to revive him.

Unfortunately, his complications were too much, and Zyzz left humanity behind.

Where is Zyzz Buried?

Zyzz is buried in Riverstone, Richmond-Windsor, New South Wales, Australia. You can view his grave online here.

Zyzz was buried in riverstone cemetary.

While Zyzz was said to be an atheist, he was buried with a cross over his grave.

Why Was The Zyzz Death So Influential?

The zyzz death was incredibly influential.

He was one of bodybuilding’s most iconic characters. Encouraging people that were bullied to be strong and not be sad.

When people had rough things going on in their life, he motivated them to feel better.

He told them that we were all going to get what we wanted in life. We would all one day reach our dreams and, our goals.

Zyzz wanted the best for all of us.

From the World of Warcraft nerd player in his mom’s basement to an absolute chick magnet- he told all of us that have been there crying because of bullying that it would be okay.

He Helped So Many- Even At The Lowest Points in Their LIfe

If you’ve read my About Me page, you would know I suffered from a lot of bullying early on in school too.

And he resonates deeply with people like me to regrow our confidence, and chase our goals.

Everyday we would be sad, he would tell us we can get it. We shouldn’t be sad, we need to be ‘sick’ and awesome.

He truly wanted what was best for all of his fans.

Rest in peace, zyzz. The zyzz death was one that impacted the bodybuilding community.

No matter who you were, you could relate to him.

If you were bullied, crying every night it was okay. He would tell you to keep pushing and everything would get better.

If you weren’t get bullied but had the loss of a loved one, or something extreme. It was okay, he would tell you to keep going, everything would end up okay.

Even to little things like failing a test at school, he would tell you it’s okay.

Life is short, and zyzz encouraged all of us to just enjoy it. And live it out.

Zyzz – The Legacy

Zyzz impacted us all. So much so that there is a famous video a fan-made to him. A tribute called Zyzz – The Legacy. It’s incredible to watch and really explains how he just kept pushing forward in life.

The Zyzz Dance

Zyzz was known for his incredible dance moves. He was just an awesome guy having fun with wild moves.

Honestly, they’re not that bad. Maybe try them at the club and see what happens.

While some may find them funny, to me it’s a resemblance of how confident he was.

The zyzz dance, shortly before the zyzz death.

He just didn’t care if people thought his dancing was stupid, he had moved past that point in his life.

And it inspired deeply to people like me that had lost a lot of their confidence from bullying early on in school.

Zyzz dancing.


Rest well, Zyzz. You helped everybody out here, and no, we have not forgotten about you. <3


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