Vipertek Handcuffs Review – Best Police Handcuffs!

I get it, you need a new pair of handcuffs that are actually reputable. You definitely don’t want to handcuff that felon with three charges of Assault on a Peace Officer just snap apart your handcuffs. Here is the Vipertek Handcuffs Review.

Vipertek Handcuffs Review on, picture of the handcuffs.
Vipertek Handcuffs Review on, picture of the handcuffs.

Do They Work?

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. You probably start work in a few days or need to see if these are good.

Yes, the viptertek handcuffs work and they are beyond amazing. Yes, they double lock.

First of all, they are steel and super strong. I’ve never had someone that has been handcuffed in them break out of the cuffs unless they are too loose.

These handcuffs are incredibly tough when you grab them you will know. They are super heavy compared to other models of handcuffs I’ve used, and these handcuffs definitely do not play around.

I open up my handcuff pouch in my duty belt, pull them out, and slam the cuffs on the “suspect”. They easily lock into the
“position” that lets you just put the cuffs on without having to press it through. (handcuffs being loaded)

Vipertek Handcuffs Review by Beau Reviews

Double Lock? – Vipertek Handcuffs Review

Yes, these vipertek handcuffs double lock. I would not be making a viptertek handcuffs review if they did not double lock.

Simply put, most departments just will not allow you to use handcuffs if they don’t double lock.

This is to prevent the people that are being cuffed from accidentally putting the cuffs on too tight and hurting themselves.

The double lock is easy to access and works like a charm. I’ve never had any problems with it.

The only thing I would say is that you kind of need to press hard on the double lock. If you half-butt that double lock it will not go.

Vipertek Handcuffs Review, side picture
Vipertek Handcuffs Review, side picture

Vipterek Handcuffs Review – Cuff Keys?

I’m going to be honest, even though I have been yelled at to buy one of those universal handcuff keys, I haven’t. (bought it after writing this)

Luckily I get to write this vipertek handcuffs review with a smile on my face, as the box comes with two cuff keys!

These are small keys that are not incredibly high quality, but get the job done.

I always like to carry one in my coat pocket in case I lose the other. It doesn’t hurt to have that backup lying around.

Hinged vs Chained Handcuffs

There’s a ton of debate over hinged handcuffs and chained handcuffs.

Personally, I prefer the hinged viptertek handcuffs because I think it gives the ‘suspect’ less room to wiggle around. In my mind, it may stop them from getting ahold of a handcuff key in their pocket, but that’s a very rare scenario.

Luckily, vipertek professional produces both hinged handcuffs and non-hinged handcuffs.

So whatever your side of the debate is, you can pick whichever one you want. Or just buy both, that way you have the best of both worlds!

As far as quality, I would say these are the best hinged handcuffs out there. Looking at their design, you can see a very strong and rigid design.

What Color Are Vipertek Handcuffs?

The color vipertek handcuffs are black. Now I know this isn’t standard, but hold on with me for this vipertek handcuffs review.

I know many peace officers still resort to silver handcuffs, but there’s nothing wrong with black handcuffs.

In fact, I personally prefer black handcuffs because I think they look more intimidating (hopefully stopping that 250lb guy from resisting arrest). Plus, they look better on a black duty belt because they fit in.

Usually, departments don’t have color limitations on handcuffs unless it is extravagant. Most departments won’t mind black handcuffs. In fact, some peace officers even carry pink handcuffs!

But, if your department requires silver. Vipertek has you covered, as they produce a silver version of the vipertek handcuffs!

Compared to Smith and Wesson Handcuffs?

I want to make it clear in this vipertek handcuffs review, I am not biased at all. If these were pieces of junk, I would’ve made a horrible review about them.

I’ve had the chance to use Smith and Wesson handcuffs frequently, in fact, they were the first pair I would borrow from a buddy before buying my own.

I have bought vipertek products before and have had good experiences, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Something I didn’t like about the Smith and Wesson handcuffs is how light they felt compared to the vipertek handcuffs. Plus, I felt like the Smith and Wesson handcuffs were in a way kind of flimsy.

The Mental Game Placing Someone in Handcuffs

The vipertek handcuffs are HEAVY DUTY. When you want to get someone in cuffs, they will get them in cuffs. The Smith and Wessons felt light and delicate, meanwhile, the vipertek handcuffs felt mean.

This is important for many reasons. Obviously, you want to make sure the suspect is comfortable and not hurting in your cuffs.

But, sometimes you get super aggressive people that are super risky. The last thing you want to do is have flimsy handcuffs try to lock into place. When they fight back and you get them on the ground, you want them to feel that weight and know to not resist.

It’s almost a mental thing, that super heavyweight makes them feel like they can’t get out. Comparatively to the light Smith and Wesson handcuffs.

If you want to get stronger, try Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass.

Does It Fit The Duty Belt? – Vipertek Handcuffs Review

If you read some of the vipertek handcuffs reviews online, some say it is difficult to fit these on the duty belt.

In my experience, they fit pretty easily. I use a standard handcuff holder I bought at Galls.

Sometimes the handcuffs can be a little difficult to maneuver in, but overall I have no problems fitting them.

They’re easy to get out of the case and more, so for most handcuff cases on the duty belt, it should fit just fine.

I don’t know what some of these reviews are saying, because I bought just a standard cuff holder from Galls.

Vipertek Handcuffs review, vipertek handcuffs fitting inside duty belt from galls.
Vipertek Handcuffs review, vipertek handcuffs fitting inside duty belt from galls.

The Argument Against Vipertek Answered

There’s been a video that surfaced the internet discussing that vipertek handcuffs are incredibly cheap and have problems.

The YouTuber “tyrannicidal maniac” shows him opening the handcuffs with a paperclip and discusses how these handcuffs are almost simply useless from that point.

First, I think that’s extreme. the user doesn’t talk about the real differences of the handcuffs like the strength of the metal, etc.

Secondly, when you detain a suspect you usually search them, right?

It doesn’t always have to be a thorough search right away, but when they are cuffed it is common practice to just check things like the pockets and small lower portion of the back.

Generally, you can find something like a handcuff key or paperclip pretty easily. Especially in a quick patdown.

Secondly, I doubt anybody can really use a paperclip to get them out of these cuffs in a real scenario.

Sure, if you had your own time in your room for a few hours? Maybe.

Sitting the back of a squad car trying to somehow reach for a paperclip in your boot and angle it right, not going to happen.

And if they’re under arrest, a full search is conducted. It’s very hard to miss a paperclip that’s easily accessible enough to even pull this stunt with.

It’s just an unrealistic scenario that you only see in movies.

Sure, I am writing a good vipertek handcuffs review, but I remain unbiased.

Sure, the paperclip thing is a small oversight, but really, when was the last time someone escaped that way?


The vipertek handcuffs are super cheap. Awesome for people on a budget.

Buying my duty belt and other accessories ran me near $200. Sometimes when you’re in between jobs money gets tight, super tight.

I’m surprised these cuffs are so cheap at $20. The most popular and unarguably worse Smith and Wesson handcuffs are nearly $40!

So you save half of the money and get a better product. Why not buy them?

What’s in The Box?

The box is very simple. It’s just a small black cardboard box with “Vipertek” on the top.

Then, after you open it up, the handcuffs will be inside wrapped up with the keys attached to the cuffs.

Simply take the keys off, and you’re ready to roll!

Vipertek Handcuffs Review Boxing
Vipertek Handcuffs Review Boxing

Other Handcuff Uses Outside of Law Enforcement

Sometimes people don’t use handcuffs for law enforcement use. These handcuffs are also perfect for that.

These handcuffs are super heavy-duty but easy to use and friendly for beginners.

This means that people won’t be nervous trying to figure out cuffs. Plus, they do their job good.

Conclusion of the Vipertek Handcuffs Review

This vipertek handcuffs review wasn’t biased, nor am I paid by vipertek for endorsing their product.

They just made a super great pair of handcuffs at an incredible price that anybody can use. Even for law enforcement!

So head over and buy them now, we should be arresting them because $20 is a steal!

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