Vipertek Stun Gun Review – Save Your Life for $5

Sometimes you’re looking for a cheap self-defense option. The truth is, there are a ton of crooks out there. The last thing you want to end up in is a body bag. While I always advocate a beautiful Desert Eagle .50 to stop your problems, not everybody has $2,000 to drop nor wants to have that much defense. So, I found an extremely affordable and great option! Here’s the Vipertek Stun Gun Review!

I mean seriously, if you only had $5, you could grab one! Is your life not worth $5?

Vipertek Stun Gun Review - Ready to Shock
Vipertek Stun Gun Review – Ready to Shock

Is This A Good Self-Defense Tool? Vipertek Stun Gun Review

YES! Stun guns are an EXCELLENT self-defense tool. This is not a biased vipertek stun gun review, in fact, I carried this stun gun with me for years as a self-defense tool.

I, fortunately, never had to use it on anyone. But, oftentimes when I would walk or bike home late at night or down dangerous areas I always was protected.

Tons of Different Models We Will Cover in The Vipertek Stun Gun Review

The great things about this vipertek stun gun review is the different models they make. This means you can customize the size, look, and power of your stun gun.

Furthermore, most of the models have built-in flashlights. Often times I could sneak my stun gun in my pocket. This made me avoid looking like a war criminal.

Lastly, some of their stun gun models look like heavy-duty flashlights. This means you can easily just have a flashlight in your backpack/belt to grab instantly and defend yourself with.

You don’t need to cover this up in the bottom of your backpack to avoid dirty looks. It disguises itself very well and will be ready the moment you need it.

And if you just need to look for something, the flashlight has your back!

Vipertek Stun Gun Review - Flashlight
Vipertek Stun Gun Review – Flashlight

Is Vipertek Reliable? – Unbiased Answer in The Vipertek Stun Gun Review

Yes, Vipertek is very reliable!

In fact, I regularly use Vipertek’s Handcuffs, plus there are thousands+ law enforcement officers that regularly use Vipertek’s handcuffs every day.

Vipertek is a known brand in the self-defense industry. They continuously provide high-quality products at a surprisingly affordable rate.

And make no mistake, this vipertek stun gun review is no different. The stun guns are incredibly high quality and will serve you well.

These are products that you’ll need when your life depends on it the most. The last thing you want is it to snap in half. Vipertek has your back.

Vipertek Stun Gun Review – The Different Models

Luckily, Vipertek produces a ton of different models for their stun gun.

They have an incredibly budget-friendly option, then it goes more towards the expensive end. I chose the mid-range option.

VIPERTEK VTS-880 – The Budget Option

I get it, not everybody has tons of money flowing in. Neither do I for what it’s worth.

That’s why I first picked this up actually! For crying out loud I was biking home from work at midnight! I couldn’t afford a car or anything and I just needed some promise that I wouldn’t be on the local news in the morning.

So I did some research and looked at the VIPERTEK VTS-880. Now, I will be covering all models in this vipertek stun gun review.

The VIPERTEK VTS-880 is surprisingly only $5. It doesn’t really get much cheaper than that.

This model is incredibly small, only 2x4 inches long. You can easily have this in your pocket when you’re on a run at night. This means as soon as you see someone coming for you, you can get your defense ready FAST.

It does come with a “non-slip” rubber coating, which actually is really useful.

If you’re out late at night, you might be sweating from exercise. Or maybe you’re running from someone and you start sweating really bad. The last thing you want is this thing to fly out like a stick of butter!

Plus, there’s a lifetime warranty. So if one day you charge this and it never does anything again, you can just get it replaced.

With the low price, comes a smaller budget cut. Firstly, the flashlight isn’t as bright as the other models. It’s dimmer, but sometimes that’s all you need.

I’d compare it to a phone flashlight, not bad, but not great.

Also, it produces roughly 60% of the electricity the other models will. It only sends about “30 billion” (they don’t give a unit?) I would assume something electricity. Compared to the other models listed at 53/58billion.

Bottom Line?

However, many reviewers say this has successfully put big people down. Furthermore, it has put a few of my friends down who were playing with the thing.

And, sometimes it’s the intimidation of that loud shock noise that scares them away and not the actual hit.

At $5 you can’t miss this incredible deal.

VIPERTEK VTS-979 – The Midgrade Vipertek Stun Gun Review Option

If you’re looking for a midgrade or middle of the road option the VIPERTEK VTS-979 is your best bet.

Personally, this is the one I’ve carried with me countless nights through dark alleys and streets at night.

It comes in around $15-20. Not too expensive, but a decent price I will admit.

This stun gun is way longer than the previous model. And in my eyes, it’s the best one to buy in this vipertek stun gun review. It is 6.5 inches by 2 inches.

This one has its own cool features.

Vipertek Stun Gun Review, normal
Vipertek Stun Gun Review, normal

First of all, it emits over “53 billion” (do we still assume volts here?) electricity things into the attacker. This is nearly double of the budget option in the vipertek stun gun review.

Plus, it is way longer. But, this is a double edged sword! This means you have more room to hit your attacker, but this is also harder to conceal.

You might have to get creative when hiding this one if you don’t want to get dirty looks walking down the street.

This one comes with a pretty bright flashlight but has a super cool feature that none of the other stun guns have.

Other Guy Rips The Stun Gun Out of Your Hands? Now It Disables Itself!

The “wrist strap safety feature” makes it so when the attacker pulls the stun gun out of your hands, it no longer works.

Let me explain this to you, after all this is a vipertek stun gun review I better give a decent explanation.

The VIPERTEK VTS-979 comes with a strap that plugs into the bottom of the stun gun. You wrap this around your wrist when you have the stun gun on. This way, it stops it from falling out of your hands, or other things.

Let’s assume that you’re getting jumped by someone and you can’t get the stun to go off. You missed OR you can’t get the button. Now, you obviously don’t want to get tased!

The way this strap works is that as soon as it disconnects from the stun gun, the stun gun no longer works.

So if someone rips it out of your hands, it will pull apart from the wrist strap and now they can’t use this as a weapon against you!

This is an ingenious safety feature that can save you if all else goes wrong.

Lastly, it has the standard non-slip rubber coating but also has grooves that make it easier to hold the stun gun properly.

At $20 this is an incredible weapon to protect yourself, and even if all things go wrong you still won’t get tased yourself.

The Expensive Option -VIPERTEK VTS-989

The Vipertek VTS-989 is the hands down you mean business option.

Coming in at $30 this one is a slight upgrade to the midgrade Vipertek VTS-979 but has incredible features.

First of all, look at this thing. It just looks scary.

It comes with a slightly stronger voltage to shock the opponent, but there’s something more to it.

It has incredibly big shock spikes that can penetrate through layers of clothing. Furthermore, there are shock plates on the side of the stun gun that stop an attacker from getting the stun gun out of your hands.

And if you miss the stun gun directly, you still have a huge chance of hitting the attacker and knocking them down.

It has a non-slip coating, and incredible grooves making sure this WON’T slip out of your hands.

It comes with a flashlight too, but I doubt anybody will approach you if you have this thing out.

The Flashlight Option – VIPERTEK VTS-T03

I like the VIPERTEK VTS-T03 the most out of all items listed in this vipertek stun gun review. First of all, it will run you $20, but it will make you look badass.

This is mainly because it’s easily concealable and doesn’t make you look like a maniac.

Look the truth is, nobody really wants to be seen with a weapon. For heck’s sake, I’m just trying to go on a jog! But, the world isn’t perfect and people like to assault/mug people.

But because of that, I’m just trying to be safe. I don’t want to be seen as some mall ninja or something weird like that. Case in point is that I’m a normal guy, I just don’t like getting my head kicked in. (am I strange for that?)

The flashlight is super awesome for this. It literally looks like a normal flashlight. Except the end has a ton of electricity that can shoot through it on command.

So the great thing about this is that you don’t look like some crazed felon. You just have a tool and if someone tries to take the $3 you have on you, you can get away with only a $13,000 medical bill.

The flashlight is bright, and it’s LED. The flashlight is heavy and can definitely take a beating. So dropping it isn’t a worry.

So truth be told, it’s a great budget rechargeable flashlight that can also incapacitate someone if needed.

Vipertek Stun Gun Review, Side View
Vipertek Stun Gun Review, Side View

Rechargeable Batteries

My favorite thing to talk about in this vipertek stun gun review is how all of these devices have rechargeable batteries.

I cannot stress how annoying it is to buy batteries at a store. They all have different sizes, they’re illegal to dispose I guess(?), they’re expensive, and changing them is a hassle.

Even in the days of Xbox 360, I still wisely invested in rechargeable double AA batteries that still function to this day! This saved a ton of money and hassle in the long run.

The same is true here. All of these models recharge! You just plug them into your wall. No complicated batteries to change, or buy. Just recharge it if it’s low.

How Do These Work?

So, the way a stun gun works is actually pretty complicated.

It shoots electricity into the muscle cells which overload them. They have to activate so fast that basically the entire muscle will turn into a bath of lactic acid and won’t be able to move.

So in a way, the muscles overload and because of this can’t be used properly. This makes them unable to really do anything at all.

This gives you the time to get the hell out of dodge, with your life.

How To Use a Stun Gun

Using a stun gun is pretty straightforward, or atleast you may think.

It’s kind of like learning a new hobby. Sure, you can get the basics quick. But it has a huge skill ceiling that can pay off immensely.

This means yeah- you can luckily hit someone with it. But if they start fighting back, knowing some advanced moves can save your life.

So in this vipertek stun gun review, I am sharing this awesome video on how to use a stun gun.

But for starters, here’s how you use it:

You flip the switch, hold down the button, and let it rip. However, there are different spots you can hit on somebody’s body to help you guarantee a shock.

This EXCELLENT video by Primal Punch will give you a short and concise explanation of the best ways to defend yourself using a stun gun.

In this vipertek stun gun review, Primal Punch shows off the best ways to defend yourself with a stun gun.


For a low price, you might just be able to save your life. These small, concealable, and powerful tools can make you more confident when you go on your nightly run, or even avoid death.

I recommend carrying one on you. You never know!

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