Grow Yourself.

Tommy is an author extremely dedicated to his blog.

At a young age, he watched his mother suffer multiple heart attacks in front of him. Watching as the EMTs desperately saved her life.

While he wished it never happened, it changed who he was, and set a foundation of interest for medicine.

From a hard life of growing up paycheck to paycheck, he somehow took advantage of the opportunity to make himself a stronger person and pushed through to keep on pursuing his career as an Emergency Medicine doctor.

From a near-death experience all the way to volunteering at multiple hospitals and getting a first-hand view of life and death, Tommy used it positively to confirm he wanted to spend his life saving others.

Tommy is currently training to be an EMT (update: I am now an EMT!), does martial arts, and lifts 2 hours a day all with a full-time job and in college.

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