God is Good.

Some may call me a jesus freak, but I have no fear in sharing how important my faith is to me.

Of course, as Jesus would want, I would NEVER EVER force my religion on anyone or shun anybody that doesn’t believe in Jesus.

I just want to preface this that if you ever are curious about the religion or are interested in it, you can always feel free to reach out to me at my e-mail or any social media handles. I am always happy to talk about the religion and I regularly debate atheists and talk about it.

My Near Death Experience

Personally, I had a near-death experience. I wrote about that in my book here, this book is completely free. I personally do not see a reason to want monetary value when I talk about my faith, to me, faith is more important than any amount of money.

Here is a Google Doc of it for free right now. I am having a hard time finding a website that will host the ebook for free- I don’t want anyone to pay for it.

Furthermore, the doc isn’t completely done yet. Right now, it has some of the ‘critical’ things, but please forgive me as I’m working on finishing it over the next few days here.

How God Has Helped me

As Kanye West said, “If I mention Jesus my album won’t be played”. Truth is- most people are frowned upon for bringing up God or Jesus. But truthfully, I don’t care, God has helped me immensely throughout my life and has helped me through my toughest times in life.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking and debating with atheists about the possibility of a God. I treat anybody of any religion with equal respect as it is mine, it is just stupid to treat someone else with a different religion lower than you.

In my time I’ve learned a lot about proofs for God and proofs against God. However, I will say I have converted a lot of nonbelievers.

I am always more than open to discuss and talk about the possibility of God.

Without God I would honestly be really messed up right now. God and my guardian angels have always had my back and have made sure I don’t mess up.

In my darkest times, God has brought me peace. Even throughout court cases, setbacks, etcetera- God has been there for me.

I dedicate this page to God, not as a weird ‘boot licker’ thing- but to recognize the most important man in my life who has helped me through thick and thin and has never left my side.

Even this website you’re reading would not be possible without God, for he made it possible for me to get it done. Throughout my life, I’ve had it really rough- and God has always brought me mental clarity, determination, discipline, and strength.

Without it, my goals as a(n): entrepreneur, emergency medicine physician, mixed martial artist, great father, military, and potential political goals would not be possible. 

I have so much I want to do in life! And that’s just what fulfills me. I know tons of people that are content with being farmers, doctors, etcetera. But personally, I am never satisfied.

With all of this on my plate, God has done everything in his power to make sure I am safe and mentally strong enough to continue on my journey.

I won’t lie, I’ve seen some bad stuff. From people I’ve rescued during attempted suicides to trouble with the law- Ive really had a stacked plate.

And again in my darkest moments where I felt the entire world was against me, God always defended me and parted the sea for me. From even the simple acts of helping me fall asleep or just removing the bad emotions plaguing me, it made all the difference.

I remember in some of my worst days I’d just beg God for even the chance to sleep at night. The nightmares and PTSD haunted me so bad I could barely close my eyes.

I begged and begged for God to just let me sleep, and he would grant it. I would fall asleep within minutes without the nightmares and I would be so happy.

Another time I had lost it. I was a complete mess- I was near broke. I didn’t want to break. I never want to give up, but by God, I was so close. Everything in the whole world had turned against me and I thought it was over- all my dreams and life was over.

And I just screamed for God’s help. I told him I had fought so hard not to break and I need him more than ever or I might fail. 

Instantly, I felt all the bad emotions go away. I felt so happy again I started laughing. From someone who’s entire world was crashing down to pure joy and happiness, God had fixed it.

He still tested me and I had to struggle for a long time, but I never lost faith. When I was facing decades in jail for a crime I didn’t do, still found faith with him to reassure me everything would be okay.

He gave me the mental clarity and strength to sleep, smile, and be strong enough to get out of bed and get a good attorney. He gave me the strength so I could tackle my future and fight the fake charges brought on me.

Without God there wouldn’t be a writer for Vekhayn anymore. I would’ve messed up so bad and wouldn’t even have been able to get out of bed to this day.

God is the one who makes me so strong- and that’s the thing. People ask me all the time how I seem unbreakable and strong, and all the thanks goes to God. He has repeatedly built me up and keeps me going even when I falter.

During that whole court case where the fake charges were eventually dropped, nobody knew how I really felt. God had made me so strong even in my worst times.

If you are considering turning to God, please reach out to me. The truth is, many religions try to force outdated, false, and archaic views on their followers in the name of Jesus.

Trust me, God still loves all of his kids, even if the neighbor next door tells you that your tattoos will make you burn in hell. (Hell, even the idea of Hell is challenged, many speculate Hell was never even in the original testaments and was created around 500AD to scare people!)

Point is? God loves you. And he wants to help you, but with us having free will and control of ourselves, he cannot help us unless we let him.

Even if he has an idea and plan for you but you disagree, he usually won’t interfere with that. God lets us have control of ourselves and it is really up to you to decide to follow him or not.

He really does want the best out if you, though. I highly recommend listening to him because he knows things we don’t.

I remember the saying: “Ever wonder why someone was cut out of your life randomly? Well that’s because God can hear the conversations behind your back that you don’t”.

God just, simply put, knows things we do not. And because of that we might feel confused when he wants something for us that we might not want. I always recommend trusting God and just putting your faith in him.

But, talk to God.

Kanye is famous for saying, “I wanna talk to God, but I’m afraid because I haven’t talked to him in so long”

God is forgiving and righteous. Just reach out to him and talk. Even if it’s just someone you want to reach out to and explain some things, just talk!

I had an interesting situation where I wasn’t sure what God wanted for me and I kind of had to guess. It seemed he didn’t want me to do something that I really wanted to do. I constantly talked to him and asked for guidance constantly- and for some reason, even though it seems it wasn’t completely what he wanted- he graciously worked with me and found a solution that works for both of us.

Please, just talk to God. He is the best guy ever and truly wants you to succeed.

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