The Vekhayn Podcast

The Vekhayn Podcast is a podcast that is honestly somewhat controversial.

We aim to in a way be controversial by being fully honest with our opinions. We don’t want your commute to work to be any more boring than it is with the same opinions and views everybody shares.

Truth is, we have a lot of fun debating these incredible issues and have a lot of fun taking extreme political sides.

We hope you enjoy this way of podcasting too, and hopefully, we can make your run/drive to work/whatever more fun and interesting!

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[#4] How To Party and Manage The Entrepreneur Lifestyle The Vekhayn Podcast

You don't need to avoid parties to be an entrepreneur. In fact, we threw the biggest party in the whole state- and still managed to keep our companies running cool. In this episode, we discuss all the details you need to know about: throwing parties, throwing company parties, how to plan getaways for cheap, managing time, how to work on your business at parties, and how to basically balance the great lifestyle being an entrepreneur has to offer.
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