9 Best Workout Songs (Updated Daily!)

Welcome to Vekhayn’s famous best workout songs post- that is CONSTANTLY updating! Like, literally updated daily with new music. You can be sure to find a new banger to add to your playlist- and if you don’t, we update it again every day with new genres and new types of music.

I’ve always been one to enjoy variety in my workout songs, and hopefully you do too!

As always, we upload the song, put a TikTok with videos of me, my friends, or fans lifting- and tell you what time to start the song to get that ‘rush’ during your set. That way the song is going hard when you’re trying to hit that bench max.

Got any suggestions? Leave a comment down below, e-mail me, or send a message on TikTok and we will add it!

Thank you- now let’s get into it.

#1 – Awful Things – Lil Peep

Awful Things by Lil Peep is one of the best workout songs out there.

Start it at 0:57 and start going. It’s a song best suited for those hitting a super hard bench press, deadlift, or squat. (This song is especially good if you’re going through a break up or relationship troubles!)

#2 – Throw It Up – Pastor Troy

Throw It Up By Pastor Troy is one of the classic songs that many people even from the golden age of bodybuilding may remember.

Start at 0:45 and go after it. This song is best for bench press, dumbbell press, overhead press- really anything where you are ‘throwing a barbell up’ haha.

#3 – Not Afraid – Eminem

Not Afraid by Eminem is actually one of the most popular rap songs of all time- it has won literally like a thousand awards.

You’ve probably heard it by now- but here’s a good reminder to toss it in your workout playlist! Start at 1:04 and get after it!


BEST WORKOUT SONGS #3 – Not Afraid by Eminem. Start at 1:05! #fyp #workoutsongs #fitness #eminem #bodybuilding

♬ Not Afraid – Eminem

#4 – Can’t Be Touched – Ray Jones Jr

This song is definitely a classic and goes really hard in the gym. Start at 0:17 and go wild. “CAN’T BE TOUCHED CAN’T BE STOPPED CAN’T BE MOVED CAN’T BE ROCKED”

#5 – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark – Fallout Boy

This one is definitely a classic and sure to help you hit any PR in the gym- ever.

Start at 0:42 and go wild.

#6 – Praise The Lord – A$AP Rocky

Praise The Lord – A$AP Rocky is a classic among many that workout. It’s a great song to just hype you up while you’re working out. It’s hard to explain- you don’t really listen to this song when you’re hitting a bench PR, but you listen to it when you’re just working out normally and it gets your energy going.

#7 – Die Young – KE$HA

Die Young by KE$HA is a great song to listen to when hitting a squat, deadlift, or bench PR. It just gives you that energy, plus- you can time the beat to how fast you should be squatting. I always listen to this before I hit a squat max, it just makes it 100% easier.

#8 – Headstrong – Trapt

This one is probably on most of your workout playlists already. But, in case you don’t have it, get it on. It’s probably one of the best workout songs ever made.

It’s played all the time at sports games, competitions, sports practices, et cetera- it’s just good all around. It’s great for working out, and great for hitting maxes too, so the song is just overall great for anything gym related.


BEST WORKOUT SONGS #8 !! Headstrong – Trapt – very common workout song, it had to be mentioned!! #headstrong #trapt #workoutsongs #fitness #bodybuilding #vekhayn

♬ Headstrong – Trapt

#9 – NUMB – Linkin Park

Okay, you’ve all probably heard of this. This one is also probably on most of your workout playlists.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, just toss it on. It is probably one of the best songs to hit any bench/squat/deadlift PR too- I feel like it’s impossible to not hit it when the chorus hits.

(If you’re really feeling spicy, listen to the Jay-Z/Eminem remix of the song, it’s even better!)


BEST WORKOUT SONGS #9 – Numb by Linkin Park- a classicc. #fyp #numb #linkinpark #workoutsongs #fitness #song #vekhayn

♬ Numb – Linkin Park

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