Tommy uses a ton of things every single day to make his life easier.

Here are some of the tools and resources I use to better my life, and hopefully you can use to better YOURS!

Gaining Knowledge

For starters, I listen to podcasts whenever I can. Usually, podcasts can provide 2-3 great nuggets of wisdom for what you do in life.

If you like lifting, find a weight-lifting podcast that can help explain the science of muscle building. This will help you get bigger muscles and maximize efficiency.

You should be listening to podcasts whenever and wherever you can.

It’s so easy whenever I have 20 minutes of downtime at work or school, to just take out my wireless earbuds, connect instantly and start listening.

For this reason, I purchased AirPods, or if you don’t have that much money you can buy cheaper wireless earbuds here.

Listening to The Blog Millionaire by Brandon Gaile in my spare time has made my blog not only incredible for my readers but incredible for my success as well. I went from getting 1 click on Google a month to hundreds a day!

And that’s only after listening to it for a few months, I cannot wait to see the success I have in a few years.