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Live The Vekhayn Life and Be Rich/Independent

The Vekhayn Life is a different lifestyle.

It’s one that will take you from any basic, boring, unproductive lifestyle to a life full of exciting stories, money, productiveness, and a new outlook on life.

I am currently working on publishing a book about The Vekhayn Life. However, I’m not sure how many people would be interested in it. If you would be interested, please signup down here.

Regardless, here is my (constantly updated by the way, check back often) guide on how to live the Vekhayn Life and be rich/independent.


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This lifestyle is NOT for all people. If you’d prefer just working 40 hours, having a stable wage, or having a ‘good’ life- you cannot take this route.

Living the Vekhayn Life will force you to have mental discipline you’ve never had before. You will see things you don’t want to see, and things can be very mentally traumatizing. Additionally, you will stress really hard for a long time until you finally make it rich and can live life on your own terms.

It’s a tough path, you need to never give up. But again, it’s not for everybody. You need to ask yourself if you’re willing to change every single thing in your life right now for it.

Because I guarantee there’s no way you go on this path without a MAJOR shakeup of your friends and family. They will switch up on you. They will be jealous. They will taunt you.

Even I didn’t expect my closest friends to abandon me. Nor my girlfriend (now-ex). Regardless, let’s get into it.

How Do I Start The Path to The Vekhayn Life?

First of all. You’re going to need to get a gym membership.

If you can’t even put out $30/month for your fitness and health, why do you care about changing your life?

Check your insurance. I have USAA personally, but a ton of insurance companies offer a hidden plan called Active and Fit Direct. This lets you get unlimited gym memberships across the United States for roughly $30/month, billed through insurance.

Get on the program Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass, and start eating tons of food every day. We’re talking about 3-4k calories a day.

No, there’s no way around this. I don’t want to hear “oh I just want a little bit of muscle” or “I don’t like eating”. You need to eat to grow your body and get big. If you don’t want to have a massive frame that is not only attractive, but intimidating- I don’t know what you’re doing here.

Statistics have shown time and time again that having a bigger frame and muscle gains you tons of favor in the business world and with friends. Last thing you want is for your 110lb 6’1 alien skinny looking head to get jumped by your closest business partner.

You need to eat big to get big. As Rich Piana says, you need to eat a ton of food.


Once you start


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