Best Lifting Gear

Alright, you’ve started lifting, that’s good, really good.

But what do you need to maximize your time in the gym?

Here are a few resources that Vigilant uses to make sure his gym sessions are top-notch.

Pre-Workout Resources

Before I workout, I ALWAYS have caffeine.

Personally, I just drink coffee. I typically use Caribou’s blend of coffee beans. They taste great and are super super cost-efficient.

However, when I am bulking hard on Arnold’s Blueprint and need some energy in the gym, I typically bring C4 pre-workout with me into the gym and drink it there.

Drinking the C4 during the workout keeps caffeine in me even during exhausting lifts, helping reduce fatigue. Not only that, it tastes great and has other vitamins to help recovery.



Music is incredibly important in the gym. It can help your workouts and fuel you for that PR.

Good quality headphones are required! I personally bought AirPods, and they double as an educational tool when you use them to listen to podcasts.

In-Gym Gear

In-gym gear is necessary for success. Check out some of my favorites.

Lifting Straps

Lifting straps are definitely a must as you get in higher weight ranges.

For instance, I deadlift 375 lbs without straps, but it is getting incredibly difficult to lift anything above that without them.

So, a pair of $10 Harbinger Lifting Straps is not only cheap, but gets the job done and allows you to lift heavier weight.

Ab Roller

Back when I first started my blog over a year ago, I wrote the Valeo Ab Roller Review.

And to this day, that ab roller still works!

For $13.50 I get an incredible ab workout at home or at the gym. So why skimp on one of the best ab workouts for only $15? Get your Valeo Ab Roller now!

Post – Workout

After your workout is done, you need essential vitamins & supplements to help you recover.


Creatine is a proven supplement that not only aids your muscle growth but makes you look really jacked!

I personally take Optimum Nutrition’s Creatine for the best price per serving ratio. At $15 for around 120 servings, you’re spending around $30 on creatine a year.

$30 to look jacked and increase muscle growth is an incredible deal.

If you’re looking for a product that is raw creatine monohydrate and has no other additives/etc check out Raw Barrel! They produce a super high-quality product.

Protein Shakes – Delicious and Help Gains

I only typically drink protein shakes while bulking.

But a lot of people complain about protein shakes tasting bad, that is until they try Muscle Milk’s protein shake.

It changed my life, a protein shake that tastes really really good and is super cheap.

For $24 you get one of the best tasting protein shakes you’ll ever have, packed with tons of multivitamins and minerals to supercharge your workout recovery.

Our friends at DMoose also sell some protein powder for good prices too, check it out!