Can You Tint The Rear Window of A Convertible?

I have a lovely convertible 2006 Ford Mustang.

And a lot of people ask, can you tint the rear window of a convertible?

Yes, as long as the rear window is glass. If the rear window is plastic, you cannot tint the rear window. Typically, in cars like a mustang or camaro, the back window is glass- but many FIATs will usually have a plastic window. Check your owners manual or look online to determine if the rear window is glass or plastic.

Can You Put Down The Top on a Tinted Convertible?

Yes, so most convertibles let you roll down every window in the convertible mode. Even the rear windows.

Generally, this does not destroy the tint, as you can roll down the windows with tint normally with no issues.

Can You Put Down The Top On A Convertible With A Tinted Rear Window?

Yes, actually! You can put down the top on a convertible with a tinted rear window and not have the tint come off.

I googled far and wide to find an answer, and nobody provided one. On my Convertible 2006 Ford Mustang, I can put the top down and it does NOT take off the ceramic tint I have on the rear glass window.

This will depend on every car, but in my experience and reasoning, if your car has rear window defrosters, it should not affect the tint. This is because the convertible leaves room on the rear window so the defroster cables do not become unattached. If there wasn’t room, the cable would be ripped off.

This means if you have those cables on that back that defrost your rear convertible window, you should safely be able to put down the convertible top and have it not affect your tint.

At least in my experience.

And I spent $200 on my tint, so I did not want to risk it. But, I did it for science!

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