The Enacfire E19 Review

Who wants to drop $160 on AirPods to just have wireless earbuds? Certainly not me! Turns out my younger brother had purchased these knock offs, but he told me they were really good, so I gave them a shot. I fell in love with them and had to write the Enacfire E19 Review! These cheap, high quality, small, portable, and stylish earbuds had to be shared!

Enacfire E19 Review, picture of case.
Enacfire E19 Review, picture of case.

Introduction, and Why I Am a Audiophile – Enacfire E19 Review

Many of us were unable to get in on the new AirPods craze that has been rocking the world. At a whopping $160 AirPods are expensive! I will tell you now that this Enacfire E19 Review is unbiased. The truth is, I am a poor student, and I needed to get by. AirPods were simply out of the budget.

Many of us don’t like breaking the bank, but we still want those wire-free earbuds because of the incredible benefits they have. Not getting a tangled wire or pulling the cable out on accident are some of the greatest benefits of wireless earbuds!

The Enacfire E19 wireless bluetooth headphones only cost $40! That’s right, a low $40 to essentially have AirPods.

In my eyes for this Enacfire E19 Review, these earbuds are a direct competitor to the Apple Airpods.

While many may think that buying these “cheap” $40 earbuds will make them automatically be terrible, that’s not true here.

Infact, I am a HUGE audio freak. I have a big playlist on spotify with songs of all types, including songs that need heavy bass to sound good!

If you’ve read my JBL Charge 4 review, you will know that I am constantly listening to music. So know ahead of time, this Enacfire E19 Review was written after using these for hundreds even nearly thousands of hours.

Pricing – Cheap! – Enacfire E19 Review

I purchased the ENACFIRE E19 on Amazon and was in need of earbuds desperately.

I had my previous earbuds break. My second pair got stolen and my third were a big pair of headphones. Having those headphones was very annoying to carry anywhere.

I was immediately looking for the appeal of the AirPods but could not afford that!

My brother told me as he had a good experience with the ENACFIRE E18. The Enacfire E18 is the Enacfire E19, just without as much bass.

The Enacfire E19 is still relatively new, and comes in at a low price of only $40.

That is 1/4th of the price of Airpods!

I received the product in two days and had many uses for them planned.

While the earbuds boast a feature where you can call people, I never have used it. Primarily I use these earbuds when I am in the gym lifting or studying, not much else.

I am an audio freak and do enjoy good quality sound!

I even have a JBL Charge 4 and JBL XTREME that I frequently listen to. While I am not incredibly picky about the music quality, it is still something important to me.

What’s in The Box? – Enacfire E19 Review

The ENACFIRE E19 comes in a small round case, very different than the normal AirPod case which is almost like a box.

Enacfire E19 Review Full Case and Earbuds
Enacfire E19 Review Full Case and Earbuds

The above image is the case it comes in, which I have no problems with.

While I would prefer a more square and smaller case, the round case works just fine.

The package includes the case with:

  • The two earbuds (pre-charged)
  • Manual for the earbuds
  • MicroUSB Charging Cable

The sleek black design of the case and earbuds looks great!

The top of the case is slightly transparent so you can see if the earbuds are charging, which is indicated by a white light on the earbud.

The earbuds outside design is stellar, but how do they perform?

How Do They Perform? – Enacfire E19 Review

Once I opened up all the packaging and connected them to my Samsung S8, I played my typical playlist.

My playlist is a mix of many songs but mainly the United States Top 40.

The sound quality was surprisingly good! While it is by no means as good as the AirPods, or an expensive speaker, it was certainly not bad!

The sound was much better than the stereo audio quality they state it has on the Amazon page.

If you’re a technical geek, I would place the sound quality somewhere around 44,000 Kbps, just a bit less quality than a full DVD player, but by no means terrible.

Bass and Kick

The AirPods are known for having a good kick and bass, these were a bit underwhelming for that.

While the Enacfire E19 had a decent bass, it was nowhere as powerful as the AirPods, but it is still there nonetheless.

In some previous earbuds I have purchased there has been no bass at all, so while it is above average, the AirPods completely triumph the E19’s in that battle.

However, we must also consider that the E19’s are 1/4th of the price of the AirPods.

We are still getting a strong competitor in terms of sound quality for that $40.

Compared To Other Cheap Headphones?

In a direct comparison to a pair of Sony Headphones for $40, these are slightly outmatched but all-in-all a great deal.

While the $40 Sony Headphones I have are better in overall clarity and bass, the earbuds come very close to matching the sound quality.

I have read many reviews on knock-off airpods with horrible sound quality, and this comes nowhere close.

I do listen to music very frequently as I lift and workout. And I vividly remember having a $7 pair of earbuds with just horrible music quality. Infact sometimes I would just rather not use the $7 earbuds it was so bad, however this is simply not the case the ENACFIRE E19s. Trust me, if I had put these away, I would not be writing the Enacfire E19 Review.

Enacfire E19 Review Close Up
Enacfire E19 Review Close Up

Consider The Price – Enacfire E19 Review

Overall, while the E19’s are slightly outmatched by a direct competitor of sony headphones at $40. The Enacfire E19s do also get triumphed by the full airpods, but at $40 these earbuds put up a big fight!

They certainly are nowhere close to being horrible. They are also way better than cheap earbuds you may find at a local convenience store, and are equal to normal earbuds you spend $30 on.

There is no need to worry when purchasing these earbuds as they are certainly not trash. While they are not high-end, at $40 it is impossible to beat.

Charging and Battery Life

The E19’s come with a Micro USB cable to charge them with.

The Micro USB cable is plugged into a USB adapter, then the other end plugged into the back of the earbuds!

The battery life on this is very long. In my experience so far, a typical charge can last up to 17 hours!

There is a battery life indicator on the front of the case. This is similar to how JBL Speakers show their battery life, with 4-5 white dots depending on how charged they are.

How Long Is The Battery Life? – Enacfire E19 Review

The earbuds themselves tend to last for up to 3 hours on each charge. But I have never had an opportunity to use them longer than that. Unfortunately, I am frequently interrupted and have to put them back in the case to charge again.

How Do I Charge Them?

The earbuds seem to charge fairly quickly! and when they are charging they illuminate a white light that is visible through the top of the case, so you know when the earbuds are fully charged or not.

Once the earbuds are fully charged the white indicator goes away.

You can pick up the earbuds at any time during the charging process, and it just resumes when you put it back in the case.

Overall, the design is very simplistic and easy to read and understand.

Additionally, with a long battery life, these bluetooth earbuds are far from being low quality knockoffs.

Connectivity and Pairing

Connectivity and pairing is incredibly important with ANY bluetooth device.

The E19’s boast a 5.0 Bluetooth version which is the latest version and the strongest version.

I have used weak bluetooth connectivity devices before, and let me tell you, they are incredibly annoying.

There was nothing more frustrating than your music getting stopped for no reason. Then you have to reconnect everything, turn the device on/off, etc.

In the ENACFIRE E19’s, there seems to be no issues with connectivity. As long as the device is in your pocket or somewhere close to you, no connectivity problems will be experienced.

Enacfire claims they have up to 33 feet of listening distance, but I think this is an exaggeration. Every bluetooth device has its limits and significantly struggles past a distance of 20 feet.

Enacfire E19 Review Additional Picture of Case
Enacfire E19 Review Additional Picture of Case


Pairing the earbuds is easy. Personally, the first time for me was difficult. But, once you pair them with a device you are set and just have to turn on your bluetooth!

If your bluetooth is on your phone and you turn the earbuds on, they will automatically pair with your phone for you.

You can tap the side of the earbud to resume your music seamlessly without turning on your phone. Also, if you press it twice, it goes to the next song.

You can also use one earbud at a time, or use one, then connect both later.

The pairing is very strong and efficient, and I have had no troubles with it at all.


There are few bad things to name about the E19’s.

In my experience however, I have found the earbuds to be slightly uncomfortable, although it isn’t very noticeable.

I have no trouble with them in for hours on end, but they do seem to leave the ear sore after a little bit.

In my experience this seems to be the case with all earbuds.

Another weakness of the E19’s is that they seem to fall out sometimes.

The AirPod design allows it to not fall out due to how it is placed in your ear and the weight distribution. However, the design of the E19 makes it much harder to replicate that.

I would say I’ve only had the earbud fall out once after a week of use, but it is nowhere close to the “they never fall out!” slogan of the AirPods.


For $40 these earbuds pack a punch!

At sound quality basically equal to any other earbud or headphones at this price range, strong bluetooth connection, long battery life, and more they are a significant competitor to Apple’s AirPod design as of April 2019.

I would say that the Enacfire E19 is the best direct competitor to Apple AirPods, and you’re definitely getting your money worth by purchasing these.

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