Is the Tesla Model 3 Ugly? (YES!)

I am such a huge fan of Tesla. I was honestly getting so sick of the same basic three companies you can choose from for cars here in the United States. It honestly felt like nothing new was ever happening in the car market- until Tesla started making grounds just a few years ago.

With that being said, I have a huge bias FOR Tesla. But, I need to get this off my chest. And answer our question- is the tesla model 3 ugly?

Yes, the Tesla Model 3 is UGLY. It needs to be changed. The side and back look phenomenal- don’t get me wrong. But the car from the front is absolutely gross. The front of the Model S and Model X look so much nicer. In fact, if it wasn’t for the weird ‘bug’ look of the Model 3- I would’ve have bought it already. The way the front of the car bends down is so unnatural, and the headlights are absolutely horrid.

Please, Elon- if you’re reading this PLEASE change it. Here’s what I’d recommend:

  • Make the front of the car not dip down so far. It makes the car have the look like a Prius and Volkswagen Beatle combined. It’s just not right. The front of the Model S and Model X is so much nicer.
  • Please change the headlights to those on the Model S/X. The Model 3 headlights are just so weird and unnatural- why do they curve upwards like that? It makes the car have these weird bug or fish eyes, whereas the other models have sleek headlights.

If Elon could please do this, I guarantee the Model 3 would increase in sales drastically. In fact, I’m not the only person on the internet talking about this.

And look, I get that changing the car isn’t easy, especially due to the crash tests. But, if you JUST changed the headlights to remove that weird top part where it curves up and away, it would save money, make the car look MUCH better, and you wouldn’t have to be retesting everything or drastically affecting the car’s center of gravity.

Let’s get into this whole article and hopefully, convince Elon Musk to change this!

So, The Front of The Model 3 Looks Like a Bug

Tesla is a car brand all about turning heads, being luxurious, and running on electricity. And they honestly do a pretty good job at that.

However, they fell short on the front of the Model 3. The front of the car looks like a bug, or as some people have said ‘a fish mouth’. Just look at it!

The problem I have is that it makes the car look like a cross between a Volkswagen Beatle and a Prius- and this makes Tesla harder to distinguish from the competition. When I’m driving a Tesla- I want people to know I’m driving a Tesla! Not something else.

Furthermore, the rest of Tesla’s cars aren’t like this. The only one that kind of shares a resemblance is the Model Y. And while I don’t like the Model Y’s appearance, it still looks better just because the car is much taller and bigger. This makes the car not have the same ‘buggy’ appearance that the Model 3 does- purely because of the size ratio.

The Model Y screams more like an SUV- not a car- and that’s the goal.

The Side And Back Of The Model 3 Are Perfect!

Now, I’m not saying they messed everything up on this car. The side of a Model 3 and the back are perfect. It looks sleek, it catches eyes, it’s awesome.

It’s just mainly that issue when you stare at the car head on- it looks like a buggy!

So, the rest of it looks good. They just need to change the front.

Also, from the side of the car you can notice that the front dips down way too much. If the front was raised higher, it would look more natural too.

The Biggest Problem [MUST-FIX ABOVE ALL!] Is The Headlights

Look, I understand if Elon was to change the front of the car it would require more crash testing and a whole bunch of other things. I get that isn’t always easy.

It’s possible, and each model of the car has changed drastically since they were first debuted. But, I would understand at this point that changing the front may prove very difficult with Autopilot, FSD, the car’s center of gravity, and high safety testing score.

BUT, if we just changed the headlights- it wouldn’t affect any of this. (well, a little bit- but barely)

Instead of having these weird headlights that arch up and look like bug or fish eyes, why don’t we just get rid of the top part of them- or put the Model S/X headlights in? This would make the car look 1000x better and it would be a minimal change.

If we can’t do anything else- please do this Tesla!

The Model S and Model X/S Look GREAT – Please Copy The Front From That

The front of the Model S and Model X look fantastic from the front, and that would make the Model 3 look so great.

But, I know people may be wary that this will cause a reduction in sales for the other cars- here’s what I got to say to that:

Making The Model 3 Look Better Won’t Hurt Other Models

I think, generally speaking, most people are:

  • Buying the Model 3 as an economy electric vehicle that has some luxury behind it. And that makes sense, the price tag is a little higher but it’s still economical. They aren’t looking for super luxury, huge cargo space, or a huge car. It has medium-range, medium speed, it’s not too shabby on anything- but it doesn’t excel either. Again, a great middle-of-the-road option.
  • Buying the Model S is for people at the high-end of the budget. They want a SUPER FAST car, super long rangle, tons of luxury, and want a car that says “I’m rich” basically. People that are interested in the Model S are never going to buy a Model 3 instead, it’s just a different audience. That car is stupid expensive.
  • The Model Y is more for the family that wants to get into Teslas. The same goes for the Model X. While it’s certainly hard to distinguish the difference in these cars (one having the spider doors, the other one not having them) they both are ideal for people with big families or trying to load a lot of stuff and carry it around. They don’t have the best range but that’s okay given their load capacity and space.

Point is, each car is for a different audience. Making the Model 3 look better won’t detract from other cars because the other cars serve different purposes.

You won’t buy a Model Y or X if you don’t need that space or storage, it just doesn’t really make sense. And likewise, the Model S is just for that really spendy buyer.

Conclusion of Is the Tesla Model 3 Ugly?

So, yes and no. The Tesla Model 3 looks gorgeous from the side or the back, but the front dips down too much and the headlights look really weird compared to its’ brothers the Model S and Model X.

Please Tesla if you’re reading this at bare minimum change the headlights to look like the much cooler other Teslas. And if you plan an overhaul of the next Tesla Model 3 design, make the hood come up a little more please. Otherwise, you guys have done a fantastic job at this car.

And for what it’s worth, this car looks so much better than 99% of other cars on the road.

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