J. Matthew Holson Attorney Review (Great attorney!)

“A good lawyer knows the law, a GREAT lawyer knows the judge”.

There isn’t quite a quote better to describe J. Matthew Holson, an attorney that isn’t trying to steal your money and genuinely goes above and beyond to help you in whatever you need.

From his incredible knowledge of the law, to in-depth knowledge of judges and the court system- you have nobody else better to represent your case.

When I was served papers and told who the judge would be- J. Matthew Holson knew exactly what his game plan would be and knew exactly how that judge reacts to different cases and scenarios.

Furthermore, J. Matthew Holson isn’t here to take money from you. When I talked to him about a lengthy court appeal he said- “Look, I’m literally turning away thousands of dollars right now, but I just don’t think this is worth your time nor money. It’s better you keep all of that money and spend it on something else. And again, I am turning away thousands but I just don’t do that to my clients”.

That right there has earned J. Matthew Holson a client for life. He’s a great lawyer- you won’t regret choosing him.

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