Active and Fit Direct Reviews (From Multiple Bodybuilders!)

If you have an awesome insurance company, chances are you’ve heard of the incredible program called Active and Fit Direct. Let’s just say, no contracts, $25/month, and access to gyms 24/7 across the country? It’s no surprise you’d sign up, and all my friends have signed up too. So here are some active and fit direct reviews, from multiple bodybuilders.

If you don’t have the time to read the whole article: just buy it. For $25/month, no commitment, access to any gym across the country basically- it’s just worth it. You won’t find any gym contract cheaper or for a better deal. Plus, it’s through your insurance, so you aren’t getting scammed. (isn’t all insurance just a scam?)

So, let’s get into it, and read some active and fit direct reviews!

Active and Fit Direct Reviews provided by bodybuilders.
Active and Fit Direct Reviews provided by bodybuilders.

Okay Wait, What is Active and Fit Direct?

If you’re confused what Active and Fit Direct is, let me tell you what is so magical about it.

A long time ago, me and my friends all argued which gyms to sign up to. Many of them had long contracts, horrible rates per month, and we had tons of different gyms in town- so we all tried to coordinate one in particular.

That was until Chaz found out what Active and Fit Direct was. Through his mom’s insurance (he wasn’t 18 yet) he was able to sign up for this program that did amazing things.

So what is Active and Fit Direct? Here’s what it is:

Active and Fit Direct is a program that gives you access to tons of gyms across the United States, for $25/month, no contract required, and allows you to avoid tons of unnecessary paperwork/bills. I live in rural Minnesota, and I still get access to gyms out here.

This means you don’t have to sign an 18-month contract, or pay absurd $50-60/month rates, or be forced to stay at one particular gym for the rest of your life.

Who is Active and Fit Direct Good For?

Active and Fit Direct is good for people that have friends at different gyms, are moving frequently, don’t like contracts, don’t like high fees, and love working out.

For me personally, it’s given me access to Snap Fitness and Anytime Fitness in my neighborhood. That means I can workout with my friends no matter what gym they go to.

Furthermore, I move frequently. If you plan on attending college, your college may not have the gym you’re signed up with down there. That means you can just switch gyms without any cost or hassle. Many gyms have cancellation fees, lock you into contracts- and all of that can be avoided.

Lastly, since I work out all the time (bodybuilding is kind of my biggest passion) it works really well no matter where I go. I go on lots of road trips and having keys to multiple gyms that work no matter where I go is incredible.

And really, no other gym will ever have rates as low as $25/month with no contract. So, it’s like the best option.

Active and Fit Direct Reviews

Without further adieu, let’s cover some active and fit direct reviews from the whole bodybuilding squad over here at Vekhayn. Starting with, yours truly.

Tommy’s Active and Fit Direct Review

Okay, so this has been incredible. If you’ve read my Greyskull LP review, you’ll know I started my fitness life at my local high school gym. The membership was like $5/month for the high school students, but once you get out of high school like I am, you don’t get an option and it becomes expensive.

So, at that point, I went to the local SNAP Fitness. It ended up being $50/month without any commitment contracts, you could cancel anytime which was nice. The price was a little hefty, but I worked full time at McDonald’s so, it wasn’t a big deal to me.

Don’t get me wrong, $50/month is definitely steep. But the nice thing was that there was no commitment contract, so I could cancel whenever. And obviously, it was 24/7 and I could access any SNAP Fitness in the country.

I’d rather pay more than get locked into an 18-month contract or anything personally. And I think you’ll see a common theme of that across all of these Active and Fit Direct Reviews.

Like here’s the thing, if you have to sign a contract for months or years at a time, that’s just not good. What happens if somebody at the gym is like a complete “bully” (lack of swearing) to you? It’s not going to be fun to go, and now you’re just wasting money.

Or, what happens if you move? It can happen suddenly, or what if there’s a cheaper gym by you? It just is a good idea to avoid any commitment contracts if possible.

That’s one of the best things about Active and Fit Direct, there is no contract, you just pay $25 every month and it renews your membership.

Able To Go To Basically Any Gym

Okay, so as most of you know, I am the primary writer for this website. And I write a lot, and about a lot of topics.

INCLUDING MY 2006 FORD MUSTANG THAT I LOVE WITH ALL OF MY LIFE. I’m sure you’ve read the thousands of posts I’ve made about my car.

Point is? I drive A TON. In my first 1.5 years of driving, I put on nearly 45,000 miles! I drive anywhere and everywhere, I even upload videos of my trips up north.

Look, that trip up north? It’s in the middle of nowhere. Look up the north shore, MN in Google- and tell me what you see. Just basically nothing. I mean, for what it’s worth, there was one gym in the whole area.

Now, if I had a normal gym membership, I wouldn’t have been able to access the gyms up there. Luckily though, with Active and Fit Direct I was able to use the gym up there without being locked to one franchise.

It’s Through Insurance

You don’t have to worry about a weird or tough program setup. Active and Fit Direct is usually registered through your insurance company.

This means your insurance deals with most of the information and you just have a simple setup, but I’ll get more into that process later.

And best of all, some insurance companies will even lower your health insurance rates if you actively go to the gym. This is because if you work out your chance of death lowers. (which is a good thing!!)

It’s SO Cheap

So as I mentioned earlier, SNAP Fitness was charging me $50/month. Not bad, not great.

But $25/month? For multiple different gyms? That’s just basically a steal. I honestly wonder how this company is profitable with these low rates.

Overall Conclusion of One of Many Active and Fit Direct Reviews

To be honest, there’s no downside to it, look at the facts:

  • $25/month is an incredible price.
  • No commitment, no contract.
  • Multiple gyms across the country.
  • Insurance rates might lower.

Chaz’s Active and Fit Direct Review

So…when it comes to active and fit direct reviews, Chaz was definitely the guy that causes trouble in the gym.

I’m talking about like: blasting the speaker, not re-racking weights, dancing, calling people on his phone, etc.

Long story short- he’s a horror story. But he’s a great guy and one of my best friends- and if you get to know him, he’s nice to everybody.

But man, Chaz is in the same boat. He doesn’t want to sign a 40-year contract paying $5000/month.

Here’s what he said about it:

Chaz giving one of many active and fit direct reviews.
Chaz giving one of many active and fit direct reviews.

“Active and fit direct is a game-changer for me. I have multiple gyms in my town, but there is no way I was going to pay the $130+ for all of them. Then, when I found out about active and fit direct, I realized I could have it all for just $25 a month.

— Chaz

Chaz’s Active and Fit Direct Reviews Analyzed

So what is chaz saying here? Chaz is relating to all of us.

There are multiple gyms and he wasn’t going to spend endless money every month for all of it. Simply put, for $25/month, he got all of them.

Needless to say, that’s an incredible deal.

Furthermore, he is someone that needs a 24/7 gym so he doesn’t bug everybody with his speaker blaring.

How To Set Up Active and Fit Direct

You might be wondering how to set up active and fit direct, it’s actually really easy.

First, contact your insurance company and sign up through there. Secondly, print out the ‘active and fit direct pass’ they send you in the e-mail. Then, you bring that to any gym listed on their website with a photo ID and you’ll get set up!

So, again, here are the steps- just in bullet point form.

  • Contact your insurance company.
  • Find out their Active and Fit Direct policies.
  • Sign up through their form.
  • Check your e-mail.
  • Print the active and fit direct ‘pass’ or ‘ID’.
  • Visit a participating gym (such as a local anytime fitness or snap fitness) during business hours
  • Finish the registration process
  • You’re done! Keep the key fob with you and be ready to go.


All in all, get active and fit direct. We covered a few different active and fit direct reviews in this post, but the truth is, just get it.

It’s like, completely worth it. And as a bodybuilder, it’s the best way to keep yourself in shape and get to gyms without dropping thousands of dollars.

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  1. Great if you don’t need customer service. They messed up my account and I spoke to 4 people and sent 5 emails. Each time I was assured it would be taken care of. I even spoke to two supervisors who told me it would be fixed and I would be called back. It wasn’t fixed and I wasn’t called back. It’s extremely frustrating. But if you don’t ever have to talk to customer service, it’s a great plan.

  2. Thanks for this information. My question is regarding Anytime fitness. Do we need to pay for classes/ group activities extra or it is also included in 25$/ month fees? I

    • Hello Mils,

      I am glad I could provide you with some useful information in this post.

      Great question. Typically speaking, you would need to pay for the classes/group activities separate. At most Anytime Fitnesses, you have to pay for those classes separate regardless if you pay for their membership or with the Active and Fit Direct. Each gym is different though, as some gyms have free classes, and some have paid classes.

      And respectfully, I am not sure if most Anytime Fitness classes are of great quality. Personally, if you’re looking for more of a group setting, I’d go to Lifetime Fitness or LA Fitness- I think Active and Fit Direct also provides memberships to those included with the 25/month fee!

      Please let me know if this helps,


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