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Let me ask you one question. Have you ever felt like you’re not cared for in Adsense? I did. It is impossible to reach anybody for support staff or help to get anything fixed with your website. When I signed up for Ezoic, I was incredibly surprised when my account manager (Timothy Garcia) promptly set up all my ads for me, e-mailed fast, and provided excellent customer service. I did quite literally no work and made triple the CPMs! That’s why I wrote this Ezoic review.

Ezoic Review Sign Up

If you’re looking for the Ezoic Sign Up page- click this link!

It will bring you to a page that looks like this.

The ezoic landing page for this ezoic review.

Simply click the “start free trial“- which is a little misleading, since you don’t pay anything.

Simply fill out the form there, and start doing the steps it lists in the dashboard.

You will soon be contacted by your account manager and get on your way to one of the greatest ad networks in history! (And maybe you’ll find yourself writing an Ezoic review one day)

Ezoic Has An Active Blog – Ezoic Review

This sounds stupid to be obsessing in this ezoic review about ezoic having an active blog. But- hear me out.

In the world of blogging, do you know how many times there are changes? Google releases updates to its search engine all the time. In fact, the latest one was less than a week ago as I am writing this.

Additionally, there are tons of policies that update (Amazon associates, Adsense policies), and a lot about the economy changes as well.

Truthfully, blogging isn’t some small ‘hobby’, it’s a huge part of the economy.

Ezoic regularly updates its blog about all of these pressing topics. This includes:

The Ezoic Blog
The Ezoic Blog
  • Monetization Updates
    • Talks about ways to increase revenue, different in-general ad updates, and different ad options on the horizon!
  • Content Updates
  • How To Better Your SEO
  • Advice, tips, tricks, etc.
    • Ezoic also gives tips, strategies, and general advice for growing your blog. This can include things like reading Google analytics better, or mastering social media outreach to gain more visitors!
  • News in the Blogging/Ad Industry
    • This has to be one of my favorite categories on the website- and possibly my favorite part of this ezoic review. All the news about the blogging and ad industry is right here. I spend hours a day writing, and I truthfully just do not have the time to constantly be researching economy updates about blogging. But the thing is- it’s important that I do. Google Core Updates, economic shifts, and more are all important things that affect my business incredibly. I am glad ezoic has a spot for this.
  • Speed Blogging Updates
    • Web speed is something new that Google is trying to press into websites. Nobody wants to wait 10 seconds for a website to load. Unfortunately, the internet just isn’t there yet. But- it will soon be. One day in the future, websites will load basically instantly. And Google is hoping to capitalize on that. Currently, site speed isn’t a huge ranking factor- but soon it will be. Ezoic will keep me updated!

Ezoic Literally Knows What It’s Like To Be a Creator (YouTube Monetization Story)

Something that really reached out to me when starting with Ezoic was how much they relate to us as content creators.

When people start companies like this- they can often forget what it’s like to be in our shoes. Most of us are sitting here churning out content trying to desperately put food on the table.

But- Ezoic doesn’t do that. They know what it’s like to be in our spot.

Let me elaborate on that in this ezoic review a little bit more.

Now, earlier in this Ezoic review, I mentioned how they have a very active blog.

Here’s a screencap of something I read that reached out to me directly.

The ezoic blog detailing what it's like to be a creator in 2020 dealing with YouTube's tough monetization policies. Perfect example of why you need to switch to Ezoic in this ezoic review.
The ezoic blog detailing what it’s like to be a creator in 2020 dealing with YouTube’s tough monetization policies. Perfect example of why you need to switch to Ezoic in this ezoic review.

This is a snippet from their website post, “How To Monetize Video Content Without YouTube”.

Ezoic Stands Up To YouTube – Ezoic Review

Many ad companies just simp over YouTube. They look at them as the warlords and ‘respect’ everything they do because many of those companies have videos on YouTube.

Now- not everything about YouTube is bad. But YouTube is known for demonetizing creators randomly and without reason.

Ezoic understands that- and they don’t beat around the bush with it. They tell us creators straight up, “hey, YouTube can demonetize you at any time!”.

And Ezoic is a huge partner with Google AdExchange, so they do have a lot to lose by dissing Google.

But I greatly respect and commend Ezoic for writing these articles discussing that hosting all of your videos on YouTube can make you lose your income online!

Having A Direct Agent Is The BEST Thing EVER in Blogging -Ezoic Review

Let me say this- I’ve always been a super independent blogger. And I’m sure many of you are the same way- especially if you are trying to become your own boss.

Truthfully, I just like doing things on my own. I just think it works better for me and lets me work on my own accord. So to me, not having a direct agent in AdSense was never a problem.

That was- until I discovered how great it is to actually have a direct agent working with you. And this is the biggest factor you need to switch to Ezoic when reading this Ezoic review.

Timothy Garcia is my account manager and he helped immensely when it came to the onboarding process.
Timothy Garcia is my account manager and he helped immensely when it came to the onboarding process.

Ezoic Assigns Their Creators A Direct Person They Can Talk To

When you’re in AdSense- you’re on your own. No ifs, ands, or buts. Good luck contacting their support team, because I know you won’t be getting any good response. And I’m not just saying that to be biased in this ezoic review, I mean that.

But AdSense has millions if not tens of millions of publishers in their system. It doesn’t matter to them if one person leaves or not, they can find 5 more to fill you instantly.

That’s also why AdSense has lower CPMs.

Many of the websites and creators in the AdSense network have spammy websites that are trying to monetize quick traffic over a short period of time.

Ezoic focuses a lot on the quality of your website. And they don’t accept creators with bad or spammy content. (Think of people trying to make ‘clickbank funnel websites’)

Because of this Ezoic has naturally higher CPMs because advertisers know that the people that see the ads are real people and looking to actually purchase things.

So, Tommy, How Does This Relate To Account Managers?

Ezoic has the opportunity to assign you a direct account manager because they have less people in the network.

Having an account manager is actually incredible. It’s a day and night difference from Adsense.

After I first applied, I was e-mailed by Timothy Garcia, who provided EXCELLENT customer service and helped me out immensely.

He asked for some screenshots of my analytics to prove I was reaching their minimum requirements for the network.

Timothy responded quickly and told me everything I needed to do step-by-step, there was nothing confusing at all from him.

Timothy from Ezoic helping me setup everything I needed to!
Timothy from Ezoic helping me setup everything I needed to!

He was incredibly responsive, kind, and helpful. I was super surprised. In 2020, great customer service becomes a harder thing to find these days. So when I see it- I want to reward it. And his great customer service showed me quickly how great Ezoic really was.

He Did ALL Of The Hard Work For Me – The Lazy Ezoic Review

To be honest- I was kind of confused switching into a new ad network. My entire life since 2010 I have been using Google Adsense. And if you know my history- I used to run a YouTube MCN. This change was basically like moving out of your childhood home.

I didn’t really know what to do in this new ad network. I’ve been so used to the Adsense ways of life I was honestly a little nervous and put off Ezoic for a while.

Luckily, Timothy Garcia, was with me every step of the way.

He showed me step by step how to do everything. Then when it came to what I thought was the hardest part- setting up the ads – he did all of it for me.

He spent a long time on my website examining the best spots to place ads. This depended on revenue, user experience, profitability, how often it would be seen, etc.

All of this was aimed at maximizing my revenue as a creator.

While I truthfully blog to help answer people’s bodybuilding questions- the more money I make means less time I have to spend at my actual job. This, in succession, means that I can write more for the website! (And now you’re reading this ezoic review which is apart of that)

What’s really nice is that he put over 150 different ad placements on my website. This is 150 different ways he looked at ways to maximize income on the blog you’re reading right now!

Meanwhile, AdSense “auto-placement” just tossed ads everywhere and didn’t really try to auto-optimize anything. The same ad placements were seen month after month.

Quickly Resolving Issues – Best Part of The Ezoic Review

As I mentioned earlier in the ezoic review, I didn’t really know what I was doing switching to ezoic.

And because of this, I ended up screwing something up so my Ezoic ads weren’t showing.

I sent Timothy Gracia an e-mail, and he fixed it immediately when he got back in the office. Within a few hours, my website was back earning to money, in a more optimized way.

This also happened to me when I had Adsense. Except- they didn’t help period.

I tried and tried to desperately google things hoping to find an answer to why my AdSense wasn’t showing, but I ultimately just had to revert the website and hope for the best.

Ezoic helped me, and fast. Adsense leaves you alone- is that what you want when you grow your platform?

Ezoic Requirements

After hearing a few reasons mentioned earlier in the Ezoic review, you may be wondering what the Ezoic requirements are!

Here are the official ezoic requirements:

  • Around 10,000 pageviews a month.
    • This is super important for Ezoic for one big reason. Ezoic’s biggest thing is how they are constantly analyzing the data from your ad views to maximize your revenue. If you don’t hit this average of pageviews a month they will simply not have enough data to maximize your ad revenue.
  • You must be in good standing with Google’s ad team.
    • One of Ezoic’s biggest partners is Google AdExchange and Google AdSense. Truthfully if you’re in bad standing with them- Ezoic cannot do much for you to make you money.
  • Original, high-quality content.
    • Part of the reason Ezoic can provide these higher CPMs is that their bloggers produce higher quality content and do not spam.
  • “Identifiable traffic”
    • This means no unusual activity that is obviously botting. Having organic search engine traffic is basically what this means.

Process of Getting Into Ezoic

You’ve probably read this ezoic review and thought, “Wow that’s awesome! But, how do I join?”.

Honestly, a lot of reviews like this fail to actually mention the part about signing up. So I hope to solve that here!

Step 1: Apply on Ezoic’s Website

Head over to this link, and click the ‘start free trial’ button. (Again, you don’t have to pay anything)

Then fill out the next form with your information. This will include things like:

  • First name
  • Last Name
  • E-Mail
  • Address
  • Website

Step 2: Wait For The Follow-Up E-Mail

Ezoic will have a dedicated account manager e-mail you and ask for some analytics about your website.

Typically, they ask for this:

  • Acquisition > All Traffic > Source Medium (Last 30 Days)
  • Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages (Last 30 Days)

This is found in your Google Analytics account. Send screenshots of the website you are trying to submit to Ezoic.

Step 3: Get Accepted and Follow The AdSense Instructions

Once you’re accepted, you’ll need to do a few more things.

These will be in the center of your Ezoic dashboard, with detailed instructions on how to complete them.

You’re going to have to link your AdSense account to Ezoic, and apply for Google’s AdExchange. These are fairly simple processes.

After that, link your website to Ezoic via the WP Plugin, Cloudflare linking, or your host’s/platform’s way of linking it.

Yes, ezoic does work with all platforms! So if you’re using Wix/WordPress/Blogger/whatever you can use Ezoic.

Ezoic Payment Options

Ezoic is actually far superior to Adsense when it comes to payment options.

Firstly, the payment threshold is $20, not $100.

What’s hard about starting a new business is that you need to reinvest money early and often. Adsense having a high payment threshold that’s at $100 makes that really hard to jumpstart your website early.

Ezoic putting a $20 minimum ad payout means that you’re able to get money faster- and that means you can reinvest faster to make even more money.

Another great thing to talk about in this ezoic review is its great payment options.

Ezoic has lots of payment options! Here’s a list of them:

  • PayPal
    • Probably the best Ezoic payment option, everybody and their mother has a Paypal account these days. Secondly, you can always transfer to your bank account from PayPal for basically free- or just use PayPal to buy things.
  • US Bank Transfer via Payoneer
    • If you have a Payoneer account, you can have the payments transferred to your bank account. If you’ve been in the online marketing business, you probably already have a Payoneer account – so this isn’t a big deal.
  • International Bank Transfer via Payoneer
    • You can also get an international bank transfer via Payoneer. This is subject to a 2% fee or $15 fee to receive the funds in USD.
  • Prepaid Card via Payoneer
    • You can get a Payoneer prepaid card. (I don’t really recommend this though)
  • Check (Usually only sent to USA + Canada)
    • Ezoic will also send a check, but they really only recommend this option if you live in the USA or Canada.

Ezoic Has Superior Analytics

Something I wasn’t expecting to write about in the ezoic review is actually their incredible analytics. They nickname this- “Big Data Analytics”.

Now, everybody says Google Analytics is the best. But I’ve personally had a real hard time with their user interface.

There’s just too many buttons, everything is organized horribly in there, and they are constantly changing google analytics. It’s a mess.

I was very surprised to find myself switching to Ezoic’s realtime analytics all the time instead.

It’s just very easily organized. Everything you need to find is super easy to find. It’s not in one million different subcategories, everything is divided into what makes sense.

I go into Google Analytics and click around spending minutes just trying to find which pages have the highest bounce rate.

In Ezoic it was easily found in seconds.

Not only that- but real-time revenue and view statistics show you which pages are being viewed and updates actively.

Furthermore, these statistics are easily categorized into actually useful areas. Wondering which pages make the most money? Easily found.

Which pages aren’t making ad revenue? Easily found as well.

Glimpse of Big Data Analytics

Pages not earning revenue tab.
Pages not earning revenue tab.

All of this stuff is just a pain in Google Analytics. This is because Google Analytics is designed for people that run businesses, shops, websites, etc. to all understand where their website is failing.

Meanwhile, Ezoic is focusing on really and ultimately- authority sites and bloggers.

They are able to organize this information into something presentable and something we bloggers understand better than say -a local restaurant down the street trying to see why customers are leaving their page.

Ezoic Has Higher CPMs

As I’ve mentioned multiple times throughout this Ezoic Review, one of the biggest perks of switching to Ezoic is the more revenue you will earn.

Ezoic has incredible CPMs. In fact, I was surprised myself at first.

Like- you’re telling me not only do I get paid at $20 instead of $100, but I’m earning 3x as much?

Everybody’s income increases a different amount. But, personally, I started making nearly 3x as much money in the first few days! My CPMs had tripled.

Having that huge revenue boost seriously helps. Trying to reinvest in my business is basically useless with the scraps AdSense singlehandedly was throwing at me.

Ezoic Is Free – Ezoic Review

Ezoic is completely free. The way Ezoic makes money by placing a small ad at the bottom of your website.

The only money Ezoic takes is from a small ad at the bottom of your page. If you really don’t want this ad there (which I wouldn’t know why) you can opt to pay a monthly subscription fee to remove it.

Otherwise- there is no fee, cost, whatever for Ezoic. They put a tiny ad (with the other ads on your website) at the bottom as their ‘payment’.

So some of you may be thinking- well Tommy, aren’t I making less money with them than AdSense? Since I’m losing an ad space?

Actually- no. Considering AdSense takes a significant revenue share from you, and Ezoic optimizes your website to produce CPMs that are 3x as big as AdSense, you’re making a lot.

It’s like instead of paying for rent every month, you put a little sign on your yard with a small advertisement on it.

Sure, if you have other advertisements on your website- it’s a really good deal!

But if you don’t want that ad- I don’t really know what you’re doing placing ads on your website at all.

Ezoic Site Speed Optimizer

Ezoic has a site speed optimizer that’s actually very interesting.

They have a lot of options for site speed optimization. It’s one of those things that sets them apart from other ad networks. The only catch? You have to pay for it if you want it.

If you don’t want their site speed options, no worries- as you aren’t forced to pay or opt-in for anything.

I don’t have any of their settings enabled.

Ezoic uses this as one of their ‘marketing’ points. This is more for companies with big brand websites that are relying on eCommerce and selling products. It doesn’t really pertain to ‘bloggers’ per se.

But, if you want to try it out, simply go over there and look into their pricing options. It scales with pageviews/month your website gets, and they actually have really interesting features.

From a CDN, caching services, optimizing different features on your website so the user experience is improved, upping your Google Lighthouse page speed scores, etc.

In reality, this isn’t really focused at ‘bloggers’- but if you’re in desperate need of site speed improvements, check it out!

Ezoic’s No Lock-In Contract

Ezoic has a no-lock in contract.

You can leave at any time. There is nothing holding you in for a year or whatever- just head out if you don’t want to use their service anymore.

This works great because ultimately there is no risk of trying Ezoic. Back in the day on YouTube (and still some creators face this) is that many creators got forced into ‘life-long’ contracts.

Machinima was notably the most notorious for this- by forcing creators to be with them for life and paying them less than $4 every 1,000 YouTube views.

Any contract forcing you to stick with them for a long time is outdated and bad. It’s 2020, there is no reason for any ad network to force you into a contract like that.

Join Ezoic now- completely risk free!

Ezoic Vs AdSense

When comparing Ezoic vs AdSense- the option is clear. Ezoic wins, everytime.

I don’t think there’s really any person who has switched to Ezoic and said, “Wow! I made significantly less this month!”.

The truth is, with Ezoic you:

  • Maximize your revenue.
  • Ezoic has dedicated account managers that care about you and help you out.
  • Furthermore, Ezoic’s algorithm is also constantly updating your website to show your most profitable ads.
    • While AdSense does something similar, it just doesn’t ultimately get the job done as well as Ezoic.
  • Lastly, Ezoic has a way lower payment threshold and way more payment options. This means you can start reinvesting your money faster.

As someone who has used adsense, and is now writing an ezoic review because of the great results, trust me. Switch over.

So…more money, faster payouts, better optimization, account managers, better ads….yeah…the choice is clear. Join Ezoic now.

Ezoic vs AdThrive

AdThrive is seen as a better competitor to Ezoic than AdSense is. So let’s do a full comparison of them.

AdThrive is very similar to Ezoic- in fact, a little too similar.

Across many different studies from NichePursuits, other bloggers, and other authority sites, AdThrive generally makes the same amount of money or slightly less than Ezoic.

So theoretically, neither one will immediately be making you more money.

So- what sets them apart?

AdThrive requires 100,000 visitors per month, meanwhile, Ezoic only requires 10,000 visitors per month.

Ezoic’s better analytics, site speed optimization, and proven track record of consistently updating their site to improve their ad partners revenue put Ezoic in the #1 spot for me.

Ultimately, if you aren’t making the 100k pageviews a month, AdThrive won’t even be an option.

And most of us are not in that boat right now. So, maximize your CPMs with Ezoic instead of sticking with AdSense or something worse.

While AdThrive isn’t bad, they haven’t done anything ‘revolutionary’ -per se- recently and because of this, Ezoic comes out on top.

Ezoic is leading the ad networks forward with site speed optimization, better AI, better revenue, etc. Join Ezoic now!

What I would recommend if you’re with AdThrive is this: Test ezoic out for a few days, and see if you earn more or less money with them. Then pick a company based on that.


Ultimately, Ezoic is a HUGE upgrade from AdSense. And compared to other ad networks, knocks them out of the ball park.

All in all- I recommend just applying and see where it takes you.

Remember- if you don’t like the program, you can always leave. But, I doubt you ever will!

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