Dyson HP02 Review – From a HUGE Allergy Sufferer!

I suffer from horrible allergies. If you”ve been reading my blog you’ll know that it’s like incredibly bad, and I always complain about them. I had to write this Dyson HP02 review after it relieved my allergies so much. If you’ve ever seen an allergist, they always recommend you buy a HEPA filter and for … Read more

Flonase Loss of Smell – Scientifically Proven

Flonase Loss of Smell Bottle Pictured

Before Flonase was on the over-the-counter market, I was prescribed it for my severe allergies. I was warned that there were many side-effects, including stunted growth and a potential Flonase loss of smell. Did you know you can buy Flonase nearly 40% off buy ordering it online? Well, truthfully, I had forgotten all of that. … Read more