Top 6 Halls Cough Drops Flavors

It’s that time of the year again. Cold and flu season, and right now this pandemic is making it worse.

As a bodybuilder, I routinely spend hours every day touching dirty and germ covered surfaces with other sweaty people. Not to mention the increased proximity and all the airborne germs. Needless to say, I get sick a lot.

So you’ll find me always popping some halls cough drops, because being sick sucks.

Needless to say, I know their flavors in and out. Here are the Top 10 Halls Cough Drops Flavors.

Top 6 Halls Cough Drops Flavors, honey lemon is the BEST.
Top 6 Halls Cough Drops Flavors, honey lemon is the BEST.

#6 – The Cherry Flavor

Honestly, many people love the cherry flavor. I just hate it. I think it’s one of the worst halls cough drops flavors.

I just think when you’re sick, the cherry flavor is just too much for your throat and agitates it more.

Honestly, I think it really comes with a preference. If you’re super into cherry stuff, this might be it. But overall, I recommend skipping it namely because there are just other, better flavors on the list.

Like I said though, if cherry is your thing, I recommend checking it out here.

#5 – Mentho/Lypus/Blue Flavor

I just call this one the ‘blue’ flavor because halls has like 50 different names for it. Plus, they just did a whole rebrand of everything.

Regardless, whatever is blue will generally be the same.

I really did NOT like the blue flavor of halls. I think it’s one of those failed halls cough drops flavor. Although, I’d take it over cherry any day.

Many people told me that the blue ones were really good. But, when I bought the new halls revised blue flavor, it just fell short. Some of my friends had some and they agreed.

Truthfully, the blue ones usually have some of the strongest menthol combinations, so it usually does best for the soothing- so if you have a REALLY bad cold it will help out way more than the others.

I used to have a blue one, then let it do a ton of cooling, then take a honey-lemon one so the flavor isn’t so bad. It gives a great mix of cooling and then good taste.

I usually use this as a last resort, this is like the most powerful version of it.

#4 – Halls Strawberry Flavor

One of the most interesting halls cough drops flavors is the strawberry flavor.

It’s new, and it’s pretty simple. But the strawberry one is pretty alright. I personally like it, and it’s more on the sweeter side. But I think if you’re a big strawberry kind of guy these things will work great!

It’s good stuff, but they are a hard flavor to find.

#3 – HALLS Breezers Cool Berry Flavor (Best for taste)

These are single-handedly the best tasting halls cough drop flavors. They do in fact, taste better than #1 – The Honey-Lemon cough drops.

These are literally rated as the best tasting cough drop on purpose. Halls made it a flavor specifically for the people like me, that have a sweet tooth.

My teacher in class told me to stop having so many of these cough drops. I had like 10 in a single class period, but they made my sore throat feel better and they taste so good.

Highkey, they taste like candy. So these things work really well for people like me that are addicted to sugary food.

I don’t really know the calories or whatever in it, I just know this tastes really good. This halls cough drop flavor does a great job at cooling and a great job at tasting good, so these are my go-to.

However, sometimes this flavor can get a little overwhelming because it’s a little sugary, so I recommend buying multiple flavors so this doesn’t overwhelm you.

Checkout this pack of them if you’re interested!

#2 – Halls Defense Assorted Citrus

This is a newer flavor around that’s been introduced around here in the midwest, but me and my friends love them.

It has a nice boost of Vitamin C in each drop, which is a good vitamin for helping your immune system. If you’re looking for supplements to help your immune system, also look into taking Zinc and Vitamin D– as they are also proven to help.

But these taste really good. My friend recommended it to me when I had a cold and I don’t think I’ve trusted any girl more since. Legit I thought she was going to recommend me a bad flavor (considering her friend said the blue flavor was best…) and I fell in love with these things.

They taste really good, like too good. I had to stop myself from taking so many. In fact, you’re not able to really take more than 6 a day to try and avoid a vitamin C overdose.

Checkout this pack of them if you’re interested!


I never had used cough drops for the majority of my life, I only started using them 2 years ago. I didn’t really like any flavors until literally, everybody told me to get the honey lemon flavor.

And yes, honey lemon is the best of all halls cough drop flavors. It is the real GOAT. No matter who you are, how much messed up stuff you’ve seen, how crazy sick you are, the honey lemon always seems to heal you.

I don’t even know what it is. I personally HATE lemon, so I didn’t think I’d like this flavor. But it like actually fixes everything.

It tastes so amazing. When you’re sitting there with a fever of like 102 degrees, your throat feels like it’s on fire, the honey lemon just seems to cool it off. Plus, the honey lemon soothes so well.

In the midst of chaos, the honey lemon just brings calamity. Okay, maybe I’m overthinking this. But by far this is the best halls cough drop flavor, and I’ve yet to meet a person that hates it.

So if you’re looking for a halls cough drop flavor that will get the job done, taste great, and you won’t regret: there’s no safer option than the honey-lemon flavor.

If you had to buy any flavor, I’d recommend this one! So go check out the price on it.

Conclusion of Best Halls Cough Drop Flavors

Overall, these are the best halls cough drop flavors. So if you’re sick, these are my recommendations.

I hope you feel better and recover safely!

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