Nearfall Books Review – A Wrestling Tale That You MUST Buy!

Nearfall is a book series by Joe Reasbeck that exhilaratingly tells the tale of Mike and Matt through their young wrestling career. I am going to cover everything awesome about this book in this Nearfall Books Review and why it is a MUST buy!

“Nearfall is the reason I am joining wrestling this year, for the first time, in 10th grade.. I know it’s late, but Reasbeck’s book has showed me what a change it can instill in people! I am nothing but excited for the upcoming season!”

Vigilant, Author and Owner of Vekhayn

Why Nearfall Is Such a Life Changing Book – Nearfall Books Review

For starters, Reasbeck captivates the audience with the tough situations that arise throughout the book involving; bullying, financial hardships, and family problems that many ordinary families do not face. This allows us to see a point of view many of us never got to see growing up, and really teach us how to empathize with others.

I have read thousands of books, but there is a very good reason I am writing this nearfall books review.

Reasbeck was a wrestler himself! Infact, he was actually one of the best wrestlers in the world until injuries forced him to retire. He specialized in a style of wrestling called Greco-Roman wrestling.

Since then Reasbeck has tried to run for congressional seating and writes books about wrestling, trying to convince others why wrestling is such a powerful sport. (after daringly joining Wrestling myself, I can now VOUCH that it changes you!)

Nearfall Books Review Book One
Nearfall Books Review Book One

Reasbeck’s Books Make You Want To Keep Turning The Page! – Nearfall Books Review

While Reasbeck is a new author, he still manages to create a compelling tale that makes even people who dislike reading books (such as me) keep wanting to turn the page!

Reasbeck’s Books Also Make You Learn The Struggles Some Families Face

Reasbeck’s books are different, while it is a book designed for young teens it still tells the adult parts of life. Showing in parts of his book the impact a car accident, job loss, and abusive parents can have on families.

While he still has an overall fun and teen friendly book, he still allows the young reader to find empathy with some of their classmates that don’t always have it perfect.

And that is why I think Nearfall is such a powerful read! It brings all the characteristics that make a book interesting while still reminding the author to always have that understanding for others.

It also shows that life can change in seconds. Not everybody is as potentially blessed as the reader may be.

Not All Kids Have a Perfect Life

Often times these young readers may not understand that their classmate is tired all the time because he has to work for all of his money.

While this is not the main idea of the book I love how Reasbeck captures it. In a way teaches young minds to act better.

Many can agree that young children often lack empathy. Many times kids picking on others for things, sure many kids don’t really mean it, but these kids often don’t understand why their classmate wears the same clothes everyday.

This book is powerful in the sense that while these kids are enthralled in the book with Reasbeck’s enchanting writing they can fully understand and learn empathy for the less fortunate!

Additionally, Reasbeck explains to the reader how that character is affected by their situation and how it makes them feel when they are bullied.

It truly is powerful and can change kids to learn to respect others earlier. This slows down the scary rates of bullying, considering 1 in 3 kids will report getting severely bullied throughout school.

Reasbeck Teaches Kids Subliminally How To Properly Treat Others – Nearfall Books Review

Additionally Reasbeck highlights how to treat others properly and help others even if you think they are the “weird kid” or “loser”.

Moreover, Reasbeck manages to show the positive effects it has in people without forcing the book as a “help others” book.

It forces the reader to understand how treating someone actually impacts them, and forces the reader to change themselves.

Reasbeck shows how the kid that nobody sits with at lunch can easily be one of your best friends and always stick up for you, and there isn’t anything wrong with them other than they are alienated because people think it is funny.

Treating Others The Way You Want to Be Treated

Without spoiling much, Reasbeck will show an exciting tale of how a kid that would get bullied everyday and sat alone at lunch forever can become the main character’s ride or die buddy and change forever.

Reasbeck while teaching morales and empathy still has an exciting tale in the book.


You will learn what wrestling is like and learn lots about the sport . Infact, his book was the sole reason I decided to join the wrestling team and change my life forever.

He shows how wrestling is a sport that really everybody should do. Wrestling teaches you so much not only in self-defense, but discipline and motivation. I can fully agree with Reasbeck with how much wrestling changes you. It helped me in my goals in life and changed the way I live my life forever.

Nearfall Books Review Book Two
Nearfall Books Review Book Two

Nearfall Changes Your Life.

While Reasbeck tells an interesting tale and you learn a lot about kids. Not only in joining the awesome sport of wrestling, but their daily high school life.

Reasbeck emphasizes heavily on morales and empathy throughout the book. Teaching every reader proper respect and how to leave the world a better place.

I read this book thinking “oh, just another cool realistic fiction” but I had no idea the profound impact this book would have in my life! But, I ended up not just joining a sport I will love forever, but changing how I treat everybody in my life.

Now I personally have read all the books out currently. And I am looking forward to reading the next books released in the series!

Nearfall is a book you NEED to buy! It is a growing book series on all platforms and more books being added to the series consistently. Reasbeck has five books in the series planned and written while two are currently published right now! So, you will have a never-ending stream of following this new author. And you’ll have a fun time reading the inspiring tale of two teenagers and their saga in wrestling.

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