Raw Barrel No Bull Creatine Powder Review (Best Creatine Powder To Buy!)

     You’ve probably heard all about the incredible things the supplement creatine can do for you. Infact, you may have read my latest blog post about how creatine can help your muscles grow back faster, make you look bigger, and help your athletic performance. However, you may be at a loss for which brand to choose from now. Luckily, there’s a brand that cares about giving you only the purest and highest quality product at the lowest price, and that’s Raw Barrel’s No Bull Creatine Powder. I just recently purchased Raw Barrel’s No Bull Creatine Powder and had realized the difference in their high quality creatine versus the cheap $20 option I bought online from MyProtein months earlier. In this article, I will be extensively reviewing Raw Barrel’s No Bull Creatine Powder.

A long time ago Raw Barrel had sent me a free tub of protein powder to review, and I was very suspicious of their brand at the time. I want to note, that even though they have sent me many products for free, if they had a bad product they WOULD NOT be getting a good review. If they had a bad product, believe me, I would smoke them on this website. Infact, that’s exactly what happened when FiberOne tried to sell their new ProteinOne bars, where you can read the destruction I did to that product here. I did create a YouTube video reviewing their protein powder, but I mentioned something that still holds true across the entire company.

     “When I want to buy a supplement like Zinc, I just want zinc that I can consume, I don’t want 50 other supplements into a mix or weird chemicals. This company is bringing that, I want whey protein powder, not carcinogens and random vitamins that probably hurt my body”.

     Raw Barrel is a company sought on keeping their promise of using the highest quality supplements available, and their creatine was no exception. If you watch my YouTube video from almost two years ago, you’ll discover that Raw Barrel No Bull’s supplements are actually incredibly high quality and well produced. While they are still a small company they produce a wholesome product that you know is safe to consume.

     Infact- it grosses me out knowing that my creatine is so pure now. This is because my last creatine powder was so bad I had to constantly stir it in my drink or it would lump together into a ball, it also made me feel very sick after eating. When I first tried Raw Barrel’s product, it instantly dissolved into water leaving a very pure and basically tasteless drink I needed. Now, I routinely mix it in with my protein shake (which you can read more about here involving Muscle Milk’s protein powder).

     I support Raw Barrel so much namely because they’re such a customer friendly company. They respond to each e-mail within hours (and for me most of the times it has been within minutes), they are extremely transparent, and have a good business model. It saddens me to see them not have tons of customers yet, namely because their entire company model is giving the customer the highest quality product available, and I think because of that they should be rewarded and have lots of customers. I have had countless different brands of disgusting protein powders and creatine brands. Most of them you really don’t ever want to try again (hence me trying so many brands), however the pure quality of Raw Barrel always brings me back.

     The creatine powder is so fine and doesn’t clump together, it dissolves easily, and it smells normal. Each other brand I’ve tried has had significant problems with clumping, the product not looking like creatine or anything edible, or tasting horrible. Raw Barrel provides that high quality at a very slight $5 upcharge to get something you know is good for your body.

     These days many supplements are barely regulated by the FDA, and to me its a no brainer to pick a reliable company that is putting pure ingredients in their food. Raw Barrel may be a new company slowly getting the ball rolling, but, they are doing it right, and I promise you even just trying one tub will show you the night and day difference a high quality supplement brand gives you.

     You can purchase a Raw Barrel No Bull Creatine Powder tub at Amazon for roughly $35 for about a 4 month supply of creatine. You can also try out their protein powder at a whopping $16 a tub unflavored and high quality at Amazon too! Thank you for reading, and tell me in the comments what your favorite supplement brand is, and if you are impressed by the quality or not.

(They also have a 25% off coupon if you join their VIP club on their website right here: https://www.rawbarrel.com/offers/)

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