5 Strong Forearms Benefits

It can be really tough to grow our forearms, in fact- many of us skip working out our forearms COMPLETELY in the gym.

But, if you stick with it and keep working exercising your forearms, there are lots of benefits that come with it.

In fact, these 5 strong forearms benefits are so good that you might start adding forearm exercises to your next workout.

#1 – Increases Strength on Every Single Lift

Most people realize that your forearms are used in basically every single exercise you do.

But, people don’t realize how significant of a role your forearms actually play in your lifting routine.

Look at it in this metaphorical way- when you use a shovel or rake, they are typically made out of metal. Imagine if you had a plastic or styrofoam shovel/rake- it just wouldn’t work out well, right?

It doesn’t matter how strong YOU are when it comes to digging up dirt or raking up leaves/rocks- if your shovel keeps breaking as soon as it does anything, you’re useless!

It’s the same thing here. If you have weak forearms, it makes YOU useless.

Your weak forearms hold the BEAST back from your full operating potential!

#2 – Massively Increases Grip Strength

Grip strength is something that’s hard to get, but really important.

People use grip strength all the time. It can range from simple things like gripping the steering wheel behind a car (or a semi-truck/fire truck- which requires much bigger grip strength!) to things like rock climbing or MMA.

While most people don’t think of how important grip strength is, when you sit down and write down all the things you do in your life, you’ll soon realize how important it is and how many benefits you could get from increasing it.

That’s not to mention that increasing your grip strength nearly directly correlates with heavier deadlifts, barbell rows, curls, and bench presses.

#3 – Helps in Everyday Activities

Strengthening your forearms has tons of benefits just in the everyday activities you do.

My favorite? Bringing in the groceries. You can catch me carrying 6-7 bags on one hand with my raw forearm strength. You couldn’t catch me taking two trips.

But everything in life improves when you have stronger forearms. Picking things up in your house, changing the tire on a car, bringing books to class,

Having strong forearms just improves everything. You notice the difference once your forearms start getting stronger- advanced things from home improvement to even just grocery shopping all become much easier.

#4 – Makes You Look Huge

Big forearms make any physique look 100x bigger.

If you have huge traps, chest muscles, biceps, et cetera- you’ll look seriously small if your forearms are small too.

Small forearms completely ruin a physique.

Yet, having big forearms- even if the rest of your body is a little behind, makes you look HUGE.

It’s just something subconscious in humans that makes us think people with smaller forearms aren’t “big”. I don’t know what it is, I’d guess it’s something genetic as bigger forearms would’ve certainly helped in our ancestor primate days.

Regardless, small forearms will make you always look tiny. Yet, big forearms will make you big even if you’re small.

#5 – Helps Prevent Injury

Having strong forearms helps prevent injury in the gym.

First of all, most exercises in the gym require direct use of your forearms. This puts a ton of stress on your forearms.

If you have weak forearms and you try to do a heavy lift, you might literally have your arm snap in half. This is, needless to say, something we don’t want.

But having weak forearms can also set up other secondary injuries.

For example, if you have weak forearms and you try to do bicep curls, due to your weak forearms your body will automatically start activating your back muscles to curl. Eventually, this can lead to severe injury. (Take it from me, I pulled a muscle across my wingbone and I could barely breathe for a few days)

This is most notably seen on the bench press. Having weak forearms (and a weak back) while bench pressing will typically result in a ton of pressure and weight being loaded onto your shoulders. This is not what you nor your doctor wants.

So, make sure those forearms are strong- it may save you in the end!

Conclusion of 5 Strong Forearms Benefits

At the end of the day, having strong forearms gives so many benefits, presents injury, and helps your physique.

While it can be hard to grow those stubborn forearms, the pros seriously outweigh the dangerous cons. Take it from me, I got myself injured from my weak forearms- and I’d hate to see you do the same.

I personally love doing farmers’ walks- then at the end of the walk, doing shrugs with the dumbbells. It like combines a forearm and trap workout, providing great results and targeting two important, but often neglected muscle groups in your body.

Good luck, tell me in the comments below- what is a benefit of having strong forearms you enjoy?

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