How Bodybuilders Can Maintain Optimum Spine Health

Do you ever consider the health of your spine as you lift those weights and sculpt your physique? As a bodybuilder, you’re no stranger to the demands of this intense discipline. Strength, endurance, precision—these are your daily mantras. But there’s one more aspect that deserves your full attention: your spine. Your spine is your body’s … Read more

10 Best Gyms For Personal Training! (Ranked)

Exercising is one of the three pillars of health, the other two being diet and sleep. Exercise has numerous benefits and they aren’t just physical either. It also has mental benefits. Joining a gym is therefore a great idea. But for most people, doing just that often doesn’t yield results. And that’s mainly because most … Read more

Can Resistance Bands Build Muscle? (2022)

It’s time the age old myth of ‘to build muscle, just pick up the heaviest weight possible’ method of bodybuilding. Simply put, that’s not a necessarily bad way to look at bodybuilding. Generally, with correct progressive overload (which is usually done just by mindlessly adding weight) will grow muscle over time. But- the times have … Read more

What Does Natty Mean in Bodybuilding?

All the time you hear the phrase ‘natty’ tossed around- but, what does it actually mean? For instance, you might view a fitness TikTok and see someone comment, “there’s no way he’s natty”. Or, someone could be fighting back and saying, “Nah I’m all natty bro”. So- What does natty mean in bodybuilding? “Natty” means … Read more

5 Best Bodybuilding Discords

Discord is a great way to stay connected with fellow bodybuilders! You can discuss new workout techniques, diet plans, stay motivated with others, or even just talk about whatever. Sometimes it’s hard in the bodybuilding world to find other hobbyists or stay connected with them- especially since most bodybuilding forums aren’t really active anymore. (RIP … Read more

The 20 BEST Bodybuilding Programs (2022)

Choosing a good workout program to start your bodybuilding journey is hard. It’s hard to know which programs to trust- and which programs are real. It’s also kind of hard to find good bodybuilding programs, it seems that the best ones are hidden. In this aritcle, we’re revealing them. In this article: 500+ Hours of … Read more