Best 24 Hour Gym Security Systems

Security is one of the most important aspects of any institution. The same goes for a gym. Gyms see so much traffic that having a good security system almost becomes necessary.

A good security system ensures that the right kind of people have access to the gym. Let us look at some of the best 24-hour gym security systems available in the market today.

#1 – Kisi Access Control System

Best Gym Security Systems
Best Gym Security Systems

Kisi is a simple and modern access control system. Kisi helps you control who goes in and out of your gym or any other establishment really. It comes with many modern features such as key fobs and membership cards that make it super easy and simple for the members and at the same time secure enough for the gym owners.

Kisi replaces the old-school lock systems with modern, digital locking systems. It makes stuff easier to track and log who enters the premises and when. There are numerous other features that Kisi provides. Kisi also provides facilities such as touchless entry, which is gaining huge popularity these days, especially in the times of the pandemic. A barcode reading feature is also available. Under this, the member’s gym card has an electronically readable barcode that instantly detects whether the person has a valid membership or not.

If you are looking for a reliable security system for your gym, you should look no further than Kisi.


  • Set up permissions for your gym members
  • Provide mobile access or card access to your members
  • Special setup for staff members
  • Apple Watch support
  • Cloud-based access control


  • Key fobs can be exchanged or get stolen
  • Always on WiFi connectivity is required since it is cloud based

#2 – OpenPath Gym Entry System

OpenPath is another great entry and security system for gyms. OpenPath supports all the modern features of a fully functional and ready-to-use gym security system.

Firstly, OpenPath is cloud-based, this means that all your gym member data is backed up to and accessible from the cloud. You can use any device such as your phone or laptop to see who’s going in or out of your gym. Being cloud-based, past logs are also available which you can check should there a need be. Secondly, OpenPath is a touchless system. Touchless systems are gaining traction post covid period. Being touchless, it is also easier for your gym members to gain access to the premises.

Next up, openpath is a smartphone-enabled system. It works with Apple and Android devices alike to provide cross platform compatibility to your gym members. The above features make openpath a future-proof investment for your gym.

It is a fit-it-and-forget-it kind of situation.  


  • Fast, touchless entry via a wave
  • Backwards compatible with existing gym swipe systems
  • Automated billing of members by connecting to mobile credentials
  • Prevents overdue members from gaining gym access
  • Provides insight into visitation patterns of the members


  • Some users might have piracy concerns
  • Preventing overdue members might not work with everyone

#3 – GymMaster Access Control

  • Pricing: Setup fee around ~$2200 based on equipment used, $100-200 per month depending on gym members.
  • Check out GymMaster here!

Gymmaster provides 24/7 access control to your gym or health studio. It helps you improve your business and better your relationship with your customers.

Gymmaster makes use of a special database system that updates in real-time. Also, it works without an internet connection so your gym data is being collected even when the connectivity goes down.

Gymmaster’s access control is fully integrated with the gym’s membership system. This means that your gym’s productivity shall be enhanced. It is a dependable system that allows you to run your gym 24/7 without someone being present at the front desk.

Not only does this increase the overall productivity of your gym but it also decreases the staffing costs. Gymmaster allows check-ins and check-outs via mobile devices. This means that you don’t need to be physically present to have members enter into the premises. It really takes away a lot of hassle from your hands.


  • Bluetooth enabled, modern gym readers for the door security
  • Helps expand your opening hours without the need for extra staff
  • Offer time-based membership to all or select members
  • Expired memberships are instantly denied gym access
  • Visitations are always logged


  • No backward access compatibility

#4 – RhinoFit Door Access Control System

Rhinofit door access control system is designed specifically to work with gyms and fitness centers. It allows 24/7 access to your gym, even when you are not there. This allows you to increase the working hours and potentially keep the gym open for 24 hours a day.

Rhinofit is tied to your membership database and blocks membership access to those who are overdue. This helps with billing and identifying members who have not paid up. Rhinofit comes with a special customizable greeting message system. Using this, you can set custom voice greetings for your gym members.

This really provides an overall more personal experience to your gym members. Rhinofit keeps a track of who enters and leaves the gym in real-time. This helps you know how many people are in the gym at any given time.

Moreover, it also lets you see who exactly is in the gym at any given time.


  • Lets you allow entry from anywhere thanks to its cloud based model design
  • Feel free to leave the gym unattended for any length of time
  • Limited components for a fast and hassle free installation
  • Helps increase your revenue by increased working hours
  • On site blocking of non paying members to the gym


  • Doesn’t work without the internet
  • Can be jittery at times especially with the personalized voice greetings

#5 – Optiview (Cameras Only)

  • Pricing: ~$1000 depending on
  • Check out Optiview here!

I thought I’d add a “Cameras Only” company to this list for gyms out there looking specifically for gym security via video monitoring. Many of the options on this list include door locks, key fobs, et cetera- but some gyms don’t have key fobs and only use cameras. For instance, high school gyms often don’t have door security and often just rely on camera systems.

If you’re a gym that maybe already has a door system and you’re looking to upgrade your camera arsenal, or you don’t need a door lock system at all and just need some cameras- Optiview is your next best option.


  • Great cameras that are cost-effective.
  • Tons of options to choose from for maintenance
  • Special insights using the data


  • Mainly focused on cameras and not gym software management.


There are many access control systems available in the market. They come with a wide range of features. If you are running a gym, it has become almost mandatory to have a security system in place. We have listed some of the best to help you make a better-informed decision.

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