10 Best Gyms For Personal Training! (Ranked)

Exercising is one of the three pillars of health, the other two being diet and sleep. Exercise has numerous benefits and they aren’t just physical either. It also has mental benefits.

Joining a gym is therefore a great idea. But for most people, doing just that often doesn’t yield results. And that’s mainly because most people lack the proper knowledge to train themselves in the right way.

That is where personal training comes in. A personal trainer provides you with a pre-set routine that works well for your body type. At the same time, they keep making adjustments to improve the routine. Let us take a look at the best gyms for personal training.

Best Gyms For Personal Training Ranked
Best Gyms For Personal Training

Benefits of Personal Training

As opposed to individual training where you exercise by yourself, personal training involves a certified personal trainer who guides you through your exercises. Personal training has numerous benefits, some of which are:

  • The number one benefit of personal training is that you get individual attention from a certified professional. Contrast that with simply going to the gym and lifting weights without any idea of what you are doing.
  • Personal training increases accountability and helps you stick to your goals. This way you’re more likely to finish what you set out to do.
  • Getting nutritional advice from your personal trainer is another pro. Because let’s face it, merely lifting doesn’t result in any growth. Your muscles will become stronger but they’ll need the right diet to grow.
  • Personal training promotes mental health even more than individual training. This is because now you have somebody to promote that exercise in your psyche.

Best Gyms For Personal Training

#1 – 24-Hour Fitness

24-Hour Fitness is a well known name when it comes to personal training. You can try their personal training for free for 3 days and decide if you like it or not. If you do purchase the sessions, you’ll be assigned a personal coach who will help you achieve your goals.

In case there’s a lockdown or you’re unable to come in person, they also offer virtual training in which case the workouts will be designed according to the equipment you have at home or no equipment at all.

#2 – Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness offers one on one personal coaching. They have highly trained professionals who can handle beginners as well as experts. So whether you’re just starting out or are already an expert looking to up your game, they have got you covered. Anytime is also great if you’re recovering from some injury or illness. Your coach will assess your physical needs before designing a plan for you.

#3 – Crunch fitness

Crunch fitness is great for people who are just now getting into fitness and are looking for a lot of guidance. They have highly certified trainers who work exactly at your physical level.

They don’t push you too hard and let you take everything at your own pace. Crunch fitness should also be your first choice if you’re interested in HIIT. their locations have special HIIT zones with varied equipment for perfect training sessions. 

#4 – Gold’s Gym

This chain of gyms is officially the expert if you’re looking to make a career in any of the fitness fields.

Gold’s only hires highly qualified personnel as personal trainers. You can easily find experts on anatomy, physiology, and other areas here. Which means that you can get exactly what you want. Gold’s is obviously considered a more premium gym than other entries on this list.

#5 – YMCA

If you have a Y location near you, you don’t even have to go searching for a gym for personal training. That’s because you can easily get personal training sessions from certified trainers at the Y. Sure, you don’t get anything on the level of other private, high-end gyms, but it is definitely great for first-time starters. It will also not break the bank.

#6 – Lifetime Fitness

If you’re more eccentric about your exercise, lifetime fitness would suit you better. They do a great job of hiring personal trainers of varied types. Need a motivator? They got it. Need a nutrition expert? They have you covered. Need a physio expert? You bet they have it. Basically, if your needs are a little more than what your average run-of-the-mill gym serves, it is worth looking into lifetime fitness. 

#7 – Equinox 

Personal training at equinox is easily one of the most professional you’ll find. As expected, they aren’t cheap. Your personal training at equinox starts with a fitness assessment. This is where your personal trainer identifies your strengths and weaknesses. What you personally have in mind is also considered. All this info is condensed into a fitness plan that works best for you. Pair that with their world-class equipment and you get an experience that’s unmatched. 

  • Estimated cost: Upwards of $100 per hour
  • Check out Equinox!

#8 – LA Fitness

LA fitness is no new name in the fitness industry. They have been offering personal training since forever. Personal training costs extra over the standard membership and unfortunately you can’t just buy only personal training. Other than that, you’ll find most facilities that you’ll find at other gyms. The service isn’t as good or premium as equinox or lifetime fitness, but it fits the bill for a wide class of demographic. 

#9 – YouFit

YouFit offers highly affordable personal training for people of all levels. Although it’s best to join here if you’re just starting out since they are highly beginner friendly. They also have HIIT sessions in case you’re interested in that. You can expect to find accountability, motivation, and education at YouFit.

#10 – Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory has a special concept. In a way, they are personal training only. They have monitors all over the gym that display your statistics as you exercise. Based on that, the coaches will put you in any of the “heart zones” that are set up according to heart activity.

  • Estimated cost: $35 per visit (Usually discounted plans run for something like $200 / 8 visits they have monthly plans that vary from location to location)


If you’re even remotely serious about gaining results, you should definitely start out with a personal training regime. Once you are set, you can take it from there. These gyms make your fitness journey easy. Pick what suits you the best.

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