Best Jhin Skins [DELETE]

The Virtuoso, Jhin- is probably one of League of Legend’s best-designed champions. Not only is his kit in-game pretty fair to play against- while still being fun to play- he has some of the best lore, music, and theme of any champion in the game.

There is nothing in this game better than that beautiful music playing as you open your Curtain Call and snipe the enemy ADC out of the team fight as your Lotus Trap explodes around them.

Riot did NOT skimp out on creating a skin for this guy. His skins are not just simple chromas (like useless Crimson Elite Riven omegalul)- they are massive overhauls.

In fact, on most skins Jhin has a complete remix of his music, all of his colors are changed, his lotus traps are changed, etcetera.

So, here are the Best Jhin Skins as of May 2021 (With the new DWG Jhin skin included!)

  • #8 – Classic Jhin
  • #7 – Shan Hai Scrolls
  • #6 – SKT T1 Jhin
  • #5 – DWG Jhin
  • #4 – PROJECT Jhin
  • #3 – High Noon Jhin
  • #2 – Blood Moon Jhin
  • #1 – Dark Cosmic Jhin

The hands down best jhin skin is Dark Cosmic Jhin, without any hesitation. Below is an explanation of why each skin is good/bad! I hope you enjoy!

Classic Jhin (Base Skin)

The Classic Jhin Skin is actually really good. In fact, you probably don’t have to buy a skin on Jhin if you don’t want to.

His colors have a nice scheme, his music is phenomenal, and the skin works. Jhin isn’t a champion that has an ugly base skin.

If you want to stick with the classic Jhin, that is okay. I’d also like to note that there aren’t really any “bad” skins on Jhin. While some have less effects than others, there just isn’t really any skins that make him unplayable.

You may have heard there was some controversy over the Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin skin. While Shan Hai Scrolls caught a ton of flak, most Jhin mains agree that it isn’t a ‘horrible’ skin overall. So, for this reason, it is ranked above the classic skin, but they’re roughly the same.

One of the best jhin skins is the base skin- Jhin is a champion that looks great on the rift even without a skin.
One of the best jhin skins is the base skin- Jhin is a champion that looks great on the rift even without a skin.
  • The Good of Classic Jhin
    • Great overall design.
    • Looks great!
    • Great color scheme.
  • The Bad of Classic Jhin
    • Lacks cool animations compared to other skins

Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin (Good, 1350 RP)

Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin, as aforementioned, caught a ton of flak. This was because many Jhin mains felt the skin was rushed, and on its’ release, the W ability had tons of bugs that made the skin literally unplayable (Riot literally disabled the skin!).

Regardless, it has since been fixed. But still, many Jhin players felt that Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin just didn’t fit in for Jhin’s theme- especially considering he already had a Blood Moon skin.

Regardless, the skin isn’t horrible. It fits a special type of Jhin player. If you’re really into the Shan Hai Scrolls lineup or the other Asian-themed skins, this might be a skin you like.

Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin, one of the best Jhin skins.

However, I will add- if you like Chromas, you’ll LOVE this skin. This skin actually changes your in-game ability colors based on your chroma (which is SUPER cool).

Overall, it isn’t a horrible skin. If you like the asian themed skins or love chromas, you might want to check it out. But, there are likely better skins you can purchase for your RP.

  • The Good of Shan Hai Scrolls
    • Looks neat, it has a good design.
    • The chromas really make this skin, especially how the abilities change colors in game.
    • Good for fans of the Shan Hai Scrolls storyline.
  • The Bad of Shan Hai Scrolls
    • It didn’t really make sense since Jhin already had a Blood Moon skin.
    • It feels rushed and lacks many animations and redesigns other skins have.

SKT T1 Jhin (Good, 1350RP)

SKT T1 Jhin is a skin that I Just feel like had so much potential, and Riot didn’t do much else with it.

SKT T1 had just made League of Legends history in the world championship in Los Angeles, California. Not to mention that this event actually made League of Legends incredibly popular worldwide and became one of the most well-known Esports events in the United States.

With the incredible plays by Jhin at Worlds, you would think that this skin would have more to it other than a basic recoloration.

I am a HUGE SKT fan, and I have nearly all the SKT skins, except this one.

But, I’ll stop hammering on the skin, it’s not that bad.

It has a ‘demacian’ feel to it. It’s almost like you’re playing Garen or Galio. That’s another problem many Jhin mains have with the skin too, it removes that ‘crazy artist serial killer’ vibe you have when you’re playing Jhin. It makes him just ‘meh’ in my eyes.

The cool thing is that Jhin does sign ‘SKT Bang’s on the ground when he recalls. Plus, he does a special dance.

The skin doesn’t look that bad, and the ultimate becomes a more gold-whiteish color instead of the usual orange.

Jhin’s traps have a slightly new design, but it’s nothing too crazy.

I call this skin almost the ‘Hunter from Destiny’ skin. It gives off that vibe and the skin does make a lot of things really sharp. I will admit that Jhin’s base skin doesn’t really have that ‘sharp’ vibe to it. But, the SKT Jhin skin is really crisp and clean.

The designs on the traps, guns, and the W are all really symmetrical and carefully placed. It’s a very “clean” skin- if you will.

But, other than that- there’s nothing more to it. There’s no custom music or anything else. So, while it isn’t bad, it’s just not the best thing to purchase on this list for your RP.

I couldn’t personally recommend it, and that’s coming from one of SKT’s biggest diehard fans.

  • The Good of SKT Jhin
    • It’s a very clean skin. There isn’t random nonsense scattered everywhere, it’s straight to the point and looks good.
    • Has a ‘demacian’ feel.
    • Good for SKT fans, has Bang’s signature in the recall.
  • The Bad of SKT Jhin
    • No other changes to the skin other than the colors and the trap, really. Riot had a lot of potential with this skin and didn’t do much with it.
    • Takes away from the ‘serial killer Jhin’ lore.

DWG Jhin (Good, 1350 RP)

DWG Jhin is the newest skin for Jhin. While I personally don’t like it that much, many players seem to enjoy it.

The most notable features is that Jhin gets a light blue-blueish color scheme and that Jhin gets wings when he is ulting. The skin was created for DWG Ghost.

While the blue hues and updated animations are cool, there isn’t much else to the skin. There is a slightly different ultimate music that I personally think is really cool, but it isn’t anything close to Jhin’s normal music- and a lot of Jhin mains do NOT like that.

The traps hold a ‘DWG’ logo, and the little hovering icon when an enemy is ‘Caught Out!’ is also the DWG logo.

This DWG Jhin skin makes it look like Riot hates SKT.

But, again, the problem with this skin is that it kind of strips Jhin of his ‘serial killer’ vibe. It makes him appear way too calm and collected. Riot definitely could’ve done a better job of keeping his personality, while still instilling the DWG spirit into the skin.

Regardless, it’s not that crazy of a skin, and I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you’re a diehard DWG fan or you really like the blue color scheme. But hey- maybe you like the new ult music, I liked it.

  • The Good of DWG Jhin
    • Great skin for DWG fans.
    • Great blue color scheme design.
    • Jhin gets wings.
    • Interesting ult remix, I personally like it but it’s hit/miss for people.
    • Animations and stuff show the DWG logo, and some animations were brushed up on.
  • The Bad of DWG Jhin
    • Takes away from the ‘serial killer Jhin’ lore.
    • Is kind of expensive and hard to get for the small effects/changes it really has.

Project Jhin (Great, 1350 RP)

You know, Project Jhin is actually a really cool skin. It features a remix of Jhin’s normal music, changes nearly every effect including his traps, his W, Q, and bullets.

I personally HATE the PROJECT Yasuo skin, but the PROJECT Jhin skin- I love.

I’m telling you, if you like the PROJECT Skin line, this skin is for you. It almost feels like I am playing a serial killer Mech. Nothing is more awesome than hearing that awesome PROJECT Jhin music remix as you ult, it just sounds so menacing and dangerous.

The skin feels fairly clean, and the PROJECT trap redesign makes the explosions look really cool in my opinion.

I like to say this skin is ‘fast-paced’. The other Jhin skins are ‘slower’. Jhin is designed as that virtuoso that takes his time in his killings, but this skin almost speeds it up. The animations and everything feels much faster. If you hate how slow the other skins are, PROJECT Jhin is for you!

I mean, this skin is pretty awesome. It’s almost like you’re the Terminator, or you’re like playing Mass Effect 3. It’s crazy!

Plus, the skin color scheme is awesome. Red and black. I mean, those colors look sick together. (I might be biased because my whole website is Red and Black- but I digress).

Here’s a video of that awesome PROJECT Jhin remix I mentioned earlier, it’s actually pretty sick.

Did you listen to that? Isn’t it crazy? It’s like a remix of the normal music, but not at the same time.

And that beat drop at 1:10 is GNARLY. It sounds absolutely terrifying for the enemy as this serial killer Mech opens up the Curtain Call to win the teamfight.

While many Jhin mains will argue all day about this skin, there is no doubt that it is definitely a solid pick.

And, I know there is a pretty big ‘PROJECT’ fanbase in the League community that loves the lore and idea behind it. And trust me, Riot did NOT disappoint with this skin.

  • The Good of Project Jhin
    • Awesome tech remix of his theme music.
    • Great color scheme (red/black)
    • New lotus traps, W, ult, everything.
    • Great skin to the project lineup.
  • The Bad of Project Jhin
    • There isn’t anything bad in particular that stands out about the skin. It’s a pretty solid choice.

High Noon Jhin (Great, 1350 RP)

High Noon Jhin is praised by Jhin Mains as being the skin that ‘feels the best’. When you flash 4th shot, it just feels like the animation was created perfectly.

Sometimes, on other skins such as Blood Moon, some of the animations can feel clunky. But, it is well regarded that High Noon Jhin has the fastest, quickest, and cleanest animations.

If you’re someone who is really specific about their skin’s animations, I highly recommend you pick up High Noon Jhin. And trust me, I used to be a Riven main, so I do know that skins can affect the animations and almost make you play worse or better depending on how well the skin feels in your hands.

Regardless, High Noon Jhin is a really cool concept of a skin. While it is outdated by today’s standards (As it was released nearly 5 years ago) it still has some pretty cool stuff behind it. And many considered it a skin that was ahead of its time.

High Noon Jhin has a super cool recall animation where he is shooting bottles off of a bar table with his pistol. Furthermore, Jhin is dressed like a wild west ranger ready to put anyone down who messes with him.

He has a super ‘don’t mess with me’ feel when you play this skin. And it feels exactly like you’re in the wild west- Riot did a good job on this skin for sure.

It has some custom music, but his ultimate is the really cool part.

When Jhin ults, it lets out this AWESOME wild west desert like bell sound. I don’t even know how to explain it. It just makes you want to scream, “IT’S HIIIIIIGHHHHH NOOOOONN”. It’s like you’re in a movie and you just pulled out your revolver to duel, it has that screech in the background- it’s just so cool. Everybody in the game hears this awesome screech across the map as you start firing your Curtain Call.

This skin is like Red Dead Redemption. It’s the map ‘Buried’ from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It’s a high noon skin, and Riot did a dang good job of making it.

It’s like, I don’t get that same high noon feel when I play High Noon Irelia- but Jhin? They nailed it.

This is a great skin to pick up if you love:

  • clean animations
  • the high noon/wild west theme skins
  • the music/VFX

Overall, it’s a solid skin and you wouldn’t regret buying it.

  • The Good of High Noon Jhin
    • Feels incredibly clean to play.
    • Cool ultimate sound effect.
    • Nailed the ‘wild west Ranger’ theme.
    • Good redesign of Jhin that still incorporates that ‘scary virtuoso’ theme.
  • The Bad of High Noon Jhin
    • Somewhat dated, it was his first skin.

Blood Moon Jhin (Great, 1350 RP)

Blood Moon Jhin is one of the more controversial Jhin skins. You either LOVE IT or you HATE IT- there’s not really any in between.

There is no denying it, this is one of Jhin’s coolest skins. He gets a complete redesign with Asian style theme music. You can hear this beautiful flute sound off as Jhin’s curtain call opens and you hear these beautiful Asian instruments in the back. The remix is truly moving and stunning at the same time.

As Sung Kim said, “To me, Jhin’s first two skins represent the two parts of his personality:

  • High Noon: The Crazed Gunman
  • Blood Moon: The Beautiful Artist”

And he’s right. The Blood Moon skin absolutely brings out that serial killer mysterious artist vibe, while still bringing in this beautiful Asian culture in it.

I absolutely love the color scheme of this skin. It’s a very enchanting dark purple color scheme that completes the whole skin.

The skin is super cool. I absolutely love the beautiful design of the lotus traps exploding is stunning. The purple and light red hues exploding on the rift create a beautiful display.

Jhin’s trap passive causes a lotus trap explosion to happen whenever he kills an enemy. A teamfight with all of these exploding creates a really cool scene and really captures Jhin’s ‘symphony’ of murder.

I’m telling you, this color scheme is so fricken cool! It’s different than the base skin, as your ultimate, W, and grenades all get this dark purple-dark pink touch. Your W looks phenomenal, and every bullet you launch in your ultimate just captivates the enemy.

Check it out here:

Plus, the Blood moon skin fits in PERFECT with the Blood Moon storyline. In my opinion, the modern day blood moon skins haven’t been that spectacular (Like Blood Moon Yi/Tryndamere). But Jhin perfectly fits the theme, you can tell Riot spent their time on this skin.

The only complaint is that some people have noticed a small ‘clunkiness’ to this skin. As I mentioned above, the High Noon Jhin skin feels the cleanest. Meanwhile, it seems that Blood Moon can feel really funky sometimes.

I’ve played both skins, and I can attest to it too. I feel like some of Blood Moon Jhin’s animations are weird at times and make you feel as if you’re playing the game ‘slower’.

Overall, it doesn’t really impact your game performance, but it is a deal breaker for some people. I’d say that for the most part, the clunkiness isn’t really noticeable, so it isn’t a huge deal. But, if you’re super specific about that stuff, I would avoid this skin.

But all in all, I think this is a skin you won’t regret buying. It is crazy cool and is definitely worth the RP, especially considering it is cheaper.

  • The Good of Blood Moon Jhin
    • Riot took a lot of time on this skin. Basically, everything is redone.
    • Super cool Blood Moon Jhin theme remix when you ultimate.
    • Great for fans of the Blood Moon skins.
  • The Bad of Blood Moon Jhin
    • Can feel clunky at times.

Dark Cosmic Jhin (BEST SKIN, 1820 RP)

Dark Cosmic Jhin is without a doubt, THE BEST JHIN SKIN. There is no way to argue this, at all.

Dark Cosmic Jhin is a COMPLETE REDESIGN. Even the music has this AWESOME remix, it almost feels like you’re this invading alien force about to destroy the universe. It has this eerie and spooky ‘endless void of space’ vibe, like you’re in a spaceship.

First of all, just listen to this incredible music redesign. Wait for that incredible beat drop, as you hear this BREATH TAKING new chorus of voices announcing Jhin’s serial killer vibes coming to destroy the entire world as we know it.

Just go to 1:25 to hear what I’m talking about, it is literally jaw-dropping. It feels like the music you would hear in a movie with a budget of $20 million, not a simple video game online.

But, enough of me obsessing over his audio design. Let’s talk about in-game.

IT’S EVEN BETTER. Jhin gets this crazy dark purple, magenta outfit that has these void orbs (like Syndra has) that surround him.

His recall animation is incredible, it shows him taking a black hole back to the nexus. When he recalls or stands alone, he shoots black holes around him- even his auto attacks launch tiny void orbs at the enemy.

The bouncing grenades are cool too and leave behind this beautiful stardust trail.

When Jhin has his 4th shot, his gun has this immense animation that ‘sucks in’ the area around it and distorts it a tiny bit before he fires- it’s crazy.

His ultimate is super cool, it surrounds the ‘Curtain Call’ area with a whole bunch of tiny stars as he launches cosmic beams at the enemy team.

I mean I am telling you- this is like the ‘end all’ of Jhin skins. Honestly, it is one of the best skins in the entire game. This is why you’ve likely already seen it on the rift, most people pick this skin.

And it’s hard not to. That awesome eerie, space Jhin music sounding off as cosmic beams anhiliate the enemy team into massive star dust explosions- I mean, how could you not pick it?

If you’re looking for a Jhin skin you won’t regret buying, get this one. Or, if you’re just looking for the skin that gives you the most ‘bang for your buck’- it’s also this one. Jhin got a massive overhaul on this one, and this skin is worth it.

  • The Good of Dark Cosmic Jhin
    • This is by far the best Jhin skin out there- every single thing is redone.
    • Tons of added voice lines and interactions.
    • Jaw-Dropping space themed music.
    • Incredible animations and special effects.
    • Just buy it.
  • The Bad of Dark Cosmic Jhin
    • Most expensive skin on this list

Conclusion of The Best Jhin Skins

While all of Jhin’s skins are good, there are a few that you’d be better off skipping (like SKT/Shan Hai/DWG). Money doesn’t grow on trees, so I’d recommend putting it towards PROJECT, Blood Moon, and/or Dark Cosmic.

If you’re looking for the hands-down best jhin skin, it’s Dark Cosmic Jhin with no question in my mind.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite skin is! I’d love to hear from you.

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