Bodybuilder vs MMA Fighter

You ever wondered what would happen if an MMA Fighter and a bodybuilder went toe to toe?

Well, look no further because Fight.TV and Vekhayn are bringing you an article all about it. 

Believe it or not, this question has been asked before and by many. In the early days of the UFC you kind of see it, experienced grapplers fighting muscle heads and quickly submitting them. Videos of smaller scrawny dudes taking down big hulk looking, guys.

Why is that though? We’re going to break it down to the sweet science!
You see, fighting is one of the most serious sports in all of athletics, especially in terms of cardio. Throwing punches will wind you out really quick.

You know what else will take a lot of wind out of you? Having lots of muscle. It takes lots of extended to keep those muscles moving. So the more muscle mass you have, the more oxygen your body needs to sustain moving in a fight. That’s why most boxers and MMA fighters you see are more on the lean side or just kind of fat and very rarely do you see a fighter that looks like a bodybuilder. 

Now of course the case isn’t always the lean mean fighter wins. Everyone in combat sports knows if you get hit on the button. You’re going out. So a bodybuilder could still land a hard shot. Or with some wrestling experience control a fight on the ground with sheer strength. One thing is for certain though. Bodybuilders train to look strong, and often struggle with other aspects of health to maintain a 5% bodyfat. Your body needs these fats to maintain your energy levels. Especially in a fight. 
Don’t believe us? The internet is full of these videos and stories. Just go see for yourself! 

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