Dating A Bodybuilder? (From a Relationship Expert!)

Description: Dating a bodybuilder, or any athlete, has its ups and downs. As a partner, you’ll need to learn how to handle these and how to offer your support. Our list of pros and cons will help you decide if you have what it takes to date a bodybuilder.

Dating a bodybuilder, in many ways, sounds like a dream come true. Good looks, killer work ethic, and great physical health. But is it that plain and simple?

In many ways, bodybuilding is an extreme lifestyle, and this can make the dating life of a bodybuilder somewhat complicated. Yes, there are some benefits (especially if you’re a gym bunny yourself), but bodybuilder’s partners will also face some challenges. So, whether you’re looking for dates at the gym or on hookup dating sites, here are some of the pros and cons of dating a bodybuilder.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Bodybuilder

Dating a bodybuilder can be tough, here's how to do it.
Dating a bodybuilder can be tough, here’s how to do it.

Pro: Great Physique

One of the pros of dating a bodybuilder is, of course, that they look great.

If they’re a professional, that’s their job. If they’re an amateur, it’s an extremely important part of their hobby.

Either way, there’s no denying that bodybuilders win in the looks and physique department. You can understand why so many people fall for them!

Con: Brutal Schedule

Beauty comes with a price, and all that muscle has to be built through a grueling gym schedule.

If you’re wondering how to date a bodybuilder, one of the best tips is to never stand in the way of their gym routine.

This may mean that you get woken up at 5 am every day by their alarm so that they can hit the gym before work.

It may also mean skipping fun couple’s activities at weekends or during holidays when they need to train. If you’re serious about dating a bodybuilder, this is something you will have to come to terms with.

Pro: Serious Fitspo

Being with someone highly motivated to work out can really inspire you to hit the gym.

This is great if you’ve fallen behind on your fitness goals or you’re into exercise and want an extra push. Their dedication and amazing physique results will no doubt get you pumped to work out.

Not to mention the added benefits in the bedroom if you’re both in peak physical shape. You’ll be the best-looking couple on the block in no time.

Dating a bodybuilder has its benefits.
Dating a bodybuilder has its benefits.

Con: Strict Diet Regime

Unfortunately, when you’re dating a bodybuilder, you can kiss fast-food and spontaneous take-out goodbye.

Well, most of the time anyway. To maintain their lean physiques, most bodybuilders stick to a strict, bland, protein-heavy eating routine. (Unless they’re dirty bulking!)

This may mean you’re often cooking two separate meals or eating alone while your partner chows down on meal-prepped chicken and rice. However, some bodybuilders do indulge in cheat days, which could be fun every once in a while.

Pro: Attention-Grabbing Bod

If you love to be the center of attention, dating a bodybuilder will certainly have all eyes on you.

Whether you’re dating a man or dating a female bodybuilder, if you’re confident and secure, you will love to see all the attention your partner gets.

Such a confidence boost! Everybody wants your guy or girl, and that you’re the one who gets to go home with them. Enjoy!

Con: Insecurity and Jealousy

Of course, if you struggle with jealousy or insecurity, this extra attention can be a total nightmare. Now, don’t get us wrong, your partner may be totally faithful and may not want the extra attention (when they’re not on stage at a show.) Still, when you’re dating a hunky man or dating a female bodybuilder, anxiety can cause an issue.

Maybe you can’t go to a gym with your man without other women checking him out? Maybe people flirt with your girlfriend when she shows off her buff arms on a night out? Either way, when you’re dating an attractive person, insecurity will always be an issue as long as you let it come between you.

One of the best tips on dating a bodybuilder is to remember that, to an extent, bodybuilding is part of the performance. Your partner has to be seen to be confident and to flex their stuff onstage. If they’re coming home to you at the end of the day, then you probably don’t need to sweat it.

Dating a bodybuilder can be tough, but communication is always key.
Dating a bodybuilder can be tough, but communication is always key.

Pro: Lots of Endorphins

One of the benefits of dating a bodybuilder is that people who work out a lot tend to be quite positive and upbeat.

Exercise releases endorphins, and this, in turn, makes you feel happy. Bodybuilders also tend to be highly motivated and very disciplined individuals.

This means they probably have a lot of ‘get up and go.’ If you want someone to go on adventures with, dating a bodybuilder can have some pros. They’re not afraid to challenge themselves and will probably love to try out extreme sports or new hiking trails.

Con: Pre-Competition Mood Swings

While bodybuilders usually love what they do, bodybuilding at an elite or professional level is a tough business.

Bodybuilders sometimes put themselves through extreme cuts or bulks in order to get ready for training or competitions.

Eating all the time during a bulk, even when you’re not even hungry, is not a recipe for a great mood or for high energy. Neither is starving and dehydrating yourself before a show.

If you’re wondering what it’s like dating a bodybuilder, there may be periods where they are very physically weak or undergoing serious physical stress.

This can be tough for a partner to watch and may cause tension in the relationship. It can take a lot to watch someone you care about go through this much, especially for an aesthetic competition.

Try to care about their goals as much as they do and remain understanding.

Pro: Healthy Lifestyle

Despite some of the extremes in the sport, bodybuilders undoubtedly enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re wondering how to deal with this when dating a bodybuilder, chances are you’re interested in living a healthy lifestyle yourself.

If you’re not, you and your partner may not be very compatible. At the end of the day, a bodybuilder is an athlete, so an interest in health and fitness is probably something you’d want to share in this relationship.

Con: Lots of Gym Talk

Of course, just because you’re not into fitness doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with a bodybuilder. Opposites do attract sometimes. However, one thing you should prepare yourself for when dating a bodybuilder is lots and lots of gym talk.

Even if your partner just does it for a hobby, bodybuilding is a big part of their life and something they put a lot of time into. They’ll probably want to discuss their training routine with you or share their wins at the gym when they get home. As with anything that means a lot to your partner, you should try to be supportive.

Even if you find bodybuilding boring or shallow, try to respect it because you respect your partner. They’re probably not thrilled by everything you’re into, but you wouldn’t want them to disparage it. Instead, offer your support and be their cheerleader on the sidelines. They’re sure to appreciate it!


So, how does the dating a bodybuilder expectation vs. reality equation work out? Well, basically, it’s just like any relationship. Don’t put down your partner’s interests and try not to let your insecurities affect them. Do this, and you’ll be on your way to a great partnership!

Final Call: Have you ever dated a bodybuilder? What problems did your relationship run into, if any? Share your experiences in the comments!

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