Does Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair Work?

I thought I had a cavity. Every time I bit down or had something sweet, the pain was so immense I almost would cry. (let’s keep that off the record though). So I went to the dentist and told them I needed a cavity filled- but then they told me it wasn’t a cavity. And then they handed me the pronamel intensive enamel repair toothpaste.

So now here we are, wondering: does pronamel intensive enamel repair work?

Here’s the facts. I asked the dental hygenist and dentist what exactly this ‘pronamel intensive whatever’ was. So they explained to me that the active ingredients actually do in fact repair weakened enamel.

Look, I have a medical background- though I am certainly not a dentist. I said ‘is that even possible? I didn’t think it worked like that’.

Well, I was truthfully very wrong. And that’s a good thing because it turns out this toothpaste really does repair enamel.

For the past year whenever I would chew something hard or have a lot of soda my back left top molar would just ache forever. It felt like someone was stabbing my brain. It hurt.

Ever since I started using this toothpaste- the pain is completely gone. Look, I’m not sponsored by this company or anything- but this stuff literally works.

Now, it’s not 100% perfect, but I went from having anxiety from chewing on that tooth to now using it just fine. Sure, sometimes it has a little problems. But it’s far and few between, and most of my worries are gone.

And despite what many say- these toothpastes actually do in fact repair your enamel. Read my in-depth research on it below.

Does pronamel intensive enamel repair work? Tube outside of the box
Does pronamel intensive enamel repair work? Tube outside of the box

So, How Exactly Does Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair Work?

For starters, if you read that wall street journal post about ‘extra fluoride’ toothpaste being ineffective, they’re right. Except, pronamel intensive enamel repair isn’t an ‘extra fluoride’ toothpaste. It has a special active ingredient So, theoretically, their article is invalid in terms of this toothpaste.

According to Sensodyne’s website: ‘It works by locking in repairing minerals that absorb deep into the surface structure of enamel to help repair microdamage and rebuild enamel strength, leaving your teeth stronger and more protected.’

This is basically saying it goes into these steps:

  • The toothpaste starts by repairing enamel weakened by acid.
  • It locks in minerals and starts to protect it from dietary acids.
  • This makes strong healthy teeth.

Okay, Tommy, Cool. But What Causes The Pain In The First Place?

I’m glad you asked. This is actually a really important question to understand how this toothpaste actually works.

The pain you’re experiencing is either a cavity or tooth sensitivity. If you have a cavity, you’ll likely get it filled to stop experiencing the pain. As there usually isn’t another way to do it.

In this instance, let’s assume your dentist has said it is not a cavity. Here is a video by the American Dental Association that talks about the ‘hypersensitivity’ a little bit.

As the video states, the wearing away of enamel causes your nerve to be more exposed.

Additionally, in that video- the American Dental Association makes the claim that the toothpaste is there to ‘numb’ the nerve- but they never actually say it repairs it.

SciShow Video Explaining How The Numbing Property Works

Here’s a video by SciShow explaining how the numbing property works.

However, before you finish watching, you need to stick around. Because they actually say something very incorrect in their video that will make you lose faith in this toothpaste. But- I am here to shill out and bring your faith back to it.

Again, in that SciShow video- they discuss how the toothpaste desensitizes the nerves.

They also bring up how it’s like taking allergy medicine to stop your allergy symptoms. You still have allergy problems, but you just remedy some of the symptoms.

But this is apparently…wrong. My dentist and dental hygienist told me that these kinds of toothpaste can actually in fact repair the enamel. I decided to do some more research.

How Enamel Repairs Itself Using The Toothpaste

Truthfully, it shouldn’t make sense that enamel can repair itself. It’s not a cell, it’s more like material. Your teeth aren’t really cells either, and that’s why they don’t fix themselves when they get cavities.

So- what are your teeth made of? The answer is: hydroxyapatite.

When your enamel is weakening or breaking down due to things like acids or bad food, the process is called ‘demineralization’.

But, dentists and scientists have recently found a way to do the opposite. That’s right, instead of breaking down the enamel, actually rebuild the enamel. This is called ‘remineralization’.

Wait, So Enamel CAN Repair Itself?

Yes, enamel can repair itself. This process called remineralization is actually somewhat magical.

The way it works is when calcium (yes, like milk calcium) and phosphate ions come together they stick to the surface of the tooth. Similar to tinting a car, you just put a small film over the window.

But over time, there are small chemical reactions that convert this film into hydroxyapatite. The chemical that makes up your enamel!

Does pronamel intensive enamel repair work? Front of the box
Does pronamel intensive enamel repair work? Front of the box

Okay- What’s The Catch?

Yep, there’s a catch. But not a horrible one.

It can only be done so much. So if you somehow destroy all of your enamel, this toothpaste won’t magically bring your teeth back to full health.

This limit isn’t incredibly understood in science yet (there are things in science more important: like cancer research, not me being mad because my tooth stings a little) but it is a very slow process that stops after a little bit.

It can repair your enamel to great lengths, especially if you catch the tooth sensitivity early.

Let’s assume you go to the dentist like one day after you start experiencing a little sensitivity and they told you to start taking this toothpaste, well, you’re in luck. I would envision you don’t even have much enamel to really reverse so you can probably go pretty far in terms of recovery.

But, Does Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair Work? Does It REALLY Repair Enamel?

Yeah, I just told you all about how we can actually get enamel to rebuild and all this cool stuff.

But, not anything you put on your teeth will do this. So, does pronamel intensive enamel repair work? Does this specific toothpaste repair enamel?

I took a look at the active ingredients and did some serious research. The results may just shock you.

‘Potassium Nitrate’ – The Main Ingredient

So let’s examine this claim. The main ingredient that separates it from other kinds of toothpaste is called: ‘Potassium nitrate 5%’. But, what does this do?

I have a lot of science background, so this arrangement already seemed weird. In fact, there are tons of other kinds of toothpastes that repair enamel but use a completely different active ingredient.

Many of these kinds of toothpaste combine calcium in the actual toothpaste itself, that way it can help the hydroxyapatite process speed up.

So- what’s the deal?

Does Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair Work? Back side of the box
Does Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair Work? Back side of the box

The Potassium Nitrate Science Experiment

In 2003, the Japanese Journal of Conservative Dentistry examined the effects of Potassium Nitrate on the teeth.

They took three sets of teeth. One group would be untreated, one group would be treated with potassium nitrate, and the last group would have a combination of potassium nitrate and silica.

What they found was that potassium nitrate alone did a significant amount of work of actually repairing the enamel and even closed some of the tubules in the dentine surface, effectively stopping a lot of the pain you would feel.

They also found that combining this with Silica provided INCREDIBLE results. The problem is many people can’t really handle brushing their teeth with silica. And some studies have found that brushing your teeth with Sillica regularly actually damage the enamel more than do good. (This is because silica is so rough, and it’s the same thing that makes up sand)

So, right now, the pronamel intensive enamel repair does not have silica in it. Which from what the science says…isn’t probably a bad thing.

Conclusion- Yes, it works!

So, to answer the age-old question, does pronamel intensive enamel really work? Yes! Not only does it stop the nerve from making you feel like you just got stabbed, but it works to also repair the enamel and block the nerves over time so you eventually get better.

I highly recommend this toothpaste, and it has helped me a lot. And, it’s not expensive or anything, it’s like the same price as every other toothpaste, so order it now!

3 thoughts on “Does Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair Work?”

  1. I find it interesting, not that many years ago, the TV commmercials said it was not possible to repair damaged enamel.

    So, who is not telling the truth?

    reminds me of the Gillette TrakII commercial where the second blade cuts BELOW the skin….. making every 3 blade or more USELESS.

    Everyone lies!

    • Oh. Trust me- I know! I used to see the same ads on TV saying enamel could NOT be repaired. But the truth is, it literally can be. I even inquired to my dentist about it.

      It’s crazy how many lies are out there!


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