Crest Whitestrips Review (BUY THEM!!)

I’ve barely seen anybody recommend the Crest Whitestrips, and that surprises me. These are some of the most important things anybody can do for themselves to not only improve their confidence, but looks. So here’s the Crest Whitestrips review.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here’s the main takeaway. The Crest Whitestrips are a must-buy. Most teeth-whitening strips aren’t that effective, but the Crest Whitestrips certainly work. They took my teeth from borderline yellow (years of soda drinking) to VERY NOTICEABLY white. Like, it’s a very noticeable thing how white my teeth are. Buy them, they are seriously worth it!

Let’s get into it, and cover why you need these.

Crest Whitestrips Review
Crest WhitestripsCrest Whitestrips Review Review

They DEFINITELY Work, They Use The Same Ingredient The Dentist Does

Everybody is always talking about how many other teeth-whitening strips don’t work. And usually, they are right. Many of the off-brand teeth-whitening strips don’t work.

Dentists typically use just a simple mix of water, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, carbomer, sodium saccharin, and sodium hydroxide for teeth whitening, according to the American Dental Association.

Based on the research I’ve done on basically literally every teeth whitening company other than Crest, these companies do NOT use those ingredients.

However, Crest Whitestrips use the same ingredients recommended by the American Dental Association and dentists across the country. If the dentists use it and it works, it definitely should work for you too.

Also, there’s nothing weird like Uranium-235 in your crest whitestrips. These are all pretty standard ingredients.

Crest Whitening Strips Instructions

The crest whitestrips are really easy to use actually. I’m pretty stupid and I can still figure it out.

They come in this box individually packaged. You tear each package open and pull out this clear film with both strips on them.

You apply the longer white strip to the top teeth, and the shorter one to the bottom teeth.

Honestly…you could switch the order if you want, but I recommend just following Crest’s instructions.

But, I’ll be honest. If this is your first time using something like this, it can be really weird. So here are step-by-step detailed instructions.

  • Preparation: Don’t brush your teeth beforehand, this could cause additional sensitivity and will make it harder for the strips to stick to your teeth.
  • Step 1: Open The Box
  • Step 2: Take the individually packaged ‘files’ out.
  • Step 3: Tear at the “tear here” margin.
  • Step 4: Remove the thin transparent “slice”.
    • There will be two strips, one longer and one shorter on the transparent film.
  • Step 5: Remove the longer strip and apply it to your top row of teeth.
    • You can perform this by slowly removing it off of the film carefully not allowing the ingredients to touch your fingers. Then turn the strip around so the ingredient will be touching your teeth. Align it evenly and place it onto your teeth. Depending on the size of your teeth, you will be able to fold part of it under your teeth to help it stick. Firmly press the strips across your teeth line until you are confident it won’t move.
  • Step 6: Remove the shorter strip and apply it to the bottom row of teeth.
    • Repeat the steps in Step 5B, but for the bottom row of your teeth.
  • Step 7: Wait for 30 minutes.
    • I personally put these on before I go in the shower and take them off once I am done getting ready in the morning. This is usually more than 30 minutes, but this can help you whiten your teeth without constantly focusing on the feeling of the whitestrips in your mouth. They kinda feel like braces.
  • Step 8: Remove the whitestrips and rinse your teeth out with water.
    • Many others don’t like to eat/drink harsh things right after you get your teeth whitened, but its’ not a nessecity. The dentist I go to says it’s usually fine for me to eat right after, but I still give it a 15-20 minute grace period.
  • Step 9: Repeat as the instructions on the box tell you to. Some versions require you to do it daily for weeks, or just once every few months.

My Experience (Why I Wrote This Crest Whitestrips Review)

So I’ve always been really honest on my websites. If a product sucks, I will say it sucks.

But I have always been thoroughly impressed with the crest whitestrips. Like, they seriously do work.

I’ve been a soda drinker for years. Furthermore, I got really into bodybuilding. In bodybuilding, we have to eat tons and tons of food that isn’t necessarily good for our teeth. Plus, all that eating and drinking in general really does affect the teeth.

Thankfully, the crest whitestrips have been able to bail me out over the past few years. It’s like, INCREDIBLY noticeable too.

The Crest Whitestrips are SUPER Noticeable

I HAD to write this crest whitestrips review because truthfully these were super noticeable.

When I first bought the whitestrips, I wasn’t expecting much. I knew my teeth weren’t super white, but they weren’t super yellow either. Like, they were barely noticeable, ya know?

Nobody would ever say my teeth were bad, they were just average.

Regardless, from numerous PUA forums online I got the suggestion to get the whitestrips because everybody said they are like a game-changer.

So I did.

Crest Whitestrips Review Back of the box
Crest Whitestrips Review Back of the box

They work, REALLY WELL.

I started doing the whitestrips but sparingly. To be honest, I wasn’t too enthralled with them right away and didn’t like how to apply them, but I still did them.

When I woke up, I would put them on before getting in the shower, then I would do my hair and everything before taking them off.

Instantly, I would look in the mirror, and wouldn’t see much of a difference.

The thing is, you need to follow the instructions and take these over multiple days and consistently. If you take them once, you won’t see any results, this is something that you need to do over a long period of time like 1-2 weeks.

And even then, it’s the same bodybuilding curse. You don’t see the results day-to-day. But when you compare pictures, you’ll see a huge difference.

And then you’ll slowly start to notice that your teeth are super white when people comment on it.

I Personally Saw a HUGE Change

Most people won’t have really stained teeth, so like they won’t see huge results. But in my case, as a teenager that doesn’t nessecarily do the best things for his teeth they really did help.

Interestingly enough, when me and Ian would go lift at the gym, I couldn’t stop going up to the mirrors and smiling because I saw such a huge difference.

My teeth are like noticeably whiter now and are definitely emphasized when I smile. It’s one of those things that like, when you know how white your teeth are, you just can’t stop smiling anymore.

Plus- it’s super noticeable by other people. A lot of people have commented on it and it really does help my appearance.

I’m Not The Only One, Look At These People!

If you don’t believe my great results from the crest whitestrips, look at these people!

A perfect example of why this crest whitestrips review isn’t lying to you.

Can Crest Whitestrips Cause Sensitivity?

Tommy, I’ve heard that crest whitestrips can cause teeth sensitivity, is this true?

Well kind of. But not really.

I and most other people will tell you the truth that your teeth do feel a little wonky after, but it is barely noticeable.

I suffer from really bad tooth sensitivity in one of my molars that like SERIOUSLY hurts.

I’d say your teeth can feel a little tingly, but it certainly isn’t “painful” or anything like that. And the feeling goes away after a few days you don’t use the whitestrips, so it’s nothing permanent.

So ultimately, no. But your teeth will kind of feel weird for a little bit, but you won’t really notice it unless you’re actively writing a post for your blog about it.

Should You Use The Crest Whitestrips?

You have read a ton in this crest whitestrips review, but should YOU use the crest whitestrips?

The answer is, yes! I think for most people you stand to gain a lot by whitening your teeth.

HUGE Confidence Booster

If you’re anxious about how your teeth or smile look, the crest whitestrips can certainly improve that. It took my teeth from being yellow to noticeably white, like it’s a very noticeable feature on me now.

Again, that’s from years of soda and coffee drinking + tons of food because I’m a bodybuilder. I also eat a ton of sugar and bad foods (but somehow I’m kinda healthy) that seriously affect your teeth. And for me, these whitestrips are a total lifesaver.

Perfect For Dating

I know some of you looked this up because you’re wondering if these are good for dating or improving your appearance.

They definitely are. I’d recommend you pick up one of these and test it for atleast a week, and then you’ll understand how crazy the difference is.

Plus, many dating websites have done surveys that confirm that whiter teeth are more attractive.


Can I Eat After Using Crest White Strips?

Yes, you can eat after using crest white strips. However, I recommend waiting 30 minutes- 1 hour before eating. Also, try to avoid greasy foods if possible. But overall, eating should not affect the crest white strips at all. My dentist uses the same stuff and told me I could eat 15 minutes after my appointment.

Can I Drink Coffee After Crest White Strips?

Yes and no. Coffee is an incredibly hard drink on the teeth. Crest typically recommends sipping it to avoid teeth contact, which isn’t a bad idea. I would personally avoid coffee for 45 minutes-1 hour after your crest white strips, but after that it should be fine.

Do Crest White Strips Contain Chlorine Dioxide?

No, crest white strips DO NOT contain chlorine dioxide.

How Often To Use Crest 3D White Strips?

The side of the box typically does not recommend using them more than every 6 months. I personally follow that advice and use the whitestrips as needed after that 6 month period has ended.

Truthfully, these do a great job, and it takes a long time for your teeth to turn yellow again. So use them as needed after that 6-month period ends. I recommend using them every 10-11 months or so, but it can vary person-to-person. Why would you need to use them if your teeth haven’t gotten stained, right?

Conclusion of Crest Whitestrips Review

Overall, you definitely should get these. They definitely work, even when most competitiors don’t. Crest is a brand you can trust to get your teeth white again!

Plus, it will do a ton to boost your confidence and they are super easy to apply and work with. So get the best deals online and buy them today!

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