How to Fit in Fitness for Busy Couples

Description: Fitness for couples can work wonders for your love life, your physical health, and your communication skills. The hardest part is fitting it around your schedule. Here’s how to build a workout routine for you and your partner.

Fitness for Couples: How to Build a Workout Routine You Love

A regular fitness routine can work wonders for your love life, whether you’re single or in a couple. Fitness for couples (when done right) has been shown to increase communication and intimacy – not to mention the obvious effects of being fitter in the bedroom. Feeling fit can also boost your confidence as an individual. Working out can be a great boost to your morale if you want to start dating or see who’s out there on free dating sites.

Fitting in time for fitness isn’t always easy. Work, kids, life admin, housework – all these things can seem like insurmountable hurdles when it comes to creating fitness couple goals. After all, now you’ve got two people’s schedules to juggle!

Figuring out how to exercise as a couple takes planning, communication, and consideration. Luckily, these are all qualities that strengthen a relationship, and help you smash your fitness goals. Ready to accept the fitness couple challenge? Here’s how you can get started!

Fitness for Couples: How to Get Your Fitness Journey On Track

1.   Understand Your “Why”

Motivation is one of the key factors when it comes to starting any fitness journey. While other skills are important, having a strong understanding of why you want to achieve these goals is a great start. Having a good reason for doing something is also vital when you have a lot of other things competing for your time. After all, planning your schedule is all about what you prioritize.

If you’re looking into fitness activities for couples, it’s also good to talk to your partner and find out what they hope to get from working out more. What are some common fitness goals that you both want to achieve? Do you both want to lose weight or improve your health? Is one partner already into fitness, and the other wants to follow their lead? Having a shared goal, or at least a strong understanding of each other’s motivations, can make committing to a couple’s fitness journey much easier. Your fitness couple’s motivation will be the thing that pushes you to stick to your schedule even when you’re tired or when life gets in the way.

2.   Set Achievable Goals

Never run a 5k? Probably, best not to sign up for your first marathon. Can’t touch your toes? Maybe you’re not quite ready for the couple’s yoga retreat.

So much of hitting your goals comes down to sensible planning and making achievable plans. This is even more important when you’ve got to line up two people’s schedules instead of just one. With this in mind, make sure you’re setting realistic frames for your workout.

Contrary to what some fitness fanatics will tell you, you don’t need to work out for hours to make progress. Got a spare 15 minutes before you both head off to work? Squeeze in a quick bodyweight workout before you go. Half an hour before dinner with the kids? Head out for a family walk around the block. Every little helps!

3.   Switch It Up

When it comes to working out, you’ll inevitably have more success if you choose an activity you love. However, when you’re working out with a partner, this isn’t always simple. You might like totally different things when it comes to exercise.

Instead of choosing one workout and sticking to it, don’t be afraid to switch it up. Trying different fitness hobbies for couples will encourage you to challenge yourselves and experiment. Experiencing new things together is also a great way to keep intimacy and connection alive in a relationship.

4.   Make It Fun

Like anything you want to achieve, meeting your fitness goals will be much easier if you’re having fun. Obviously, a workout needs to be a challenge to reap the benefits, but it doesn’t all have to be sweat and misery. You can make an exercise routine more enjoyable by leaning into the things you like and minimizing the activities that leave you cold.

If you both love to win, incorporate some friendly fitness couple competition into things by running short races or seeing who can get through a set first. Or make exercise a part of a fun day out by going for a scenic hike and enjoying a swim then a sauna. You could also treat yourselves when you have time by offering to give each other a massage after your workout. Sweeten things up with some relaxing music and some delicious body cream, or use other ideas from the cocochoco keratin review. Just try to make sure that, whatever you’re doing throughout the week, you get a full-body workout.

5.   Get a Trainer

Sometimes you need a little extra accountability to keep you on track with your workouts. A personal trainer can help with this. Having a trainer gives you someone to show up for if you both struggle with motivation. You can usually sign up for training sessions or fitness classes through your local gym. A trainer can also assess your fitness level and help you decide how to exercise as a couple for best results.

If you don’t have time to hit the gym, you could also find a trainer online. Plenty of coaches provide personalized training calendars for remote clients and will offer video calls to discuss your progress and needs. There are also tons of fun fitness challenges for couples on platforms like YouTube or Tik Tok.

6.   Make It a Lifestyle

The best way to stay on track with your workout schedule (especially if you’re super busy) is to make it routine. Building habits is the best way to fit a new activity into your life. This means there will be a period of adjustment when you have to force yourself to work out, but afterwards, your new habit should stick.

An important part of building a routine is being realistic with your schedule. Don’t convince yourself that you’ll get up two hours before you usually do to work out. Chances are, this isn’t going to happen magically. Opt for small, practical changes you can work into your day together.

Best Fitness Couple Exercises

Once you’ve built your fitness routine together, you can start to have some fun. Here are some of the best workouts for couples we recommend. Enjoy!

  • Couples’ yoga. Yoga is great for building strength and improving mood. Sip a smoothie and watch the sunrise together after your downward dog. Or settle in for your morning couples’ meditation.
  • Fitness holidays for couples. A fitness retreat is a great excuse to get away and stay healthy. Options include things like walking or cycling holidays. Skiing and water sports also provide great holiday workouts.
  • Running apps. If you’ve never run before, apps like C25K and Strava will make it easy to get going. Strava is built for communal use, so it’s ideal to use with your partner. Meanwhile, C25K helps you build up at your own pace if you’re both total beginners.


Working out with your partner requires communication, support, and dedication, just like a relationship. Building these skills through your fitness routine is a great way to support your physical health and your relationship health for the future.

Do you and your partner practice fitness for couples? What is your favorite couples’ workout? Do you have any funny couples’ workout stories? Share in the comments!

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